Doctors got COVID-19 at Rush Oak Park Hospital is a wake up call

Two doctors got infected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus recently around Mid-March making the virus easy to get by even skilled physicians. These doctors work in the Emergency room and are of course have a better chance or opportunities to getting the disease. Which if skilled individuals who practice best practices everyday means the rest of us should get gloves and masks when we go out to various stores. Otherwise we should just stay our asses inside. The village has issued various measures to help the residents’ chances in not receiving the disease.

I have seen just by going outside people even with this quarantine in place, open mouth cough into the air. Spraying the surrounding area with their germs. And still walk around without a care in the world. Oak Park, IL residents are basically the people in the zombie film who have been bit but do not tell anyone because they are selfish af. I have tons of toilet paper (I use sparsely), rubbing alcohol 90%, antibacterial sprays, gloves etc., and so forth. But it does not mean anything when you have jack asses running around wiping their running noses and touching everything from door knobs, fresh produce, to hairspray. Giving us all the chance to suffer with them from some type of flu or die with them from this virus.

All because the people here are idiots and crave to have people “feel” what they are feeling, even if it means that it takes the rest of us with them to hell. That I why you need to review the village’s COVID measures while you can.

Here is the article talking about the two doctors at Rush Hospital:

Here is the article posted by the village regarding the resources open for dealing with the Coronavirus:

Opinions in Oak Park, IL

With the criticism of Dan Moroney even coming from the Wednesday Journal it’s a wonder how anyone in Oak Park, Il can come to a compromise in regard to diversity and creating a statement on how to proceed with a plan of inclusion. But these are the people chosen by the residents of this village to lead and make the decisions.

Expenditures on Rush Oak Park’s revamped Emergency room plus a new six story parking garage to help with the extra congestion to a renewed way to deal with making decisions for the curriculum of the OPRF freshmen class. There are always differences of opinion, however with those opinions should come solutions as always with Oak Park, IL this article gave a vote of “No” to all of these issues. But no way to fix the issues that were discussed.

Please read this opinion piece so that you too, can see what type of bullshit exists in Oak Park, IL. It does give valid points, but the lack of solutions is just disheartening, and it makes this village just another part of the politically idiotic spectrum. Nor does it make the village anything special it is just part of the county’s (cook) dismal fabric.

Here is the short article taking about the points happening in Oak Park, IL:,-it-is-about-control/

Albion, Albion, Rush Oak Park, Albion, and Albion some more..

Holy shit so after reading this article (“Oak Park Plan Commission issues findings on Albion, Rush”) you are telling we will be hearing about this Albion crap in about two years?? Again? First off, I am glad that the village is expanding the Rush Oak Park Hospital, it is practical well thought of and ideal if the village wishes to expand its population base. Expanding the population base also expands the tax base too, so I know the village is drooling over the thought of all those additional tax dollars with the different high rises they are trying to push through. It is the same crap in Chicago, Oak Park, Il is no better. But the idea of expanding the hospital to me makes sense and I am glad it is out of the reasonable decisions made by the village board.

However, with this Albion crap they have just gotta let it go. Stroll down to the comments and the majority of the people commenting don’t want the friggin thing so why not listen to the people or put it to a ballot to end to this nightmare. Why not ask the people what they want or have a bunch of designs and put those designs to a vote, either through ballot (paper) or online. I just do not want to hear about it for the next two years, well, hopefully I won’t be trapped here that long! Then I can really crap on Oak Park, IL! (LOL) I am glad that most of my favorite places are back in the “trendy” places in the Chicagoland area, and the ones that I do like in the Oak Park, IL area are on the borders so I do not have to put up with the traffic problems.

I mean let’s be realistic an 18-story building is going to bring a lot of traffic to that area, and the plans provided do not have any ideas realistically to deal with that influx. What a parking garage? If that was a solution then why doesn’t Oak Park, Il not have dozens of parking garages all around the village then to truly help the residents? Because there is no money in that type of thinking, with that type of logic you know that the story of the Albion development if defeated in the next couple of months will just “pop” back up in two years’ time. Hey, everyone loves a sequel right? Ugh.

Here is the article talking about the dreaded Albion development rising from the dead like an extra from a George Romero movie:,-Rush-/