United flying full flights has got me worried about Oak Park, IL

Yeah, after seeing the article about how United packed a flight full of passengers I am not sure if I am flying for awhile after the lockdown subsides. United has stated that they have “empty middle seats” but the photos that have been listed online show otherwise. If there are any trips in my near future, I am going on road trips so that I am not in a closed recycled air environment. The flights were bad enough with no leg room and having people on sitting top of one another.

The idea that a company like United would state that they would not fill middle seats on their flights, and going ahead to doing so without backlash, is just stupid. I am not going into various venues here in Oak Park, IL when there is a reduction in lockdown measures as is. But I will not go into a plane with a those few idiots who want to travel while sick and yes, there are still people like that. It is not worth the extra hours saved in travel if you lose your life.

Here is the article talking about United packing people into one of their flights during the pandemic: https://www.yahoo.com/news/packed-united-flight-leaves-passengers-012744599.html

Oak Park, IL quarantine crazy

I made a couple new pages that are Oak Park, Il related to the quarantine regarding Amazon and the airline industry. You can check them out on the links below. But it is crazy how industries are taking advantage of the quarantine when people on the front lines are really suffering or getting cabin fever from being inside. But that is really not a surprise is it? I mean, Walmart had their Aquafina 32 bottled water usually for 4.99 to 3.99 BEFORE the coronavirus. Now the big box giant is charging $5.99 with no sales in sight, these increase or stabilization to their regular higher prices include Antibacterial wipes, antibacterial soap, etc., so it is not just individual hoarders fucking us over.

There are a couple of local businesses that are doing the whole curb side service thing here in Oak Park, Il so we can still patronize them that way. You can google them online and going onto their social media accounts we can still shop local and responsibly. This also keeps the local businesses in business so that we are not stuck with the big box retailers that are taking advantage of the” little people” in this time. So please take the time to research and shop locally.


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