Oak Park, IL blog: Contributor

I did mention my friend Sarah will be writing a contributing blog post that talks about all the hatred she has in her heart regarding Oka Park, IL it is still in the developmental stages but it will come soon she tells me. I also have another blogger that has reached out to me about their feeling about Oak Park, IL, so I will be working with them about posting those “wonderful” thoughts here as well. Ann has discussed a couple of subjects via email that she wanted to talk about, and since this is America, and blogs are here on Oak Park, Il are based on experiences with this shit hole, I am going ahead to see what she has to say.

Now that is not a definite but do not be surprised to see a “contributor” label on some of these posts very soon! It is true that not everyone loves, likes or even gives a shit about Oak Park, Il and why should they be silenced because it does not meet the conformist, fascist standards of Oak Park, IL? This little village can suck my ass and sell the rest of their properties to Sweden for all I care. Being the bastion of freedom that I am, I cannot wait to help give them a voice, and a place to talk about their shitty experiences with Oak Park, IL. Oh, and you can too just comment and everything and anything.

PS: I love Swedish pancakes so if Oak Park, Il sells their entire village to Sweden, I know that is not possible, but I would be pleased. I would be sooo happy to have Swedish pancakes with lingonberries everyday as long as I am here. Truly, try them, they are the shit.

RE: Concordia University Chicago Employee Reviews On Indeed.com

Concordia University Chicago Employee Reviews On Indeed.com is an interesting post from one of my friends on Google Plus, regarding one of the institutions in the area and how they are presented on Indeed.com. Since it is in River Forest, Il and that village with Oak Park, IL share a community bond I decided to post it on here.

For your viewing pleasure:


It is pretty hilarious and in the same vein of commentary that I have on my blog about Oak Park, IL. This post talks about the negative reviews of Concordia University Chicago and how their negative atmosphere can affect students and how it already affects its employees, sound familiar?

(((cough cough))) Oak Park, IL (((cough cough)))

To: Oak Park, Il Trump won

Oh and Trump won, I figured that would happen with the number of Oak Park, Il residents posting signs from Hillary, especially my favorite bitchy neighbor down the street. With that kind of support there was almost some type of voodoo railed against her.

Eh I voted Johnson wonder what Sarah Silverman thinks about that? She would probably say “grow up” yeah I did and how do ya like that? I wonder how my favorite bitchy neighbor feels about her fucking parking spot now?

I don’t care to ask I just hope she gets the chance to Suck Trump’s old ding dong. There has been such a hit to the liberalism here in Oak Park, IL it is almost like they are shell shocked. It was like that Saturday Night Love with Dave Chappelle in which these idiots are still trying to do the math or figure out how they sue someone so that Hillary can be President!

Come on now, let’s be adults and move forward? Nah I rather be bitchy about it and still think change is possible but with the right person. There is still 2020 to look forward to if you are still pouting.

Happy Veteran’s Day Oak Park, IL

Happy Veteran’s Day people!

I hope to see those flags out there and all around in Oak Park, Il but these are some ignorant mofos and that’s why I am making sure the vets know someone is thanking them!

The reason it is celebrated today is to mark the signing of the armistice of World War One, a “period of silence lasting two minutes may be held at 11am..” it was ordered by President Ford in 1978 to officially recognize November 11 as the day to recognize America’s veterans on this day.

More information about the holiday: https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/veterans-day

Here is where veterans of America’s military can find freebies to thank them for their service: http://www.operationwearehere.com/VeteransDayPromotions.html

I Voted! HAHA NO to the stupid OPRFHS Pool!!!!

I took time out upon this very special election day to vote my conscience, and my hatred for badgering mailers, and decided to vote for the best route I believe for the village of Oak park. I voted no to their stupid pool because the village still did not illustrate the benefits of the poll to me, whether it was in the short term or the long term.

If you are paying for something you want to know what you are paying for, and how it benefits YOU in the short and long runs. No talk about new jobs or new businesses or tax breaks just pay more money on your property taxes, which thank GOD I do not own any here in this seedy little village.

Well, I am off to throw my sticker in the garbage and go about my everyday life, because after today America gets not want it needs or wants… it gets what it deserves!

I found this fun clip on how one family is protecting their freedom of speech:


Either aisle of the political spectrum you are on its hilarious!

Parents in Oak Park, IL dress yo kids better than that!

Okay, I sound like a 90 year-old grandmother but I was researching crimes in the area to narrow down where I can move and I saw that there were two incidents where some guy approached some preteen girls and asked them” if they wanted a ride” or proposition them in some point. Most preteen girls you can tell “hello this is jailbait” but some due to genetics or the fact they are wearing part of the “PINK” collection head to toe from Victoria Secrets one cannot tell how old these girls really are.

Now, when growing up if you did not want the attention of hormonal boys, and let’s face it, perverted men, your parents taught you to dress” nice” but not too provocative. Not only because other kids are evil with their shaming of individuals wearing certain types of clothes but because there is a real danger out there to gain the attention of crazies out there. Back in the day when there was “missing” photos on milk cartons these pictures were mostly of children, just because some psycho needed their kicks and saw the opportunity to do something about it.

The Pink collection is that brand which a WOMAN tells their partner (woman or man) even though I am dressing down I am sexy, “here I am” obviously I am talking about the collection that the parents approve of. However, there is no indication that these girls wore anything provocative, they just happened to be on the radar of someone who decided to hit on them or be perverted. Either of these girls could have a burka on during the times of these events and STILL have this happen to them.

I am more concerned about the little girls wearing mid rift tank tops and mini shorts that make daisy dukes look like a full pair of blue jeans! You have seen them walk by you in stores or down the various streets here in Oak Park, IL and elsewhere and wonder how their parents let them go out like that. Especially when these girls look so young, now I am not conservative I am just advocating some common sense because these are the same parents who would fight school dress codes, and wonder why enough is not done to keep perverts off the streets while letting their 10-year-old daughters “express themselves” by dressing like 20+-year-old women.

When you take that into account and the fact it sounds like one of the men from these incidents was described as “drunk” does having a mindset of caution wise or it is too much? Of course, it does make sure that you are not a victim for people putting poop down your shorts, no, I am serious see here:


The crime article I am talking about in this blog:

Uphues, Bob (2016) “Pre-teen girls approached by strange man in Oak Park” oakpark.com


Wilson, Tom (2016) “Sicko shoves bag of poop down woman’s shorts in street attack” June 30, 2016  New York Post http://nypost.com/2016/06/30/sicko-caught-on-camera-shoving-his-poop-into-womans-shorts/

WordPress tags that can work anywhere!

I have been blogging for a while now on Oak Park. IL and giving the different blog entries their tags and assigning different categories to the entries is a challenge. Now for Oak Park, IL I have been using these as tags and/or categories:

  • Oak Park,
  • Oak Park, Illinois
  • Chicago

Sometimes if I am taking about a specific subject matter like parking, or the Rental management companies using the word vintage I would use:

  • Parking
  • Rental and/or Rent
  • Apartment
  • Vintage

But just recently I found that WordPress.com already has general categories created already, so that it can reduce the amount of work that you and other bloggers do when creating blogs. These are some I have found that will link up or be assigned to past, present and future blogs on here:

  • personal musings
  • humor
  • place
  • current events

I figure I will post these up here along with where I found the different categories for all of you, that like me was in the dark about these premade categories. I did not know that and maybe other people reading are like “duh” but there maybe a few of my readers who are writing and assigning categories while still in the dark (about this information). I know when writing every little bit of help or information helps so here in the link for the categories below, good luck and keep writing!


Note: these are Categories for Word Press.com which I have a blog for Oak Park, IL already but I believe you can use these tags for any blog platform like blogger.com and so on. Hopefully, this helps in the future for writing your blogs, are there any other general categories of tags that may have increased your blog traffic?

Happy Fourth of July from Oak Park, IL

Happy 4th of July! I will be taking suggestions of what to write and I will blog further and comment upon articles about Oak Park, Il on other websites in which I have previously commented on. I think that after starting this blog and the multiple web pages regarding the negative underbelly of Oak Park, IL I thought I would be a singular voice but alas I am not! I have found multiple voices out there ranting about the same thing(s) that I usually am.

Whether it is parking issues, ignorant neighbors, irresponsible dog owners, etc., there are people out there that do not accept the craziness given to them by Oak Park, IL and have exercised their free right to freedom of speech on the internet. Many have sacrificed to allow people like me to have the right of dissent and to break down areas of pure bullshit like Oak Park, IL and the idyllic stupidity or atmosphere they are trying to display for the masses.

I wish all of you a happy 4th of July, and hopefully one day we will all be able to park anywhere we want in Oak Park, Il not because common sense will prevail, but because this is America!

Below is a link to some patriotic music (I do not own) on youtube.com that’s can stir the patriotic juices.

America the Beautiful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA2Bcl_V_VY

Happy Birthday, America!

American flag wallpaper from: wallpapercave.com

Oak Park, IL blog logo

I was also thinking of a logo for the blog and its connected web pages which deal with the rants and terrible experiences, I was thinking of course “oakparkilblog” as the title then have something like: “where Oak Park goes wrong” or “wiping the veneer away on Oak Park“. Either way, something that belies the attitude of the blog and web pages.

Oakpark il blog themeWe always have a sunny idea of what Oak Park, IL is, but really do not know that is it as cruddy as every other suburb imagined  or worse in some instances. That the ideal and the reality, of course, are not the same.Oakpark il blog theme 2b

But, I want the logo to illustrate that point while informing people of some of the happenings in Oak Park that will dispel the myths we all have or (in my case) had of Oak Park. Basically, that it is not as great as it seems, or how the pretentious residents there portray it to be.Oakpark il blog theme 2a