Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Ah man I had so much fun this weekend for Mother’s day that I forgot to schedule the Mother’s day post I wrote for the weekend… never mind. I will just post it for next year like I did St Pats day and just go lumbering along. My mind was in a different place this weekend I was in North Riverside at a place called Chef Shangrila for lunch it was Asian Pacific deco with some great food.

You wouldn’t guess how this unassuming restaurant was one that damn good and can get a ton of traffic. But the day was great, and it took us away from Oak Park, IL traffic and the asinine attitudes that come with it. We spent a couple of hours there after we went to the North Riverside theatre for, yes, Avengers: Endgame. Which was fucking fantastic!

Of all the idiots writing spoilers on the internet you would think these fucking geeks would say something, anything about the cool ass fight scene in the film between Chris Evans/Captain America and Thanos. I mean if anything we all knew about the contract situations with the main three actors of the series so something better would have been about what happened in the movie. The main thing was that the entire family loved it, even though we did not see Captain Marvel, we picked up where the storyline was going easily.

Meaning, that we had a great day and none of my family and most importantly my mother had to really be bothered with Oak Park, IL. The day was really perfect and I forgot all about posting onto the blog, so Happy belated Mother’s day to everyone and their families!