Renting in Oak Park, IL -some helpful links

When moving into Oak Park, Il or anywhere else you need to be on your toes regarding the rental process. Below I have added some links to the’s website regarding the rental process. What questions you should ask normally, an apartment checklist to things you should do when you move out. Because Oak Park, IL will make you do that, move out.

I would also research or ask about:

The parking conditions in the area. This is serious because if you do not know the parking restrictions in the area of your new place you can easily rack up 50 to 150 dollars’ worth in tickets.

The demographics of your neighbors. Families will tell you how busy the area will be. Seniors will tell you how quiet you need to be and how much intrusiveness you can expect on your daily life when you are entering or exiting the public domain.

Here are the articles I aforementioned above:

Crazies in the Oak Park area: Jesus and penis bombs

We always knew there were crazies around Oak Park, Il and the neighborhood areas but a dude welding a knife … at a dollar store??? Come on. At one point he stated he was Jesus… this is definitely a reason or argument for mental health care. Something that Is lacking across the state. Plus, it seems there seems to be an increase of homeless people travelling through the area. Hopefully the local law enforcement will be able to have access to resources to help individuals suffering in similar ways. This way all parties can be protected, and all interactions end up on a positive note.

Also, to add to the area’s amount of crazy the police responded to a business on Madison that got a glitter Penis bomb the reporting officer stated he had previous experience with such “bombs” …uh okay. Not touching that one. I mean I know about the penis grams but glitter penis bombs?? One hundred and ten percent gag related and I am totally jealous.

Here is the article talking about Jesus with a knife and penis bombs:,-declares-he-is-Jesus-%7C-Police-reports-May-5-_-9/?fbclid=IwAR1u-rReyNlvLheEcUIFnRqa-3CarbHTnFAaZj-bAvrwjEVIe95nGCMk4Ik

Protests in the streets/#BlackoutTuesday

I wanted to post a couple of the articles on 6/2/2020 but out of respect for the #BlackoutTuesday and what happened to George Floyd that did not happen. The protests on the streets really increased the probability of spreading the coronavirus but the logic of protesting during the pandemic is that if the virus would not kill you then police brutality can.  Therefore, going out to downtown Chicago to protest with a few hundred people with the threat of the coronavirus is nothing and pales in comparison. Because even if you survive one as a POC you are under threat from another life-threatening problem. Add to that the systemic racism that POCs face on a daily basis also eliminates multiple chances for a better and healthier life.

Being out in the streets is reminiscent of the films I have seen of the protests of the 1960s. The same issues back then persist now, and it is true, no one cares unless their money is impacted, and then people all of the sudden seem to care. Exactly like back in the sixties! I do not condone looting but protesting in major business areas to promote social justice and putting a pause to the “normal” of our society is necessary. Especially if that normal is not right.

Hopefully, Oak Park, Il will take off its false veneer and join this fight. And when I say that, I mean everyone, young and old, of all races, and faiths included just stand up for equality for everyone, everywhere.

Oak Park, IL and the coronavirus

It seems like Oak Park, Il cannot keep itself out of the COVID-19’s way week after week there are new cases much like everywhere else. Surprising that the way Oak Park, Il carries itself as a place “upon a golden hill” so this pandemic is a blow to its image. Making the village like everywhere else in the world. Hopefully, things will get better and a cure will be found. However, the residents of Oak Park, IL are as bad as those people you see crowding the beaches in Florida.

People have a selfish need to congregate and “be around others” regardless of the impact. Back in the day past generations knew of the meaning of sacrifice, so today’s excuses of “needing” others is just weak. More than that the lack of testing available does not help, but when you stay your ass at home and avoid face to face interactions we could be beyond this mess. Unfortunately, Oak Park, IL does not have the common sense to figure this little clue out.

Here are some articles that talk about the virus still spreading:

United flying full flights has got me worried about Oak Park, IL

Yeah, after seeing the article about how United packed a flight full of passengers I am not sure if I am flying for awhile after the lockdown subsides. United has stated that they have “empty middle seats” but the photos that have been listed online show otherwise. If there are any trips in my near future, I am going on road trips so that I am not in a closed recycled air environment. The flights were bad enough with no leg room and having people on sitting top of one another.

The idea that a company like United would state that they would not fill middle seats on their flights, and going ahead to doing so without backlash, is just stupid. I am not going into various venues here in Oak Park, IL when there is a reduction in lockdown measures as is. But I will not go into a plane with a those few idiots who want to travel while sick and yes, there are still people like that. It is not worth the extra hours saved in travel if you lose your life.

Here is the article talking about United packing people into one of their flights during the pandemic:

Colorado and United can be occur here…

Now, I want to point at the coffee shop in Colorado and the United flights packed with passengers as two very good examples of businesses screwing up reopening measures and people just following with a herd mentality causing more issues. I bring this up because as June comes around and I know Oak Park, Il businesses and residents will follow suit and act like a bunch of idiots putting us all at risk, again.

I know that the residents will be glad to be jammed packed into stores, ignoring the six-foot CDC guideline just to be out and about “in the world” with other people. Pathetic. Many of the businesses, events and streets here in Oak Park, IL are really not made for social distancing, in fact, they are built for the “quaint” interactions of human beings. Loosely translated: everyone is basically on top of each other buttfucking while in line waiting for other idiots to have their items scanned by the cashier.

Therefore, I believe (my assessment), when the slightest relaxation of the lockdown rules goes into effect, we will see the morons out and about. Acting like they never been outside or seen the inside of a store. But that is okay, because that is their choice. However, note, there is always a second wave to this type of thing, and there is always someone stepping up to be guinea pigs for this shit.

Nine more cases of COVID-19 in Oak Park, IL

The village has nine more cases of COVID-19 bumping the total above 200 people, for a little village like this it is a lot of people. Although the article does mention the victims are people in their 30’s and 40’s it does not mention possible areas where they may have gotten this virus. Such as a park or a grocery store, such data can help the rest of us, and the organizations linked to the ground zero of their infections to properly work with this issue.

Plus, with four thousand extra cases being reported just recently, and people itching to open up businesses, we need all the data we can get. Especially for me, and other introverts that want to keep our mental states together and stay healthy. Hopefully, the other idiots who need exercise and to show how committed they are to their regime and will use this data to take the necessary precautions as well.

This is the article regarding the nine cases of COVID-19 in Oak Park, IL :


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Since 1908, we have been celebrating Mothers and Motherhood unbeknownst to most of you due to my attitude and my writings in this blog I have a great mother. And I will be doing a few things this Mother’s Day weekend to celebrate her 8 plus hours of labor and the multiple years later of dealing with my ass.

Of course, it is a very commercialized holiday and it will cost ton more money to take Mom out to celebrate her it’s worth it. Of course, this is also a good reason to celebrate her year-round than just for one day of the year. Birthdays don’t count! Or that’s what I am told by her, so I take it as truth LOL. A lot of people go the traditional meal and flowers route, but I choose to do a traditional Mother’s Day card (early, like a week) then multiple visits throughout the week with comes to stuff she can actually use and I go over to her place to help do stuff that I usually have forgotten to do.

Hopefully the rest of you have a great mother and are in the same predicament as I am choosing the best gift to give or activity to do with her. As always, the challenge is there and of course I would have it no other way not because I am just competitive but also because she is worth it.

To you and yours Happy Mother’s Day!


One Stop Comics needs our support revisited

I made a web page about this subject, but I felt it was important to repeat, that one of our local staples in the village One Stop comics has started a Go fund me page to help balance out the cost of closing during the pandemic.

Without any new comic books to sell, and not being considered an essential business, the cost of having a physical store without new product to sell is extensive. One Stop Comics is a true small business story of a guy doing what he loves and making it work for decades while becoming a fabric of the local community. In fact, his store is always full during free comic day. Where he tries to engage each customer (as he always does) and help cultivate the kids’ interest in reading during this annual event.

Now, due to the coronavirus expenses are added up and to save this institution there is a go fund me page to help assist this Oak Park, IL institution stay alive. Not only is a great place to visit but being a fellow Cubs fan, it is a great place to talk sports and comics. So, donate and/or spread the word to help this institution:

The Go Fund me page for One Stop Comics:

The online store powered by WordPress:

The online Ebay store:

The webpage mentioned on blogger:

The webpage mentioned on WordPress:


Dirty Stores in Oak Park, Il and elsewhere

You go into the stores to go grocery shop you see the signs that state they are opening at a certain time. The reason why they open at this time is because they have to do a cleaning in a certain way to make sure the COVID-19 does not spread to their workers and customers. With that said, it makes you wonder what the hell were doing before the pandemic in regard to cleaning.

How dirty were these fucking stores? How filthy were they and how did they help with the spread of other viruses beforehand? Now with the new hours in place are these businesses cleaning in according to some mystical guidelines that the rest of us are not aware of? Is this where all the cleaning supplies that we, as customers, cannot find on store shelves?

How do we know if these workers are really cleaning the stores properly, especially since the majority of the time we go into these stores most of these employees are apathetic? Which you cannot really blame them, but how can we trust that it is done right? Are there classes or training sessions done to make sure that the employees are knowledgeable in cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19 are is the whole cleaning process making things worse?