Oak Park, IL on Yelp.com

Today’s lesson Oak Park. IL is on Yelp.com! Hahaha no that is not a good thing at all. Oak Park, IL has only two stars and they have great reviews on this listing of the pros and cons from real people about what is right and what is wrong about Oak Park, IL.

Here is the listing of Oak Park, Il upon yelp.com:


What is amazing about this is that there are multiple complaints about the parking in Oak Park, IL and someone upon the site did state that they received a 24-hour sticker but to no avail: they received a ticket anyway. It seems judging by the multiple entries that Oak Park, IL is filled with a bunch of parking assholes that cannot wait to write you a ticket!

One person beautifully stated: “Chipotle, Five Guys, Old Navy, chain stores… This is not culture…”  so true, Oak Park, Il has a culture, a culture knee deep in assholism and being restrictive in an OCD type of way. Even my OCD issues are not as bad as the parking restrictions here in Oak Park, IL.

Another person stated… “It takes a fair bit of self-delusion to convince yourself that Oak Park is the best place to live….” and that they felt safer when they lived in the Loop than in Oak Park, IL with the crime here. Very true I see a lot of issues when driving or walking down the street, tons of opportunities in Oak Park’s darkly lit side streets for anyone with criminal intentions to take advantage of. The residents that are simply walking around oblivious to the world around them. No wonder why they get mugged, Lakeview has the same issues but dude, the majority of those residents are alert even when they fed up drunk. Maybe it is because they are making sure they are not going to step on some of the large rats that come out at night, but they are more alert in Lakeview than here in Oak Park, IL.

I could go on and on and I probably will in a part two or part three, but I just want to list here how amazing it is to have an actual village being listed on yelp.com! Also adding to the impact of shock is the image of Oak Park, IL having this white picket fence image with fantastic lawns and hippy liberal ways are seriously being destroyed on this site. Am I the only one thinking this is amazing or strange?


2 thoughts on “Oak Park, IL on Yelp.com

  1. Jb

    I work in Oak Park, and after the past couple days of complete assholery, I Googled “Oak Park assholes” and found this site. I cannot say where I work, but I have lived here for 6 years, and in my entire life, I have never encountered a bigger group of heads-up-their-assholes, condescending, snobby, ridiculous, uptight-disguised-as-open-to-everything, elitist, pain in the ass, rude, entitled, racist-in-a-fake-we-love-everyone, beyond rude, “oh we are so diverse” bullishit people. I hate them all. What a bunch of twats…I hope all their property taxes (which they are SO proud of, skyrocket and they eventually have to move to thee real world.


    • oakparkilblog

      I originally believed the hype of Oak park, Il before I moved in here. I write this blog on WordPress and blogger.com so that others know some of the things I have gone through or have a site where all the craziness that goes on here is in one place. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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