Oak Park, IL related: Meijer leaving the area

Now a closing that I am upset about is the Meijer in Melrose Park, just because I do not like to go to the Walmart in Forest Park, Il (it’s fucking ghetto) or the Jewel on Roosevelt (it’s expensive) this store was a welcomed gem in this oasis of pretentiousness. Pete’s is alright but very expensive as well and the aisles are small to the point I am breathing or tasting everyone else’s breath.

The stores that are left do not step up their game and have not felt the reason to do so. Now that Meijer is leaving the area even though it is two suburbs over is was a fantastic alternative to these sloppy expensive stores in Oak Park, Il and in the nearby suburbs. God I will miss their well-lit parking lots that had clientele I was not worried would assault me in some way after shopping for groceries. That is alright I got mace, I will wear my sneakers so that I am ready for giving out some ghetto hoe beat downs.

Here is the article spelling out that bad fucking news:


Goodbye Oak Park, IL Metra Station

I am not really crying a bit about the Oak park Metra station closing every time I get there in the afternoon there is hardly anyone “manning “the window so who really cares? This station only generated $28k in sales and Metra states the Ventra app is now taking care 30% of the sales for rider tickets. Whatever the fuck ever. Oak Park has one operator one window

Oak Park has one operator one window downtown Chicago has.. well you get the picture and Metra has to close a location??? No shit sounds like bad business decisions not different options to purchase tickets. I am very glad that they are taking away this option from Oak Park, Il other locations that know how to use these types of resources need to be able to grow. The people won’t miss it until its gone as per usual, then oh well, it is too late.

Here is the article talking about the closing on March 30th: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/oak-park/news/ct-oak-park-metra-tl-0330-20170323-story.html

RE: Concordia University Chicago Employee Reviews On Indeed.com

Concordia University Chicago Employee Reviews On Indeed.com is an interesting post from one of my friends on Google Plus, regarding one of the institutions in the area and how they are presented on Indeed.com. Since it is in River Forest, Il and that village with Oak Park, IL share a community bond I decided to post it on here.

For your viewing pleasure:


It is pretty hilarious and in the same vein of commentary that I have on my blog about Oak Park, IL. This post talks about the negative reviews of Concordia University Chicago and how their negative atmosphere can affect students and how it already affects its employees, sound familiar?

(((cough cough))) Oak Park, IL (((cough cough)))