Oak Park, IL still has some old tricks

Sarah and I were at the CVS Pharmacy on Roosevelt and we were coming to the front of the store. There was this Caucasian couple walking in front of us and I was sure they did not see us. When they got to the counter before us a voice rang out “I will be right with you” Mind you the CVS worker was straightening up the store when we came and looked like she was there for a while.

BUT the couple looked back at Sarah and the gentleman said “Okay!” until it seemed like he realized we were together and also did not dress like we worked at CVS! The woman also turned around and nodding her head in an affirmative action to Sarah as if she was the one who spoke. Sarah and the CVS worker were of course Black. When the couple both realized they made a weird, unnerving mistake they did their best to engage the cashier and not look back at us. Besides some weird uneasy glances.

The funny thing was, I noticed it, not Sarah because she was in her words: “in my own world” until I told her what had happened and that’ when she stated “I wondered why they were being so wired and nice to the cashier!” When you are a minority this stuff happens and when you are a minority however do not look like the perceived minority group this shit awakes the senses.

It is kind of crazy as they say this stuff as unconscious racism still happens in 2019, but is it really? I am not surprised this happened in Oak Park, IL where they residents state they are not racist, but unconsciously they react as such. Or their blunt privileged ass actions align themselves as “holier than thou” and believe themselves superior or of some type of entitlement that is the gateway to unconscious or even blatant racism. What did not surprise either of us was that this happened in Oak Park, IL

Working hard as hell but Oak Park Il still is blah

This job has got me working hard as hell, but I am trying to write some articles for the blog to keep it alive LOL. I am also planning on how many to write since I usually do about two posts every Tuesday and Thursday each week coming up to about 104 posts a year. And when dealing with that hip place called Oak Park, IL it is very hard to do so, especially with a job that racks your brain with the number of idiots I deal with. But I think it will do done.

Of course, the little village that is full of itself helps me out by doing some plainly ignorant shit. So, I am grateful for that, trust me! It does not hurt me to write a couple of lines about how Oak Park, IL really needs to work upon the gap of: how it perceives itself, how outsiders define it and how it really is. Oak Park, IL is like that ex that said it never cheated on you, but always had various ex-lovers in their DMs while going out with you and wants to be a “better” person to do “good” in the world. SMH

Never be fooled although there are some good people in Oak Park, IL there are a lot that will show their pompous ass attitude to you at the drop of a dime. The attitude is too privileged to even fathom you will need to actually experience it to get an idea. And this is from a suburb that is on the border of the West side of Chicago, trust me you will love driving through the “border area” just for laughs. But the insular attitude does bubble up for no reason and you will wonder why, seriously.