Oak Park, IL dog walker wants a “wide berth” LOL

So remember when I said the people in Oak Park, IL are too much into their dogs? So in this opinion, article the author basically advocates for a free pass for dogs to BITE people who get too close (six feet) to dogs while being walked by their owners.


Mind you that most of the sidewalks in Oak Park, Il are around six feet wide, so does the author recommend that all pedestrians walk to the other side of the street and give them and their dogs Carte Blanche? As silly as it sounds this opinion piece is coming off that way!

Here the author focuses her hate upon runners, but I have also seen small children running down the street while parents hang back, or are dealing with other siblings. So if these children are guilty of the same offense do they deserve to be bit as well? What if these runners are coming around a corner the same time as a dog walker (and their dog) are walking from the opposite way and do not see the duo in time, do they deserve to get bit? According to this article they do, they all do small children to people merely running or walking nearly dog owners and their animals.

Basically, this author is making the case that her dog is so dangerous, untrainable, and unstable that if anyone but her comes around you are subject to a mauling. Trust me I bet money, she is not the only one with this attitude, and that is the problem with Oak Park, Il an uneven sense of entitlement, lack of manners, and a sense of unearned superiority.

I asked the question in the comments section basically asking what if the runner retaliates? What if as in my scenario it’s a small child being mauled by this author’s dog, does the parent have the right to attack the dog and defend their child? What if the runner is an off-duty law enforcement officer and this event happens do they have the right to use force anyway they see fit? In either, case who do you think public opinion will side with then?

When I read this article I thought it was a joke at first then after really reading it I was like: “this crazy chick is serious”!!! I have owned dogs before and made sure, damn sure that unless someone was attacking that my dog WOULD NOT attack them! It is called responsibility and common sense towards your fellow taxpayer who is also paying to use that same damn sidewalk the author wants to hog and deserves the same type of courtesy as they run or even walk by.

Maybe I am crazy but this just seems like another thing wrong with Oak Park, Il that is really not an issue anywhere else in the Chicagoland area or am I wrong?