House Party during lock down!

How great is it that there was a house party here in Chicago? Oh yeah, the coronavirus is still going on so great thinking there. Idiots. I do love that the homeowner went on the local news to apologize (without showing her face) but had her grown ass son come on the same interview to apologize and show his face and exposing this moron’s identity.

This grown ass man disabled the security bell/camera and totally cleaned up the apartment, when his mother was busy. The mother is a first responder who was away for 24 hours therefore giving the son a huge timetable to enact his stupidity. The son states he was “being young” and did not know the severity of the coronavirus. Which is bullshit.

I mean he cleaned the entire place up before she got home and he disabled the security system so that the mother did not get notifications about the 200 guests he got that night.  The only reason the mother found out was because the cops showed up to give her a citation.

Although it was the son’s fault, she was the one cited for the party and she is trying to work with the alderman and the Chicago Police department to get it revoked. This is entirely the wrong thing to do, this “kid” is 26 not 16. He is a grown ass man and the mother should get punished for letting her stupid ass spawn get away with something like this. It sets a precedent for future cases if it is excused or not, being a first responder does not mean you should be exempted from the consequences of breaking a quarantine which the majority of her colleagues are actively supporting. Today’s “younger” generation just needs to man up and accept responsibility for their actions and their parents need to stop being their friends.

Here is the article which talks about the incident: