Quarantine Story #3 Prince tribute -ahhh no

So, thanks to the coronavirus and the idiots who are protesting the quarantine measures I found myself watching a part, a very little part of the Prince tribute. And being the fourth anniversary of his death, one could only imagine what type of benefit concert he would have put together for this whole coronavirus mess. However, with that aside I sit here, watching the first couple moments wondering what the fuck?

There was no passion, energy or anything that would reminds us of the artist himself. This is what was on television for this shitty pandemic, and now I have an overwhelming urge to slap the shit out of everyone in this shitty little village who does not wear a mask out in public. Because this Prince-lite concert is what I am left with as entertainment.

It seemed like it was a show for everyone to showcase their own talents instead of going out of their comfort zones to match the energy of Prince. I mean at least halfway, come on! I had to watch this passionless nonsense by a bunch of people who did not work with Prince or did not get his songs right. I was a captive of these crazy versions of his songs. It was like your most heartfelt stories, poetry, and memories being told by an ex who really hated the shit out of you and wants to put their spin on things to the rest of your family and friends.

I really liked of course the Time and the Revolution, but the rest was just a mess. I am glad Sheila E is going on year four of grabbing this incredible dude’s spotlight, but after four years and with a quarantine in place.,,, she should have done better. And I am praying that these nasty ass residents here in Oak park, Il can stop doing whatever it is that is keeping the rest of us inside. That way the rest of us will not be forced to be “entertained” by such tragically flawed caricatures of a legend’s musical genius.