Oak Park, Il is not cool

I read this article about “What makes Oak Park so cool” it read like an advertisement for the village by a bored writer, who just could not find anything to write about. I know the feeling, especially when it comes to Oak Park, IL it gets very boring and mundane. There is nothing “cool” about that. There is a vague description about various things that Oak Park, IL should take pride in.

As we all know Pride is a sin that can lead to folly, or pride can be something that inspires in this article, it is just folly. Yeah, the writer of this article makes great points about Frank Lloyd Wright and the Lake Theatre marquee but it ends there. The writer even stated that if you ask residents here, they would “roll their eyes” well I am glad while there is a “selling” of Oak Park, IL there is an acknowledgment of the lack of “coolness” of the village.

I love how the article talks about the Mayor yada yada, just because someone has “come up” does not mean they are cool or are a fabric of the community or even have its best interests at heart. I could also go on about the traffic, lack of parking, etc., but there are issues that take away from the fact of there being a “cool” Oak park, IL. Again with these issues being ignored Oak Park, IL is miles away from being anything but cool.

Here is the article talking about how cool Oak Park, IL is: https://www.oakpark.com/News/Articles/6-12-2019/What-makes-Oak-Park-so-‘cool’%3F/