Chicago’s “The Cost of Segregation” impacts Oak Park, IL

The Chicago area that includes Oak Park, IL “has the fifth-highest” out of 100 big city areas in the country with a problem with a socioeconomically issue that is racially based. A report created by the University of Illinois in Chicago “The Cost of Segregation” this report talks about how the racial lines in the Chicago land area impacts the crime rates, the businesses that are invested in those areas, and how this all impacts everyone in the area.

Now how does Oak Park, IL get involved well in all this? Well the problems of Chicago, IL does overflow into this suburb especially since they share a similar boundary of Austin Avenue. Therefore, the ideal suburb must deal with the backlash of failed policies (economic, political, etc.) of the major metropolitan body it is connected to, and denying that Oak Park, IL is being impacted by it is just absurd.

Getting worried about a Taco Bell entering the area or that the Village board selling out creating high-rises downtown, is nothing compared to everyday issues that the people in the most segregation areas dealt with on a daily basis. Their problems of low economic opportunities sometimes translate into crime, that crime does not stay in that area.

It also creeps into Oak Park, IL, ignorance is not bliss, and partnerships across the borders of Oak Park, IL in the less opportune areas could help stymied crime bleeding into this area. Even Though Oak Park, IL does not seem to have a ton of crime it is best to keep abreast of the issues that impact the area. You can read more about these issues below.

The study from UIC regarding the racial disparities:

The Chicago tonight article:

The Cost of Segregation:


The Oak Park Housing Center sucks

I went to this “housing center” and signed up, waited, and a few people came in after me.

There was this single white chick who signed up as well (the same time I came in) and a black dude trying to fill out the paperwork (for two hours).

When it came to calling people to talk one on one about finding a place (of Course) the chick was called first after we both sat there for 45-minutes. As she was leaving I saw her Oak park area print out was of the inner Oak Park area, you know, Lake street and Ridgeland, tons of circles. I managed to see it because she was standing in our way talking on the phone about to her mum as it was our turn to go in!

When we were called and were rushed through (no sh*t) the process in about 15 minutes and given some crappy listings on Austin Avenue. Really?

The area that is borderline Chicago?

Who goes into a housing Center for Oak Park to be given listings basically in Chicago?

Well, we did not go back. Now fast forward, I get an email from them wanting to know how our search is doing “the information will help their non-profit” really? MONTHS LATER???

Plus they GAVE ME a DEADLINE to get back to them! LOL

Please pass this up and do the work.

I got me a better place on my own than with this place!


Contributor: Omir

Oak Park, Il related: 10 things about Rosa Parks

I thought it would be great to know more about Rosa Parks because of Black History Month, so I easily did a google search to find 10 things most people did not know about Rosa Parks. Oh and it’s true the things listed in this article I did not even know I guess because it is not really problem knowledge or focused upon.

I wonder besides doing the average Black History month report I school does anyone in Oak Park, IL does anything else to celebrate Black History Month. I mean not just some speeches at a library but really have some type of museum activities or reflection on race relations in Oak Park, IL but I believe that would be too controversial and probably bring too many “people” into the area (you know what I mean).

Here is a quick link to know more during Black History Month:

Trump wall or Oak park, Il cul-de-sacs?

I was in a store over on Harlem and Lake and I overheard two ladies talking about how Trump is going to build a wall and how racist he is, now I do not care where you are in this debate the last thing you want if you are against such a wall is to get the help of hypocrites from Oak Park, IL on your side to help. Hypocrites? Yes, since 1964 to about 1977 Oak Park, IL built cul-de-sacs as a means to limit the traffic from a growing black population in the Austin area, which Oak Park, IL shares a border with. With arguments of stemming crime and undesirables the cul-de-sacs were built to mystically stop criminals from coming into Oak Park, IL does that sound familiar?

Exactly! So to hear anyone from Oak Park, Il to bitch about Trump’s wall or how racist he is, with these cul-de-sacs still in place is just ridiculous. A cul-de-sac does not stop robberies, murders and rapes look at the crime statistics for this area plus there are articles stating how ineffective cul-de-sacs are to stopping crime citing the Oak Park, IL cul-de-sacs as an example! Ugh what is the old saying? “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones..”?

How about before you are butt hurt about how racist someone else is, you look around you to make sure that your own actions do not exhibit such racist. Why? Because actions speak louder than words. Trump could never build a wall, saying it costs too much, then what? There will still be the Oak park, IL cul-de-sacs on Austin. What if Trump gets his way and does build a wall? There will still be the Oak park, IL cul-de-sacs on Austin. The point is while these Oak park, IL cul-de-sacs on Austin still exist, no one from Oak Park, IL especially from the time of their origin, should bitch about building walls and how racist people are. Just look in a mirror then take a drive down Austin Ave, and you will see an example of Oak Park, IL’s own type of wall, right here in “paradise”.

Here is the Chicago Reader article about the “Negrophobia” that hit Oak Park, IL summing up how it created the cul-de-sacs on Austin today:

This is a Chicago Tribune article abut how ineffective cul-de-sacs like the ones on Austin dividing Oak Park, IL and Chicago are, all the way back in…. 1993!!! LOL:

The reason why crime does not touch Oak Park, Il

Recently I read a Commentary article called: “I never worry I’ll be shot in Chicago. After all, I’m white” it to me seems that this is the attitude of most non-minority residents here in Oak Park, Il the idea that bad things do not happen in Oak Park, Il stems from attitudes like this. The problem is with this type of foolish it is rationalized, then spreads through the retelling of those “facts” the belief that the law enforcement department is omniscient and everywhere to stop the majority of crime. The so called deterrent to all the bad in the world however foolish as that thought is to those who live in the reality of the real world.

I mean when is the last time di done hear about a violent shooting in Oak Park, IL? When asking that question which the answer is no, we reaffirm the belief that the type of thing does not happen here. Why? Because we let “select” people into the village, we ferret out the “bad’ elements or we racially steer towards Austin avenue so they are closer to Chicago. The problem of segregation in Chicago is the reason why the area has the problems with crime today. The lack of sharing of resources and gentrification the entire city overall is now causing a backlash that has only increased the violent atmosphere we did not enjoy now. Now these were due to policies that were in place for decades since the founding of the city, one can hope that with the new opening of a Whole Foods in the Englewood area, the expansion of the Red line CTA even further south than just 95th street we are finally starting to see that spreading of resources.

Unfortunately, as Chicago is making some headway to reverse some of the idiotic policies of reintegrated America, Oak Park, IL is still enforcing these policies with the simple enforcement of its mindset. I have written about residents simply walking up to me and telling me to move my car in a predesigned (and paid) area for parking, to ease their ascetic values. The belief that she and others like her believe they are protected from all unpleasantries merely due to the color of her skin is just more of the same.

The thought that Oak Park, Il is safe because they certain elements have been excluded is automatically an example of such racism and self-indulgence that will doom Oak Park, IL to one day face the problem Chicago is facing now no matter if they like it or not. Believing that you are better than others does not mean that you are, it just means you do not see your mugger until they are two feet away and up your ass.

Here is the link to the article I have aforementioned:


Racial Profiling in Oak Park, IL part 2

As I was reading this opinion piece regarding racial profiling I looked below at the comment section and got a huge headache. Well, because the spirit of what is wrong with Oak Park, IL just shined on through not like a piercing light but like a nuclear bomb on the ignorance that Oak Park, IL is so entrenched here. My signature eyebrow went up like “wtf?” and I had to post a retort that as of writing this did not post.

That is alright they can to censor exercises in freedom of speech as much as they want, Oak Park, Il is no longer the gem of the suburbs as it once was and it is due to comments like the one I will mention. This type of comment makes you scratch your head and think “what are they getting at..” but man you already know it is that unspoken confirmation of a fact that you know in your heart is true, and providence has shined a light down from the heavens to confirm its existence.

No, I do not mean the comment about “You’re right. It’s hard to know where to begin..” now there might have been a rash of robberies in the area of Ulta and the person mentioned could be of the same color, therefore everyone in the area is suspicious or on high alert. Does that make it right? No, but I can see why the commentator states what was the cause to this effect. Meaning, what is spring this event, is it because yes all the players are inherently racist and need to be welcomed into the 21st century of social justice and equality or the comment eludes to a narrative of “how do we fix this situation?” When I read this comment I can get with that, kudos to the author of that comment, let us have a positive discussion regarding this social injustice.

However, it is the other comment which drips with the attitude that does not make reading this opinion piece easy: “do you think it’s possible they had a history with this guy that had nothing to do with his race?” Really??? This type of comment makes me wonder how do you get to people who do not understand that this type of mindset is wrong. This is the type of mindset that is everywhere here in Oak Park, IL a type of unspoken community hoping back for the good old 1950’s where every street was as big as your hand, people fell in line with the community’s edicts, and especially fell in line with their “role” in the caste system existing here, presently.

A history? If there was a history with the gentleman being racially profiled in the event, he would be in the squad car, not out in the open, being asked questions by law enforcement. This implication means that he must “have done something wrong” in the past and that is why they are treating him this way now, this is the basis for racial profiling. America is the place where, yeah we gossip like hell on the blogs and rest of the internet about someone (i.e.: cyberbullying) but you are always, always innocent until proven guilty.

This commenter forgot that fact, I cannot speak on this author’s experience with this type of issue, but I bet they have “black friends” as a way to excuse this lapse of self-exposure, how they REALLY think. Unfortunately, it is how a lot of the people in Oak Park, Il think and have gotten away with it for so long, it is really a shame but this type of behavior is why no one wants to be here and the repetition of Oak Park, IL has taken a hit.

It is probably the reason they are asking the residents about diversity -who cares?? Especially if like in this case what is said is here is how the residents really feel, which is in direct contrast of Oak Park, Il’s message of inclusiveness, the message falls upon deaf ears, because no one wants to stay someone where they cannot park their car on a public street, nor get treated equally like their neighbors.

I truly wonder if this commentator has any children that this has happened to, were they followed around a store, where they stopped by police and asked multiple questions regarding their purpose in the area? I wonder if they would change their tune then or would they still state that “you must have a history with him” or “he must have done something wrong” and yes there are parents who say that! But I just wonder if the author f that comment really put themselves in someone else’s shoes would that comment exist, or are they so closed off from this ever changing world they do not see the problem with such a statement?

Here is the article in question, troll as you will:

Pendley, Gabrielle Brady (2016) “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere”…-anywhere-/

Racial Profiling in Oak Park, IL part 1

I was reading an opinion piece called “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere” I was astounded that people are now actually seeing instances of racial profiling as listed in the article and have chosen to put themselves out there to say something. Kudos! The younger generation, of course is more inclusive than previous ones of individual differences and tend to be more accepting than their predecessors.

Mind you the opinion piece is discussing an event that is not just an example of racial profiling but an example of a huge gap of cultural awareness, prevalent today, not just in Oak Park, IL but in America. The author alludes to the cause that this mostly likely to a mixture ignorance and arrogance, that color is equated to not being able to have “nice things” or be able to do the things people of other backgrounds can.

It is a shame that as diverse as Oak Park wants to state that it is, there are still these problems especially for a suburb bordering, one of the most troubled areas (behind the Englewood area): the Westside (Austin) area of Chicago. You would think that there would be a little more flexibility in the mindset of the individuals over here, but alas there is not. Making Oak Park, IL just as humdrum a small “vintage” crummy town as any other in America.

Despite its claims to fame, and its ability to hold onto its past, Wright, Hemingway, etc., there are still parts that Oak Park, Il holds onto a little too hard. With a village that has the nerve to think they are better than that, then act like it! We have all been scorned by those who have said one thing and did another, that is why this opinion piece is so impactful because someone is talking the talk and with writing this opinion piece (unlike those who commented below) is walking the walk.

Thank you, Gabrielle, you are a true diamond in the rough!

Pendley, Gabrielle Brady (2016) “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere”…-anywhere-/