Getting lit in Oak Park, IL because there ain’t nothing else for grownups to do pt 1

So I am looking at recipes for mixed drinks for when I have people over or when I need to take something over to a friend’s place. I have been searching online instead of doing the job, eh. These are some of the candidates I found so far:

Sperm LOL I just love the name!

French kiss it’s a girl thing sorry:

This is a drink that most guys would probably like to shout the name and link other idiotic names too:

Another drink that I think everything would get a kick out of talking about:

A drink aptly named for what I have said to a number of exes, Motherfuckers:

For Day of the Dead celebrations in Oak Park, Il and elsewhere: Taco Tuesday -Chilorio Tacos

I thought this would be a great companion to Day of the dead celebration whether in Oak Park, Il or elsewhere. Chef Bayless has a series of these Taco videos on, so check them out if you want to further make that special meal for your own Day of the Dead celebrations.