Crazies in the Oak Park area: Jesus and penis bombs

We always knew there were crazies around Oak Park, Il and the neighborhood areas but a dude welding a knife … at a dollar store??? Come on. At one point he stated he was Jesus… this is definitely a reason or argument for mental health care. Something that Is lacking across the state. Plus, it seems there seems to be an increase of homeless people travelling through the area. Hopefully the local law enforcement will be able to have access to resources to help individuals suffering in similar ways. This way all parties can be protected, and all interactions end up on a positive note.

Also, to add to the area’s amount of crazy the police responded to a business on Madison that got a glitter Penis bomb the reporting officer stated he had previous experience with such “bombs” …uh okay. Not touching that one. I mean I know about the penis grams but glitter penis bombs?? One hundred and ten percent gag related and I am totally jealous.

Here is the article talking about Jesus with a knife and penis bombs:,-declares-he-is-Jesus-%7C-Police-reports-May-5-_-9/?fbclid=IwAR1u-rReyNlvLheEcUIFnRqa-3CarbHTnFAaZj-bAvrwjEVIe95nGCMk4Ik

Merry Christmas from the Oak Park, Il Blog!

Just a quick hello, and Merry Christmas to all my Christians readers but also a Happy Holidays to everyone else of different faiths as well! Please enjoy this day as peacefully as you can and I hope you find some joy in today, and in the upcoming new year!

I will still have some new stuff to post when the holiday season winds down, BUT I have some more crazy rants already scheduled to finish out the year. Thank you for reading and have a great holiday season!

To wreck Christmas parties from Oak Park, Il and beyond

I found some stuff that will help bring cheer or freak out the residents of Oak Park. Il during the Christmas season like the legend of Krampus to the original A Christmas Carol movie, I plan to add this to the free E-books on the season and making Holiday crafts that I found online I am going to add it all together to make everyone at the holiday party crazy.

Because all they want to do is talk and shit and sit around with kids running around up your ass, plus they don’t want to have strong drinks like tequila “because of the kids” but tell you that while holding a glass of wine. (((SIGH)))

This little bit of information will freak the kids screwing up their minds forever:

Santa’s Horned Helper: The Fearsome Legend of Krampus, Christmas Punisher

OR you can do the video thing from YouTube for those kids with ADHD:

The Life and Times of Krampus by Andreas Ziebart which explains the whole legend

This is the link to a Christmas classic movie of the Charles Dickens novel called “A Christmas Carol” but add this with the Krampus stuff, and you will have the kids paranoid for next year! Nothing like putting a little terror in their hearts.

A Christmas Carol (1951, HD) Alastair Sim as Scrooge:

Oak Park, IL blog related: 9 Free Craft eBooks For the Holidays

9 Free Craft eBooks For the Holidays

I found a new way to keep my other young niece and nephew busy while everyone parties on Christmas day, I think I will download one of these books and get some of the supplies needed to complete some of the projects listed in one of these nine Craft E-books. And let them craft away.

I hate when kids get in the way of my drink during the holidays its family as why the reason I need it so, let me cut down on some of my stress and give them something to do.

This is the hyperlink that makes it all possible:

Christmas in Oak Park, Il part 1

Christmas in Oak Park, Il should bring out the best of people, the good Christian people of Oak Park, Il who do not celebrate that many other holidays, that do not have the cultural intelligence to celebrate or accept other cultural based holidays. This also leads to a basic ignorance of the real meaning of Christmas accepting what is culturally acceptable, meaning, the more commercial side of the holiday. Getting back to the basics of this Christian holiday, it is all about the birth of Jesus, yet we take away from it there is a standard of mandatory gift giving.

Giving gifts is the “be all end all” for this holiday now, and children everywhere expect a gift upon this holiday, Greed instead of generosity has replaced the mainstream message of this holiday, Christmas has become more of a corporate holiday than a religious one although it is very similar to Diwali. The holiday of Christmas no matter what the denomination has as it, a foundation of giving and selflessness not of wish lists and the force fraternizations with everyone and their mother. However, I am hopeful there are people in Oak Park, IL who do still grasp upon the original Christian beliefs of Christmas and still give of themselves as per those religious beliefs. To help understand better this famous and misconstrued holiday I have set up in this post a couple of links that discuss the customs of Christmas and includes for a countdown clock to Christmas.

This is a website that details different customs for the Christmas holiday:

I have added a website here that may add to the Christmas for the kids: