House Party during lock down!

How great is it that there was a house party here in Chicago? Oh yeah, the coronavirus is still going on so great thinking there. Idiots. I do love that the homeowner went on the local news to apologize (without showing her face) but had her grown ass son come on the same interview to apologize and show his face and exposing this moron’s identity.

This grown ass man disabled the security bell/camera and totally cleaned up the apartment, when his mother was busy. The mother is a first responder who was away for 24 hours therefore giving the son a huge timetable to enact his stupidity. The son states he was “being young” and did not know the severity of the coronavirus. Which is bullshit.

I mean he cleaned the entire place up before she got home and he disabled the security system so that the mother did not get notifications about the 200 guests he got that night.  The only reason the mother found out was because the cops showed up to give her a citation.

Although it was the son’s fault, she was the one cited for the party and she is trying to work with the alderman and the Chicago Police department to get it revoked. This is entirely the wrong thing to do, this “kid” is 26 not 16. He is a grown ass man and the mother should get punished for letting her stupid ass spawn get away with something like this. It sets a precedent for future cases if it is excused or not, being a first responder does not mean you should be exempted from the consequences of breaking a quarantine which the majority of her colleagues are actively supporting. Today’s “younger” generation just needs to man up and accept responsibility for their actions and their parents need to stop being their friends.

Here is the article which talks about the incident:

Corona issues at the Hines VA

Thanks to the Coronavirus now the “essential workers” at Hines VA Hospital on the westside are now being threatened. I put that term essential in quotation marks because these people are considered essential until they ask for more equipment or raises due to the conditions, they face due to this virus. And then they become selfish or told to do their jobs. That whole essential term goes away at that point and these workers become an issue or a problem.

These essential workers especially become an issue when people want to get their hair done or have this overwhelming need for someone to serve them. Then the selfishness comes barreling out and these essential workers are no longer praised but yelled at or denounced by people with less education than a dog. Instead of giving the people trained in all this shit what they need and ask for, we rather bitch or try a work around to get out of meeting these needs.

The last thing we need is to have essential workers walk out and protest that they are not getting what they need because of  basic greed by politicians or worse yet, the trash, that we see on the news not caring “if they get it (coronavirus)” Simple compliance will carry us all through this bullshit but so long as people remain selfish and greedy all of us will NOT get there at all. And the first step is to give these workers at Hines what they demand, immediately.

This is a local article talking about the protests:

Dirty Stores in Oak Park, Il and elsewhere

You go into the stores to go grocery shop you see the signs that state they are opening at a certain time. The reason why they open at this time is because they have to do a cleaning in a certain way to make sure the COVID-19 does not spread to their workers and customers. With that said, it makes you wonder what the hell were doing before the pandemic in regard to cleaning.

How dirty were these fucking stores? How filthy were they and how did they help with the spread of other viruses beforehand? Now with the new hours in place are these businesses cleaning in according to some mystical guidelines that the rest of us are not aware of? Is this where all the cleaning supplies that we, as customers, cannot find on store shelves?

How do we know if these workers are really cleaning the stores properly, especially since the majority of the time we go into these stores most of these employees are apathetic? Which you cannot really blame them, but how can we trust that it is done right? Are there classes or training sessions done to make sure that the employees are knowledgeable in cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19 are is the whole cleaning process making things worse?

More cases of COVID-19 in Oak Park, IL ..great

The village has been hit with more cases and deaths. With more people are now tested positive for COVID-19 bringing the cases up to 120+. In such a small area, this is a disaster. The idea that Oak Park, IL is immune has faded and now the community atmosphere and attitudes that are ingrained into its residents are now the reasons that lead to this quarantine’s extended length.

With the rise in cases the village and its residents need to reexamine how it leads its day to day activities. The tight ass restaurants, stores and supermarkets will need quite the redesign when they reopen. I do not think people are going to forget the danger of this pandemic for quite some time. Even if a vaccine becomes available to the public, I am pretty sure we will all be giving the evil eye to those who open mouth cough in public for quite some time.

The only silver lining to this whole thing is that people are now being self-aware. Self-aware of how nasty they are and how nasty the people around them are. Things have to change in order for things to get better and the village now needs to do a total 180 to get ahead of this virus. And I believe it will take a very long time for that to happen but also a huge attitude change to occur.

This is a local article talking about the cases:

Quarantine Story #3 Prince tribute -ahhh no

So, thanks to the coronavirus and the idiots who are protesting the quarantine measures I found myself watching a part, a very little part of the Prince tribute. And being the fourth anniversary of his death, one could only imagine what type of benefit concert he would have put together for this whole coronavirus mess. However, with that aside I sit here, watching the first couple moments wondering what the fuck?

There was no passion, energy or anything that would reminds us of the artist himself. This is what was on television for this shitty pandemic, and now I have an overwhelming urge to slap the shit out of everyone in this shitty little village who does not wear a mask out in public. Because this Prince-lite concert is what I am left with as entertainment.

It seemed like it was a show for everyone to showcase their own talents instead of going out of their comfort zones to match the energy of Prince. I mean at least halfway, come on! I had to watch this passionless nonsense by a bunch of people who did not work with Prince or did not get his songs right. I was a captive of these crazy versions of his songs. It was like your most heartfelt stories, poetry, and memories being told by an ex who really hated the shit out of you and wants to put their spin on things to the rest of your family and friends.

I really liked of course the Time and the Revolution, but the rest was just a mess. I am glad Sheila E is going on year four of grabbing this incredible dude’s spotlight, but after four years and with a quarantine in place.,,, she should have done better. And I am praying that these nasty ass residents here in Oak park, Il can stop doing whatever it is that is keeping the rest of us inside. That way the rest of us will not be forced to be “entertained” by such tragically flawed caricatures of a legend’s musical genius.

Quarantine story #2

At Walgreens, old dude in line just standing there 18 feet of space between him and the next person. The people behind him (including someone who worked there) asked him to move up because the rest of the line was then (because of his old ass) in the store aisles.
He yelled “don’t tell me what to do, I got rights!” I guess he thought wearing all camo, a NRA hat, and a bunch of American flag (Which is illegal) gave him carte Blanche… but the black dude behind him responded “you got the right to move your ass up” then the little ass Amish store clerk (yes Amish) told the old dude “if you don’t want to move up you can get out the store”
I think at that point as I was walking up to the line wanted to beat his old was. Old people are just wilding out here and do not get all that crap that flew before is no longer the norm. But that old dude left the store without saying too much more… Lol

quarantine c

Coronavirus at the Walmart in Forest park, IL

Ah so remember when I stated that the Forest park, IL Walmart was a breeding ground for the corona virus because of the Church goers next door who refuse to sit their asses at home?

Well, two Walmart employees tested positive for the corona virus and one actually died. Now, the Walmart is making moves to sanitize the store but its really too late. I think I will be taking my ass to the one near La Grange or in Cicero, those stores look cleaner anyway. The chaos at the Forest Park, IL store on a daily basis is also a major part of the problem the workers and the management staff from what I saw is not taking this pandemic seriously. I hardly saw anyone with gloves or masks and the laziness that is everyday occurrence there only adds to the stupidity.

Unfortunately, now one person has lost their life and another employee is sick so there is no way this is going to end well. Especially if Forest Park, Il is allowing the Church near the store to operate and continuously have services. Plus, the Walmart corporation needs to come in and eliminate the management at this store and get stronger standards in place immediately. And do so before someone else gets sick either employees or customers, however I do not see that happening anytime soon or at all.

This is the article discussing the Forest Park, IL Walmart employees:

Coronavirus story #1

So, I got my hair trimmer from Best buy and it was an introvert’s dream I pulled up and said my name, what I ordered and the guy went to get my order, He came back and gave me my order at my car. Done. No walking around entire families, ducking that one person who likes to open mouth cough in the store when you are walking by, etc.

But there was one dude in front of me looking like a Tiger king reject, or that dude from the B horror movie that is out in the desert running the Ham radio station. This fool ordered a 40 inch TV set in the middle of a pandemic and had the nerve to have his trunk open filled with a lion blanket and cases of mountain dew and Pepsi zero, etc. which made wonder how the hell it was going to fit.

But this moron was chain smoking so he grasped my attention due to that and his pacing back and forth in front of my car. He then yells out to one of the Best buy guys if he can go INSIDE the store to get a HMDI cable for the TV. LOL He was bouncing back and forth between two associates asking this moronic question (both said no). Luckily the associate with the hair trimmer came back so I was gone in two secs.

But my question is who in the hell is getting a new TV in the middle of a pandemic and for what? This is the same moron who would try to break into your house to get your toilet paper because they did not take this pandemic seriously. And then catch a cap while Cypress hill ‘s real estate is playing in the background. SMH

Old people keeping the Corona alive..

Went to home depot to pick up my package in Cicero because it was the one I could make a straight shot to and then get home within reason. And they are not playing because the town of Cicero requires not asks for people entering the store to have a mask on. If you don’t have a mask you would be asked to leave. What the hell? Then I found out that Skokie is doing this as well. Making the idiotic village of Oak Park, Il one of the places that has people just run around without masks and open mouth coughing.

I see a lot of seniors running around without masks and gloves, it would be really great if either the Governor or village idiot made it mandatory to have a mask to go into stores. That way we can stop a lot of the kamikaze runs these seniors are intent on doing dooming the rest of us with their irresponsibility. It’s the Greatest generation turned to a bunch of senile idiots with no common sense whatsoever. If they keep this stupidity up, of going everywhere without the needed PPE equipment they will solve the social security funding problem by just dying of CVOID-19. You cannot tell them anything and you cannot make people who think they are still able to do whatever they want to listen to reason.

At this point I am just fed up with people not taking this pandemic serious, my emphatic ear is now deaf. If you go out without gear and infect oh the fuck well, especially if you are a senior citizen. I mean Jesus there are literally special store hours for the elderly to go in and shop in local stores and not be exposed by younger people who might infect them with the virus however they still rather take chances. A law in place statewide would be a good idea the next step would be to enforce it and maybe then we can get the number of cases down and then this country back to normal. But not until the senior stupidity stops.

Fair Oaks deaths in Oak Park, IL

A real shame that this double homicide happened to people who were doing good in the community. However, it seems that it happens here, but don’t tell that to the property managers in this village. Supposedly it is the safest place to be, but something like this makes that a lie. The husband’s connection to governing over cases regarding Chicago police misconduct is very interesting as it is getting a lot of emphasis in the local media. It is very early to state what the hell is actually going on in this case. It did take a long time to state the cause of death and to rule it a homicide.

With both individuals being stabbed I wonder if that is why the Chicago Police Department connection is being pushed in the narrative. The local police department stated patrols will be stepped up in the area to calm the resident’s fears. But if the double homicide has anything to do with the CPD I doubt that more cops in the area will alleviate fears. More or less it will stoke the flames to this fire. Hopefully, it will cause at least in the short term a sense of fear for the village residents.

Hopefully, village residents will realize that things like this CAN happen here and secure their residences accordingly. There should not be a sense that the husband’s ties to overseeing police misconduct cases is the sole reason for his death. Meaning that residents should look at this as a wake-up call to draw their curtains at night, add some more security lights to their property and make sure their door are locked. Maybe this tragic situation will not only make us more alert but realize that our surroundings are not always safe, even if it is a place called home.

This is a local article talking about the Fair Oaks deaths:

This is a local article talking about the couple in their Oak Park home -stabbed to death: