Oak Park, IL OPRFHS Sexual assault pt 2

Since there is no help coming from the Oak Park police department who marginalized a reported sexual assault that happened back in August, tired of the runaround one of the students got active and posted a petition on Change.org to address the issue. This just brings to light more allegations of sexual misconduct which who knows if they have been addressed by The Oak Park Police Department, as with my case with my crazy neighbor. It seems that the OPPD do not take such things seriously, maybe the petition on Change.org will bring create an atmosphere of professionalism from the Oak Park Police Department. Because seriously kids raping kids is just terrible and even if there is an allegation no matter how slim there should be some time of increased attention to this issue.

Even the local “newspapers” her raise questions about the creation of a rape culture at the high school, and as with any resident in Oak Park, Il it makes one wonder how long has this been going on? If we know that there were at least “several” other offenders involved with this allegation why are they still allowed to go to school with other potential victims? With the other allegations, what has happened with those offenders are they still involved with Oak Park River Forest High School?

Also if the school is waiting for the Police Department to complete their investigation how are they handling the integration of these offenders into the general student population at the school? What new methods or procedures is the school going to put into place to protect future victims of sexual assault in the future? It seems to me that both entities (OPPD and OPRFHS) are to blame in keeping this culture continuing, not to mention the offenders involved. And the kids are only going to follow the direction of the grownups and those who are in charge and deliver out the consequences of their actions if there are no immediate consequences then why should they worry or change? So if Oak Park, Il is interested in creating a bunch of rapists they are doing a good job! Ha! Oak Park, IL created cul da secs decades ago because they feared the crime from the Austin area spilling into their little community, probably because they wanted to create a culture of veil on their own!

Here is the article from the local newspaper that brings up more questions regarding this incident:


Here is the Change.org petition sign off against the rape culture that the Oak Park River Forest High School is inept in protecting and the Oak Park Police Department is slow to putting an end to:


Oak Park, IL OPRFHS Sexual assault pt 1

So from what I understand these “athletes” trespassed upon the wrestling coach’s property with the victim and without the property owner’s knowledge accessed the liquor which lead to the sexual assault; and the only person penalized here is the coach? The incident was reported on August 31st but only a week or two ago was the parents of the school notified about the incident.

Plus, the school still has the majority of the athletes involved in the assault still in school? Why? Because as stated on Channel 5 news that the Oak Park River Forest High School is waiting on the Oak Park Police Department to conclude their investigation, but then why is the coach suspended? Why does he get immediate punishment what details or involvement to this event does the school know about that has not been told to the parents, student or the general public?

You cannot just put employees on suspension unless there is ample reason to do so, there are so many facts missing here it seems that the Oak Park River Forest High School is trying to deflect this issue or just aim people towards a convenient scapegoat. But how does suspending the coach or stopping the athletes competing in wrestling solve the main issue of this rape culture? It doesn’t it only sweeps the problem underneath the rug, by putting the spotlight on something else or in this case someone else to keep the blame being placing on the school. And maybe it should be placed upon the school. Especially since the school is more involved to keeping everything status quo with no regard for the safety of its students.

Here is the article that discusses further the incident and the suspension of the wrestling coach:


Fenwick High School lost its lawsuit versus the Illinois High School Association

Oh, there is a GOD there was nothing good or right about this lawsuit or what it truly represented basic bad sportsmanship. Bad calls happen not only in sports but in life generally speaking. This has been tried before back in 2014, and that Oklahoma football team lost their challenge against a bad referee call as well. When life gave the Fenwick community lemon they decided to sue, instead of making Lemonade as the rest of us do.

I hope Plainfield wins at the state championship not because I am a high school football fan Plainfield football fan or dislike the East St. Louis Flyers I just want the taste of not being a good loser to be even more bitter than it was before. To the Fenwick community who though they deserved to be in the championship game over Plainfield good luck in your future endeavors I hope karma isn’t the bitch she usually is.

Here is the video reporting the good news of life destroying bad sportsmanship: http://www.nbcchicago.com/on-air/as-seen-on/judge-rules-against-fenwick-402802726.html?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_CHBrand

More information about the lawsuit:



Happy Halloween in Oak Park, IL

Happy Halloween everyone! Here in Oak Park, IL you actually get to see some of the neighbors around here be good Christian folk and give out candy to the kids! I must admit I went trick or treating but I took my nieces and nephew as cover! LOL And that last year ‘s Halloween I got me some candy (doing a happy dance) of course you got the idiots who don’t give out candy and they are the ones I mention here on the blog. Just a bunch of crazy dried up old turds being assholes when there is no need to be ruining what is a good time for kids in the neighborhood.

But if you are in Oak Park, Il come out and spread the joy of Halloween if you don’t want to do it do it for the kids at least or those who are trying to enjoy it themselves. At least have a bag or two of candy, Geez don’t lock up your place like Fort Knox and cut off the lights while not turning down the television, we still know you are home! I just hope all these so-called bastions of society, good moral people of Oak Park, IL will at least act like what they say they are. Oak Park, Il professes that it has this giving liberal bohemian spirit until something Halloween happens and they have to put up and shut up. But that’s Halloween in Oak Park, IL oh well enjoy the day people.

Fu(king Rude kids stepping on my feet in Oak Park, IL

I see that there is a spike in crime around Oak Park, IL so I wonder why do parents let their kids walk around without teaching them to focus their attention upon their environment instead of their I-pad or I-phone? God, I sound like my father! But you have seen tons of these kids just walking down the street, oblivious to the world around them. I drive down the street and these kids are simply walking across the street nearly getting hit because they (and the driver) are not paying attention.

In a time when grown adults are getting beaten for their electronics on the Blue Line “L” you would think the parent of Oak Park, IL would tell their kids a thing or two about the world. There is no need to racially profile because color is not equal to the deciding if an individual is a criminal or not. Just a couple of minutes of telling these kids that they need to pay attention as they walk down the street, so that their kids do not become a statistic.

I had one kid walk straight down the street towards me, I walked a little left so did they, walked right they walked right, all the while looking down into their I-phone. Of course ,they nearly walked into me, as if they saw me for the first time, my first thought was if this was a scene out of a movie I probably just got pickpocketed! But no alas they did not even know I was there. I have seen kids walk down the street with their parents having to tell them to look up or pay attention.

I have even been stepped on by a little teenager in the Walgreens on Lake street because the little girl was skyping on her phone, I mean come on! I know it’s your status “symbol” but there is no need to: 1. Step on me, 2. Be skyping about your private conversation in a public place loudly, 3. Step on me 4. Not pay attention to your immediate environment and 5. Step on me! Now, I am all about social media but I do not want to get a beat down because I was that easy a target, or that I made the device that enticing to some nutcase.

Now yes, you should be able to walk down the street without worrying, in theory, but with the way Chicago has become crime central, who has nine lives to put that theory to the test? Parents in the area need to tell their kids to put their devices away and pay attention especially to people who are just walking down the street or are walking down the same aisle in the store as they are. I doubt this would happen because the residents, the parents of these special mini-mes are drinking the Kool-Aid Oak Park, IL is serving.

Believing that this is one of the safest places in the area and probably the world is not reality nor does it not help these young’uns to enter the real world. All this acceptance of false safety, acceptance of public display of one’s wealth or withdrawal from the rest of one’s immediate environment just leads to increased chance for their children to become a crime statistic. At the end of the day, I hope these kids learn their lesson the easy way, instead of the hard way, and quit stepping on my ass.

Am I alone seeing the kids of Oak Park, Il walking around focusing on nothing but the electronic device (I-phone, phone, I -pad, etc.,)? Have you been stepped on or ran into but these little omniscient gnomes of travel?

Oak Park, IL kids and crossing the damn street.

Quick question when did we especially in Oak Park, IL give up on teaching kids the fundamental knowledge or principles of life? To be specific when did they stop learning how to cross the street?

This basic and fundamental piece of everyday knowledge seems to be missing in their routine and become something foreign or obsolete like learning Latin.

Honestly, I don’t know Latin because there is no need to know it but crossing a street is still something that is a requirement. Until we all get flying cars or teleportation booths get us from point a to point b like “The Jetsons” or “Star Trek” this knowledge is still a requirement.

So tell me why these kids wearing pink gear thinking they are smarter than anyone over twenty require a crossing guard? I did not know owning an iPhone meant that the outside world needs to treat you like you are five and that you need a grown up to assist you across the street.

I am not talking about the grade school kids I mean the high school ones slowly dragging their asses across the street when did these kids need this type of supervision? Was it when the gang wars between the “noparks” and the “noscoopsadogpoop” happen? Someone battling down the mean streets of Oak Park, IL racing to their coffin beating the sunrise like Dracula?

Before there is a retort of a lot of areas do it… No, they don’t mostly because they cannot afford to, or maybe they are old school enough to let these birds fly out the nest and spreading their wings is a good thing.

I know I did not have it and my ass gets across the street no matter if I have the light or not. Meaning what happened to teaching kids to get across the street by themselves or even in a timely manner because during the summer months these young’uns seem like they cannot go across South Blvd. when they have the right of way without all vehicles it seems coming to more than a complete stop.

Basically, these kids need to cross the street is each car to turn their engines off while they somehow navigate themselves across the street. That’s only when they can take the time to stop paying attention to their phones, and look up, yes the world is still here pay attention!

Generational gap and technological advancements do not mean there should be an absence of this basic survival skill. I mean this is the generation that can look up videos on the effects of having a two-ton vehicle hitting the human body, knowledge is power but it also you alive another day. So why not teach it?

Why rely on others to safe guard your children or responsible? If we could rely on other to do the right thing and obey the rules, then we wouldn’t need stop signs. And that is why is important for these kids learn to pay attention and get across the street with purpose because at the end of the day no one cares you like you so act like you about you too.

Parents in Oak Park, IL dress yo kids better than that!

Okay, I sound like a 90 year-old grandmother but I was researching crimes in the area to narrow down where I can move and I saw that there were two incidents where some guy approached some preteen girls and asked them” if they wanted a ride” or proposition them in some point. Most preteen girls you can tell “hello this is jailbait” but some due to genetics or the fact they are wearing part of the “PINK” collection head to toe from Victoria Secrets one cannot tell how old these girls really are.

Now, when growing up if you did not want the attention of hormonal boys, and let’s face it, perverted men, your parents taught you to dress” nice” but not too provocative. Not only because other kids are evil with their shaming of individuals wearing certain types of clothes but because there is a real danger out there to gain the attention of crazies out there. Back in the day when there was “missing” photos on milk cartons these pictures were mostly of children, just because some psycho needed their kicks and saw the opportunity to do something about it.

The Pink collection is that brand which a WOMAN tells their partner (woman or man) even though I am dressing down I am sexy, “here I am” obviously I am talking about the collection that the parents approve of. However, there is no indication that these girls wore anything provocative, they just happened to be on the radar of someone who decided to hit on them or be perverted. Either of these girls could have a burka on during the times of these events and STILL have this happen to them.

I am more concerned about the little girls wearing mid rift tank tops and mini shorts that make daisy dukes look like a full pair of blue jeans! You have seen them walk by you in stores or down the various streets here in Oak Park, IL and elsewhere and wonder how their parents let them go out like that. Especially when these girls look so young, now I am not conservative I am just advocating some common sense because these are the same parents who would fight school dress codes, and wonder why enough is not done to keep perverts off the streets while letting their 10-year-old daughters “express themselves” by dressing like 20+-year-old women.

When you take that into account and the fact it sounds like one of the men from these incidents was described as “drunk” does having a mindset of caution wise or it is too much? Of course, it does make sure that you are not a victim for people putting poop down your shorts, no, I am serious see here:


The crime article I am talking about in this blog:

Uphues, Bob (2016) “Pre-teen girls approached by strange man in Oak Park” oakpark.com


Wilson, Tom (2016) “Sicko shoves bag of poop down woman’s shorts in street attack” June 30, 2016  New York Post http://nypost.com/2016/06/30/sicko-caught-on-camera-shoving-his-poop-into-womans-shorts/