Laundry in Oak Park, IL

Oh, I forgot on the same day that I had crazy lady asking me to move my car so it would block a fire hydrant and not be parked in front of her house, I had another issue.

Unfortunately, I have a building laundry area that I have to share so doing the wash takes steps and planning.

Step one of the plan was to throw the laundry in two of the four washers, let that go for the 45 minutes it takes to run.

Then step two, Go down and throw the two loads in the two of the four dryers down there and let them run for the 45 minutes that is needed.

Then step three bring the stuff back up after its dry and fold the clothes.

Well step one worked perfectly it’s the steps two to three that a neighbor decided to mess it up and I guess during my step two started their own wash of three loads and decided I took too long to come down and took one of my loads from the dryer and threw it on top of the dryer it was previously in.

Then they replaced it with their stuff, in the dryer and took up the other two empty dryers. Now there was not a lot of clothes in any of these dryers, so taking up three made no sense.

And I know who it was this one Caucasian guy 6’2 174 lbs slight build blond hair i remember him well because I was down there during a previous episode of laundry day I was getting my clothes out of one dryer and he came down there all crazy and shit and opened up a dryer that had clothes in it. Asked me if they were mine, after I said no, he started to dump them on the top of the dryer and put his clothes in, then repeated the process for the next two dryers.

Well this time around some of my stuff was kind of dry (Still hot to the touch) and some of it was damp so I am not sure if this one dryer went the full cycle or he just felt privileged enough to take it over because his time means more than mine.

Man so I did the only thing I could do, and take the stuff off the top of the dryer and put it in the basket then I took the laundry out of the other dryer and put that in the basket as well. Of Course, I checked the other three dryers to make sure none of my clothes were in them and took my clothes upstairs and folded them (see picture).

Twenty minutes later I heard the laundry room gate slam and some talking then it slammed again five minutes later the laundry room gate slammed yet again then a minute later it slammed again. I looked out and saw the silhouette of a tall guy. So it must have been him, then I heard a repeating of the slamming of the gate five times (almost every twenty mins) through the time span of an hour. Crazy.


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