Signage in Oak Park, IL

I had to comment on this article on the original site because I was looking up information regarding how Oak Park, IL determines its signage and ran across this craziness:

I personally think that Oak Park, Il has way TOO much signage or maybe even that Oak Park, IL has too much, of the wrong signage instead of worrying about people not parking on Tuesday between 8am to 10 am, how about directions to downtown Oak Park, Il from other parts of the village? Maybe even signage regarding directions (as the article states) to where one can get to the modes of transportation that connected to Oak Park, IL to the outside world. This would bring outside (of Oak Park, IL) consumer dollars into Oak Park, IL and may even alleviate some of the traffic woes it faces on a daily basis.

I mean the village of Oak Park, IL made this big thing about joining the Divvy Bike Program, however as this article states there is no signage regarding it? Huh? Does that make a lot of sense or does it seem like a bunch of taxpayer dollars being thrown away, again by Oak Park, IL?

The good thing about this proposal is that nothing is binding considering the fiscal mess that the state of Illinois is in, is creating more and revamping the signage of Oak Park, IL really a huge priority? How about getting some of the construction sites around the area completed first, then worry about how pretty the signs in Oak Park, IL look, second?

But of course appearance is everything in Oak Park, IL, regardless of how chaotic and rotten everything else is, so long as it is what we say it is! And a duck is a duck, if we say it is, no matter what it is! Especially if it is actually a steamy piece of …. Well.

Parking in Oak Park, IL is not your decision!

I have a fresh story about parking in Oak Park, IL. Today I was parked down the street around 5:25pm (6/27) I had my parking stickers up to date, was only parked in a spot in front of the houses down the street. So, as I walked up to my car I had the neighbor whose house I was parked in front of, come down and knock on my window. I rolled down the window because it was very hot outside as I started my car.

This lady stated that she sees that I parked “here” often and asked me if I could move my car up when I park or back so that I am not blocking the sidewalk path that goes from the main sidewalk to the street. I said nothing I simply, without flinching cut on my turn signal and drove away. Without a response, this is the problem with Oak Park, IL people who think that they can tell people what to do never mind the fact I PAID for the stickers to park on a public street.

Oh, and that moving forward a bit? I would be in front of a fire hydrant because I made sure I was aligned up with the yellow hazard line for the hydrant so I would not get a ticket nor, offset anyone else who needed to park on the street. And why would I move back? So I could be even further down the street than I am already from my building because of the sucky parking situation in Oak Park, IL?

It sounds like she just does not want anyone who is not like her or that she deems worthy to park in front of her house. But when you have a big pile of dirt on your front lawn you need to sit your butt down God knows what vermin you are housing in that thing.

So move?? Indeed, I will park anywhere I paid the village LEGALLY to park because this is still America, I do not care about her Hillary sign, nor her sign for some funky environmental greenery, she needs a sign stating how freaking crazy she is for coming up to another adult and thinking she can impose her will on someone else like that.

She should instead worry about that big ass mound of dirt that she has on her front lawn! In fact, I will park there tomorrow take pictures of my car (in case something happens to it) and go about my merry way. Why? I just paid for that convenience and it is because we are in AMERICA.

Tell me am I the only one dealing with the crazies around in Oak Park, IL regarding parking or am I the only one?

PS: Yes, without a response yes I left her standing there. Fantastic mental picture right?

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Oak Park, IL dog walker wants a “wide berth” LOL

So remember when I said the people in Oak Park, IL are too much into their dogs? So in this opinion, article the author basically advocates for a free pass for dogs to BITE people who get too close (six feet) to dogs while being walked by their owners.

Mind you that most of the sidewalks in Oak Park, Il are around six feet wide, so does the author recommend that all pedestrians walk to the other side of the street and give them and their dogs Carte Blanche? As silly as it sounds this opinion piece is coming off that way!

Here the author focuses her hate upon runners, but I have also seen small children running down the street while parents hang back, or are dealing with other siblings. So if these children are guilty of the same offense do they deserve to be bit as well? What if these runners are coming around a corner the same time as a dog walker (and their dog) are walking from the opposite way and do not see the duo in time, do they deserve to get bit? According to this article they do, they all do small children to people merely running or walking nearly dog owners and their animals.

Basically, this author is making the case that her dog is so dangerous, untrainable, and unstable that if anyone but her comes around you are subject to a mauling. Trust me I bet money, she is not the only one with this attitude, and that is the problem with Oak Park, Il an uneven sense of entitlement, lack of manners, and a sense of unearned superiority.

I asked the question in the comments section basically asking what if the runner retaliates? What if as in my scenario it’s a small child being mauled by this author’s dog, does the parent have the right to attack the dog and defend their child? What if the runner is an off-duty law enforcement officer and this event happens do they have the right to use force anyway they see fit? In either, case who do you think public opinion will side with then?

When I read this article I thought it was a joke at first then after really reading it I was like: “this crazy chick is serious”!!! I have owned dogs before and made sure, damn sure that unless someone was attacking that my dog WOULD NOT attack them! It is called responsibility and common sense towards your fellow taxpayer who is also paying to use that same damn sidewalk the author wants to hog and deserves the same type of courtesy as they run or even walk by.

Maybe I am crazy but this just seems like another thing wrong with Oak Park, Il that is really not an issue anywhere else in the Chicagoland area or am I wrong?

Oak Park, Il home of the “rolled-out-of-bed” style

I frequently notice that the people of Oak Park on a constant basis tend to dress or style themselves in the “rolled-out-of-bed” style. This fashion theme is characteristic of wrinkled worn clothes, a greasy, sweaty skin, dirty hair that is dry, or greasy always in need of a brush and a wash, just nasty.

These residents have the nerve to wear their clothes tight enhancing the fact, on a hot day they will sweat and smell, often looking almost second hand. When you get close they do smell, either like their dogs that they are so focused upon, or of a sweaty butt smell, of that burnt, been out in the sun all day smell.

Do not get close because they are most likely covered in pet hair of some sort, and its flying off them during a strong wind. I mean I sweat, during heavy athletic activity and smell like sweat afterwards but we are talking about people who start the day as such. As if they turned their heat on in their home to 90 degrees, closed the windows on a hot summers day got totally dressed up (with shoes) and got into bed pulling up their covers and falling asleep for eight hours that way.

And when they wake up, surprise they are in your face dog hair in the air floating, stinking and close talking in your face with their presence. I am not sure if they care, or smell themselves, I think they are oblivious to the fact.

I make sure I shower (and use soap), use deodorant and smell myself before I leave the house. I just wonder that in all the different areas that I have lived in, that the people of Oak Park have this problem with hygiene? Little stinky hippies.

Update-OakPark, Il LGBT support

Update there are places in Oak Park, IL that have either a flag or windbreaker thingee that shows support for Gay Pride this weekend! Good for these businesses/organizations for bucking the status quo in Oak Park, Il by showing common sense by being supportive and inclusive!

From what my reader Ann tells me they are:

  • Methodist church on Washington and Oak park ave (First United Methodist Church of Oak Park)
  • Art Gecko 41 Harrison St, Oak Park, IL 60304
  • Bead in hand 145 Harrison St, Oak Park, IL 60304

If anyone can get pictures to post that will be super, I will post them here!

Oak Park, IL why no visible LGBT support?

Maybe I was spoiled by living in Lakeview after a couple of years but I noticed how “boys town” was very diverse.

On the contrary, moving to Oak Park, IL I have realized how insular it really is from the outside world in comparison (to such places as Lakeview).

Even though it borders the rough and tumble West side of Chicago the thought process about or image of Oak Park, IL is that of a liberal suburb that is artsy and  open to new worldly attitudes and ways of life.

However, I notice that as the Pride parade is heavily touted as a major event for Chicago, and its LGBT community, many communities, and businesses are showing support and being very vocal and visual with that support. Usually in the form of the rainbow in their windows or rainbow flags showing that they are open supporters of the LGBT community. Sadly, this is not happening in Oak Park; it is not that liberal I guess.

On the West side of Chicago, most individuals understand that they might meet some type of resistance against openly supporting gay rights. In a way, it is almost expected that there is no LGBT acceptance (on the West side of Chicago), but you would not think that so in suburb like Oak Park.

Why is this support absent? Are there no members of the LGBT community in Oak Park, IL? Why aren’t there at least physical symbols like a rainbow signage placed in the bottom of a storefront’s window?

Is Oak Park, IL not as “open” as they portray themselves to be? Are these not issues that Oak Park, IL does not want to deal with or discuss? Does Oak Park believe that showing support goes against the village’s beliefs as a whole? Or does it mean that it puts Oak Park, IL in a spotlight that it does not want or cannot afford at this time (if ever)?

Eh, just wondering why a suburb with such an open and warm inviting image does not include an invitation or support of the LGBT community openly?

Oak Park, IL misservices

It’s funny that I recently (in May) received a pamphlet, nice card-stock type of paper, with great graphics, great layout to the pamphlet, tons of information regarding the information about the services offered in Oak Park, IL. Now, what is the problem with such a thing, it is great that Oak Park is sending out information for its residents to take advantage of the various services being offered by the village.

However, it was sent in May, I moved into Oak Park around July, so how will someone like myself, a renter, in the area be able to take advantage of any of the services in a timely manner (especially if my lease is only a  year)? Like any government bureaucracy, there, of course is a waiting list for these services, and probably as characteristic of Oak Park, IL it is mostly likely a chaotic process.

Much like getting a parking permit, there are probably long lines, confusion, tons of red tape and chaos involved, most likely timely execution will not be a part of the process. So again, how is this information useful for the temporary residents of Oak Park? I wonder how much money was spent on such a nice booklet, to be sent to someone who cannot use it? On others (like myself) who will look at it and just throw it away? How will these services listed in this pamphlet reach those who need it if such a notice is not given to them in a timely manner?

township services (3)township services (1)township services (2)township services (4)

Construction at Harlem and Lake Oak Park, IL style

We are Oak Park! We are Pretentious! We cannot commit to progress without endangering all of your lives! Ha! Well, the new development in downtown Oak Park that they are pushing that is the new big thing happening in Oak Park, is running so smoothly that they are giving free gas to everyone! Literally the Construction crew at the corner of Harlem and Lake Construction site hit a gas main and the local businesses had to close down due to this issue.


I usually rant about how there are such geniuses here when it comes to city planning, zoning and construction of various projects here in Oak Park, but at least this is further evidence of such stupidity. Stupidity that is commonplace in Oak park’s bureaucracy it is just a miracle no one was hurt this time around. Of course, you can blame the construction crew for the incident, which probably the local businesses around this emergency did,since the majority of the businesses in this area were restaurants. But as you have more and more contact with Oak Park, and how the village is laid out, the city planning when completed by the thinking mind, well, it gets harder to lay blame on easy scapegoats like the construction crew in this event. Well, you wonder what is going on in Oak Park.

Additions to the blog

I thought about it and I have videos and actual pictures from around Oak Park, IL that I have taken myself. So I will be adding those to the blog, and web pages as I update them. It is one thing to talk about stuff, but to add the visual examples or representations of what I am discussing would probably help. I am still learning how to blog so don’t be gentle!

For example, I notice that I should be using “Oak Park, IL” in most of the tags, why? Because there is another Oak Park in the United States! I did not know that until now and I do not want to rant about Oak Park, IL and people reading it think that I am talking about the other one by mistake!

So please comment on my blog or if you see an article that is related to my blog articles/posts or web pages add it to the comment section. I believe it is active so post away! Trust me I am in no way associated with Oak Park, IL just live there and sick and tired of it! Are there any issues with Oak Park, IL that you are sick of?

Construction-Oak Park, IL style

Construction, Construction, Construction, Oak park is redoing its” downtown” area twenty years too late! I put quotation marks around the “downtown” because the haphazard block of business and empty storefronts are not really a “downtown” if you think about it. In fact, with all the empty storefronts why is Oak Park committed to opening more places for storefronts?

I mean it’s great they are finally getting to the 21st century and developing their small crusty village for economic growth, but why not work with the owners of those properties to fill those empty spots first, then work on the new development of additional store fronts? Seems like common sense left Oak Park a long time ago, maybe the local government is making a killing now that the housing market is a bit better than before. Hey, maybe they just woke up and realized that you cannot keep taxing and creating fees for everything on the planet and sustain growth or the status quo as it is.

Side note: Yeah they even have a “newsletter” to terrorize residents (homeowners and renters alike) about the various fees they have to pay every month. Whichever is the case it is going to look very awkward with these bright big new buildings and their new storefronts across the street from these old buildings and empty storefronts!

Maybe it is just the college education kicking in, making me wonder how they will sustain growth or make the area attractive to customers when they have all these empty spaces. Hopefully, Oak Park will stop the patchwork design of economic development and get it together to make it cohesive enough to the eye and the pocketbook of the average consumer.