Peterson’s Ice Cream in Oak Park, IL

I remember back in the day going to Peterson’s in Oak Park, IL for some great ice cream, at one time I believe they redid the restaurant next door in the early 2000s and always wondered how the food tasted however, as time went by, Peterson’s shrunk to the size they are now. Being opened since in 1919 the ice cream parlor has been a staple in the community for nearly a century, and a great place to go for ice cream.

But I have a quick question I guess there was a change in management, because I have been in there a few times in the last year and I always dealt with an older brunette who I would say 80% of the time never smiled. I mean, maybe once there was some joy in her face, and it kind of made me just want to know her schedule so that I can get my Peterson’s ice cream with some measure of positivity!

My question is what’s her deal, is she an owner or one of the workers? I just want to know because I want to enjoy some ice cream (like I said) and just chill. Does anyone see grumpy face and get the same downer look? I want to take my nieces and nephews but I wonder if her hard demeanor would throw off what should be a “fun” vibe?

I mean I have frequented restaurants like Jerusalem café to Khyber Pass, I have taken these kids to Noodles and Company and the old Falafill in Oak Park, IL but never had met someone so sad or bitter about running/working a business.

Maybe it is just symptomatic of Oak Park, IL to make younger residents and visitors feel like outsiders or like they are not wanted, that is cool Peterson’s will probably last another 90 plus years but will do so without my money to help them along.