Gun at Oak Park, IL Library

A Gun at the library? Oh great so now I have a reason not to return any books back to the library, I am surprised at the fact the library worker was so forward in engaging the offender when it was not really necessary for the situation to go that far.

But then again this is Oak Park, Il and the people here will tell you what they think no matter how it offends you, or makes the interaction even more dangerous. The idea that this person, from the library, was not reprimanded for escalating the situation and maybe causing safety issues for the other patrons is not understandable.

As anyone can tell you with any street experience that you do not escalate a situation with offenders who are armed in fact the right thing to do in this instance is to call the police. I am glad I do not frequent this den of stupidity, maybe next time there might be a fist fight for various weapons almost like Fight club only at our local library.

Here is the article detailed the stupidity at the library: