Forest Park, IL needs money!

Ha! The fact that Forest Park, IL will lose seven million in revenue due to the lack of participation of the 2020 Census is not the fault of the residents but the Forest Park government themselves. I was reading this article and reading between the lines it seems like the Forest Park officials are blaming those residents (34%) that are not participating in the census as a reason for a 7-million-dollar budget hole.

If you think of Forest Park, IL you do NOT think commerce central. The problem is that Forest Park, Il looks like it is stuck in the 1980s and has never left. There is hardly any investment in commerce in the village that would bring forth a solid tax base to offset that 7 million they sorely need. For example, how long has the northwestern lot at Harlem and Madison Ave been empty?

Maybe they will have their police force give out more unnecessary tickets as a result, oh, wait, from my personal experience they do that already. The whole reach out program that Forest Park, IL wants to do is simply not feasible. There is an underlining reason for the reason why people are not filling out their census forms. Politics is a reason, but also local investment if people cannot see where their efforts are going year after year, why participate?

If the village has factored in this money into its budget in the last couple of years, why are they so depended on it? Why have the officials of Forest Park, Il not found a solution to this shortfall beforehand and created more revenue opportunities for the village, so that in turn this issue would not occur? I think what REALLY pisses me off is the fact that the village blames their residents for not completing the census as a reason for their piss poor management and budgeting style. Hopefully, these same residents show up on the next election day and give these jerks a big FU as a result.

Here is the article in where the Forest Park, IL government is blaming residents for its shortcomings:$7M-a-year/

Oak Park, IL related: Forest Park, IL part 2

I remember living in Forest Park, and in every village, town or city you need to buy their funky sticker. Well, this one time I remember I went online to pay for a sticker and waited for a long time. The thing about governments especially local ones is that these idiots have no idea to mesh technology with everyday activities or needs. Therefore, I had the sticker purchased and was simply waiting for the town of Forest incompetent Park to mail me the fucking thing.

Unfortunately, it takes the workers of Forest Park a long time to figure out this thing called the internet, email and all this electronic stuff. Mind you I was recorded in the system as purchasing the sticker in forest parks shitty little computers. So, when the due date came and went I was not worried because hey I purchased the sticker beforehand, I printed off a receipt of the purchase, and of course, anyone working for forest park can see that I did. Well. Not really, so the day came and went.

When I walked down into my apartment building’s private parking lot and low and behold a parking ticket. The ticket was for no sticker at 12:08 am therefore the cops were just patrolling looking for shit to do. Okay, I said to myself I will take off tomorrow and contest the ticket because hey obviously, the cop made a mistake and did not look into the system and see that I bought a sticker, no problem. Therefore, I did my due diligence and scheduled a day off when I got to work to contest the ticket, obviously just a mistake, that is easily solved right?

The next morning, you know the day I took off, was uneventful when I woke up, but when I went to the apartment building’s private parking lot to get in my car to drive down to the town hall, there was a ticket. This ticket was again for no sticker, now I’m pissed. This ticket was issued at 12:05 am, the ticket had the same badge number too. Obviously, this idiot was either getting his numbers for his quota, got a hard on issuing tickets or couldn’t find any midget porn to whack off too.

I grabbed that ticket and get down to fuckin Forest Park city hall to talk to these fucks. The attendant representative whatever behind the desk tells that the tickets were obviously written in error because the system showed I purchased the sticker the town simply had to mail it out. She went to the back to make sure and stated that BOTH tickets were invalid. I noticed a cop was walking back and forth in the background it was probably the same dude who wrote the ticket because he really was interested in what we said.

I asked the rep if it could have been checked in the system she stated that the officer should have checked and knew that the stickers were going out late. Also, she could not explain why I got back to back tickets on back to back days ten minutes after midnight each time. The only explanation after clearing the tickets off my record and dealing with this more than informative attendant I, therefore, came to the conclusion that I was dealing with a broken system in Forest Park and an asshole cop.

When the mail was delivered that afternoon, the sticker arrived, so I went ahead and placed the sticker in the window. Later on, I made an outline sketch of my hand with my middle finger extended and placed it in the window near the sticker. That cemented my decision to leave Forest Park, I really hope that cop enjoyed my drawing.