Oak Park, IL related video: Hot Girl Throws Dog Poop At Owner For Not Cleaning It Up

This is another video regarding irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s poop and those who approach these individual owners. I hope you either get a laugh or a chance to see another point of view. I just want to explain how this is related: in Oak Park, Il there is a serious epidemic of irresponsible dog owners who just let their poop and their owners just do not pick up after their animals. Enjoy.

Oak Park, Il: thanks for the bird shit

There are tons of trees in Oak Park and it is great! All these trees bring a nature feel to the area, to the concrete jungle, these trees bring a hippy “save-the-earth” atmosphere to Oak Park, giving oxygen back to the planet. All these trees in Oak Park brings squirrels, birds and bird shit tons of fucking bird shit.

This is fantastic city planning at work here people! Everywhere there is a parking spot it seems Oak Park tries to put a tree. Now you may think “No that’s a good thing, tons of shade in summer months…” blah blah blah nope it is not! Especially if you just went and paid to have your car washed and cleaned that same day and you have to obey Oak Park’s stupid parking requirements and basically park your clean ass car under a bird shit factory. Now your beautifully cleaned car has been covered in a layer of bird shit, what do you do now?

Of course, get it cleaned again at the car wash so that you can repeat the whole cycle all over again. The flying vermin that are partially responsible because they are shitting all over my car! However, they are just dumb animals that know no better, they are simply following instinct and nature.

The majority of the blame I place upon the city planners of Oak Park, thank you for the dumb ass design you created for the general parking situation in your area. My car covered in poop is the result of their incompetence, and I am probably not alone with that assessment.

Listen the parking passes in Oak Park are $300 a pop for 3 months (another gripe of mine) and are only good for certain times of the day, so that people can park under trees which are infested with birds, who then littered those same clean cars with shit. Thanks again Oak Park keep giving back!


Oak Park, IL: Barrie Park environment clean?

I received an article from my reader Nick about the area of Barrie Park and the area being evacuated basically due to toxic materials as listed in this article in 2001: Although it was great that the site was cleaned up it was done mostly because of a fear of lawsuits that would be associated with the contaminated area! Great reason, although true, hearing a whole peace to the world or green peace-themed speech would have been better to supporting the Oak Park, IL image. Even though it took residents a year and a half to get back to their homes I wonder how effective and efficient was the clean up?

This is the article regarding Barrie Park in 2001:


This is the article regarding Barrie Park in 2010:


However, in 2010 there was an article stating how the area near Barrie Park was fine and cleaned up, this article was more detailed with the amount of time 1999 to 2005 when the park was closed and is great as a compliment to the aforementioned article.  Again this article talks about the declining costs or home values in the area around Barrie Park. The article focused upon the increased focus of community relations and the grants given out due to this “disruption” however there is no true focus upon the environment. While the first article mentions the coal tar, how the waste can eventually mix with water become sulfuric acid then may even release cyanide gas the focus goes towards cost.

My thing is where is the concern for the environment and the impact on the residents as soon as the technical jargon is discussed the articles veer toward money and the façade of a connected community. I am wondering were there any studies regarding the health of the residents in the area? Did the waste get into the groundwater and drinking water of Oak Park, IL? Where is the focus on how the clean-up faired between these two articles?

I ask because I am having a problem finding recent information since the 2010 article, and any place that is so quick to direct focus away from environmental pollution as a cause to the resident health issue or any strange issues that occurs in the environment of that area definitely concerns me as a place to live in. Meaning the people living near this area can be adversely affected health wise on a long term scale but so long as property values and the park looks nice (found articles about that) is the focus whew we are good to go! Again in Oak Park, Il the appearance of it, the illusion of this great environmental suburb healthy and filled with trees and other green crap is what is needed to be sold is what is needed to be heeded and preserved even over the health of its residents.

I mean if something like this occurs there is constant testing done and the issue of pollution is addressed constantly for years to come, on how far the cleanup has had an impact and made the site of pollution better, on a yearly basis. However, there is nothing, so why is that? Is Oak Park, IL being Oak Park, IL again and not focusing on what it should be focusing on again? Yeah, it sounds like I rather err on the side of caution on this one, what do you think?

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Oak Park, IL: Dirty pt 2

As I stated in part one,  my building maintenance is probably one of the worst. I say that this because of an issue of cleanliness that the maintenance people are required to take care of  at least on a weekly basis, and especially if they are announcing to residents this or at they are having an open house each week, while not keeping up the property.

So my issue was with the tissue left in the little lobby area between the two main entrance doors as you enter the apartment building from the courtyard. No, my history with the building management has not been stellar as I alluded to beforehand, so I saw no reason to help them in this endeavor and alert them that their building is not clean for the open house that they chose to have each Saturday. I tried for a month to get a screen door that looked like someone tried to break into the back door fixed for about a month -that’s  another blog for another time. So three pieces of snot rags on the ground? I really did not give a damn to contact them about, at all.

I tried for a month to get a screen door that looked like someone tried to break into the back door fixed for about a month -that’s  another blog for another time. So three pieces of snot rags on the ground? I really did not give a damn to contact them about, at all. Plain and simple. I did not do it and if this “community” that treats everyone like an outsider if they question something they do not agree with, do not want to be involved in their block parties, or  state how they feel about Oak Park, IL., in general, does not like that …suck  a dirty one.

These tissues were sitting there from June 22nd to July 6th, I took pictures on my phone to remind me of the dates that this example of nastiness and laziness occurred. Now if it was one of my neighbors I do not know, but I highly doubt it because many of them use the front entrance too and I doubt would leave these snot rags there! My point of annoyance occurs when between this time span not only was there maintenance man doing outside work to building (outside the entrance) on one date but they had the nerve to post a water shut off notice for the building during this time span!

Therefore the maintenance people had two instances in which they saw the tissue/snot rags on the floor, and had two chances to clean up this mess (or at least be notified about it) but did nothing! I know, at least something got done in a two-week span, hey it is good I was not planning to have anyone over for the 4th like my neighbors did! I shouldn’t complain, it is not like I pay for building maintenance or rent. I hope the building management had a huge Open house and showed all the prospective renters how ghetto they are!

I mean we throw trash around on the ground on this elite side of Austin correct? Glad that the supposed standards of excellent are maintained everywhere, oh Oak Park, IL why are thou not clean (well at least my apartment building)?


Oak Park, IL: dirty pt 1

Just wondering when my building will clean up the place, the front entrance to the building when they are having open houses each Saturday. The first picture was taken 6/22/16, the next picture was taken 7/2/16 my question is if they are showing rental how does it look to have garbage everywhere?

I know you are asking yourself: “If you are that upset why not just pick it up??” Well, that is a no, I do not know what germs are on those tissues, plus I pay to RENT not own, therefore it is the responsibility of the Property management company to get after the caretaker and all the little dudes they have around this place and other properties to make sure that the place is presentable.

I mean they half ass everything else (don’t worry I post about that too) in this building and for every issue I contacted them about in the months that I have stayed here. Obviously I am good enough to pay rent but not live in safe and clean housing, like a good slum lord, this is the attitude of the people of Oak Park, IL. I should just accept and move on with my life never mind, I pay good money for this inconvenience, for this crap!

Get with the Oak Park, IL regime’s program! LOL Well, I will move on and leave that shit right where it belongs: on the floor and their little minions from the management company can pick it up when they bring possible new tenants through.

That is always putting the best foot forward, Oak Park, by showing a new place with trash in the small front lobby to prospective tenants. Nice. Like I said it stays there and obviously my neighbors feel the same because no one else has picked it up so obviously six apartments of tenants fill the same. We pay so there is no way in hell we are doing the job of the building manager, there is no way in hell we are accepting this “clean up the community crap,” there is no way in hell we are picking that shit up!