Ugh I hate the Best buy in Melrose park can it go somewhere?

With the coronavirus hitting a ton of businesses like a brick to head, there are some businesses that are getting their long due desserts. I mean Pier 1, JC Penney, these businesses are blaming the closing of their stores due to covid 19. When really, they have been failing for a long time. Before the virus they blamed customers choosing Amazon and online shopping over their brick and mortar stores.

But damn, whose fault is it that they did not a bigger online presence, better sales or prices, have better customer service? Excuses like this is what these big box stores use to explain their bad behavior, bad business decisions, and lack of changing their organizational behavior to please their customer base.

This is harder for small businesses to do due to a lack or resources, but big box stores have more resources, more money and more chances to make things right to build, maintain and increase their customer base.

For me as an example there is nothing that will have me shed any tears of the Melrose park Best Buy location. The service there is crap, the employees seem to be apathetic and the product displays were horribly presented. I thought if I have to go there since it was closer to oak park than Best Buys north riverside location I would order online. I bought a specific item online, got the email confirming purchase, then received an email that the item was ready. Everything was good to go I got in the car, drove over there, and in the parking lot I got an email stating the item was no longer available and my order cancelled. Cannot get that with Amazon Lol!

Ever since then if I buy anything from Best Buy, which is once in a blue moon I go all the way to the north riverside location. As bad as losing 90,000 plus people is, if the corona “wants” to impact anything, it could impact this best buy location like it did JC Penney or Pier 1. And unfortunately, the organization like the others I mentioned would not have the class, or sense to take responsibility for their bad business decisions. They would foolishly blame this virus, when it’s really their own damn fault. Girl bye.

Coronavirus story #1

So, I got my hair trimmer from Best buy and it was an introvert’s dream I pulled up and said my name, what I ordered and the guy went to get my order, He came back and gave me my order at my car. Done. No walking around entire families, ducking that one person who likes to open mouth cough in the store when you are walking by, etc.

But there was one dude in front of me looking like a Tiger king reject, or that dude from the B horror movie that is out in the desert running the Ham radio station. This fool ordered a 40 inch TV set in the middle of a pandemic and had the nerve to have his trunk open filled with a lion blanket and cases of mountain dew and Pepsi zero, etc. which made wonder how the hell it was going to fit.

But this moron was chain smoking so he grasped my attention due to that and his pacing back and forth in front of my car. He then yells out to one of the Best buy guys if he can go INSIDE the store to get a HMDI cable for the TV. LOL He was bouncing back and forth between two associates asking this moronic question (both said no). Luckily the associate with the hair trimmer came back so I was gone in two secs.

But my question is who in the hell is getting a new TV in the middle of a pandemic and for what? This is the same moron who would try to break into your house to get your toilet paper because they did not take this pandemic seriously. And then catch a cap while Cypress hill ‘s real estate is playing in the background. SMH