New Park District signs for Oak Park, IL

Oh great, so I see Oak Park, Il just wastes money like the city of Chicago does driving through the village on the side streets to avoid traffic I noticed a new sign for Rehm park. Nice colorful and shiny. Of course, parking and taxes are still issues from residents in Oak Park, IL but who cares about that, so long as we can brightly see where Rehm park is, from three blocks away.

Now if you have been here in Oak Park, il you know what the parks around here look like, there is no disguising it. I mean the population here walk and let their dogs shit everywhere around here, there are bike riders and runners everywhere on the sidewalks in the streets it is like one big fucking park (no pun intended) anyway. So why even bother buying these signs anyway, it’s not like there aren’t baseball or futbul games played by youth leagues or amateurs there. The mystery is the traffic is so bad around here you have to avoid Oak Park, IL altogether to get to Chicago to the rest of the burbs it’s no joke.

However, the village of Oak Park, Il going right in character with their usual sell out ways are spending money on something stupid like this, that is cool though because when I tell people this they really shy away from renting or buying property here. You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out when suburbs get like this they are slowly on a downward spiral to match the major metropolitan area that it is near.

In other words, I wonder if Oak Park, Il’s forefathers would react seeing their small oasis is quickly becoming like Chicago, not only in situations like this, but also in the skyline that as I mentioned before is rapidly changing. Time to pick a new suburb people. A better one.

Oak Park, Il needs to adopt these signs today!

The other I was out in Berwyn and I parked near the depot at 32nd street and I saw this sign that was from the heavens itself! This “Clean up after your pet… $750.00 fine….”  Sign!

Talk about curbing your motherfucking dog, paying off Oak Park, Il budget deficit, and relief from stepping in dog shit for like, forever get these signs over into Oak Park, IL asap! I would personally miss days of work to report people leaving their dog’s shit everywhere and not picking it up and I do not think I am alone. Oak Park, Il needs to adopt this ordinance post these signs and collect some motherfucking money today!

I know some of these lazy ass bitches I see who smile at me as I walk by their dog shitting on the sidewalk would be singing another tune about leaving that poop down there from people to walk in.

Adopt these signs today!

I Voted! HAHA NO to the stupid OPRFHS Pool!!!!

I took time out upon this very special election day to vote my conscience, and my hatred for badgering mailers, and decided to vote for the best route I believe for the village of Oak park. I voted no to their stupid pool because the village still did not illustrate the benefits of the poll to me, whether it was in the short term or the long term.

If you are paying for something you want to know what you are paying for, and how it benefits YOU in the short and long runs. No talk about new jobs or new businesses or tax breaks just pay more money on your property taxes, which thank GOD I do not own any here in this seedy little village.

Well, I am off to throw my sticker in the garbage and go about my everyday life, because after today America gets not want it needs or wants… it gets what it deserves!

I found this fun clip on how one family is protecting their freedom of speech:

Either aisle of the political spectrum you are on its hilarious!

24 hour Parking stickers in Oak Park, IL

One of the biggest problems in Oak Park, Il is of course parking. Second to that then is getting the sticker for your car in person, and do not do what I did and try to fall for their pure bullshit campaign of attempting to get the coveted: 24-hour-park-anywhere-in-your-zone sticker! I did once and what a fool was I! The line reached out the door of the municipal/village building, and I was there at 6am in the morning trying to get the elusive 24-hour sticker. Again this is Oak Park, IL spreading the illusion of a sticker that normal residents cannot get. In fact, my neighbor works for the village and he has a 24 sticker on his car, I have also noticed a few people with 24-hour stickers wearing clothes that have an Oak Park departmental logo on them. Meaning, they, the owners of the vehicles with the

Again this is Oak Park, IL spreading the illusion of a sticker that normal residents cannot get. In fact, my neighbor works for the village and he has a 24 sticker on his car, I have also noticed a few people with 24-hour stickers wearing clothes that have an Oak Park departmental logo on them. Meaning, they, the owners of the vehicles with the 24-hour stickers, work for the village so employees get first come no one served??

At this point like any sane person, I am trying to get the hell away from such craziness and away from here if I can. Hopefully, I am wrong and some residents who do not work for the village or have no relatives that do actually get this elusive sticker but everywhere I drive I see automobiles with either a “Night” sticker or a “Day” sticker (or even both) that’s it, making this 24-hour sticker very unique.

Why would the village even sell these stickers when it goes against some of the parking rules in certain areas? When it puts a spotlight on the stupidity of having the streets clear but for one or two cars at night?

When I paid for my sticker the cashier made a joke that “Oak Park is known as No Park, but that’s not true…” I am starting to think she was lying to me! Because if the lack of these 24-hour stickers are an indication of anything it just emphasizes the lack of common sense for zoning, and parking restrictions in Oak Park, IL, plus it shows that there is preferential treatment for a select few. Obviously, by all the other opinion pieces out there, I am not the only one that thinks this a mess, comment as you like.

PS: I would like to really know if someone who (again) not related to a city worker got one of those 24-hour stickers!


Oak Park, IL -sticker deadline! 7/14/16

Time sensitive post! LOL Vehicle sticker deadline Park is midnight July 14 for Oak Park, IL purchase your vehicle sticker quickly! The Village of Oak Park, IL are very strict about this and the police are quick to enforce it!

Where did I read this announcement? On the Patch, the subject was covered on July 4th when many of us, were just chilling (I quickly posted something on here though) but other than that, most people are not thinking about this deadline. We are all enjoying the weather and on that date enjoying the holiday, but Kudos to the Patch for doing the village of Oak Park, IL’s job for them!

I just want to post on here in case someone is doing a search regarding Oak park, Oak Park, IL or even parking and lives in the village but forgotten all about it. Now, I have a sticker but I am still trying to get out of here LOL! I am writing this for my fellow “haters” of the parking situation here in Oak Park, IL beforehand, before the deadline! Do not hate so much that you forget to get that sticker! I hate it too but remember the 14th of July!

PS: Parking sticker deadline is July 14th for the village of Oak Park, IL Ha!

The patch working it here:

Searles, Morgan (2016) “Deadline for Oak Park Vehicle Stickers is July 14” July 4, 2016 Oak Park-River Forest Patch

Thx to the Patch!

Signage in Oak Park, IL

I had to comment on this article on the original site because I was looking up information regarding how Oak Park, IL determines its signage and ran across this craziness:

I personally think that Oak Park, Il has way TOO much signage or maybe even that Oak Park, IL has too much, of the wrong signage instead of worrying about people not parking on Tuesday between 8am to 10 am, how about directions to downtown Oak Park, Il from other parts of the village? Maybe even signage regarding directions (as the article states) to where one can get to the modes of transportation that connected to Oak Park, IL to the outside world. This would bring outside (of Oak Park, IL) consumer dollars into Oak Park, IL and may even alleviate some of the traffic woes it faces on a daily basis.

I mean the village of Oak Park, IL made this big thing about joining the Divvy Bike Program, however as this article states there is no signage regarding it? Huh? Does that make a lot of sense or does it seem like a bunch of taxpayer dollars being thrown away, again by Oak Park, IL?

The good thing about this proposal is that nothing is binding considering the fiscal mess that the state of Illinois is in, is creating more and revamping the signage of Oak Park, IL really a huge priority? How about getting some of the construction sites around the area completed first, then worry about how pretty the signs in Oak Park, IL look, second?

But of course appearance is everything in Oak Park, IL, regardless of how chaotic and rotten everything else is, so long as it is what we say it is! And a duck is a duck, if we say it is, no matter what it is! Especially if it is actually a steamy piece of …. Well.

Construction-Oak Park, IL style

Construction, Construction, Construction, Oak park is redoing its” downtown” area twenty years too late! I put quotation marks around the “downtown” because the haphazard block of business and empty storefronts are not really a “downtown” if you think about it. In fact, with all the empty storefronts why is Oak Park committed to opening more places for storefronts?

I mean it’s great they are finally getting to the 21st century and developing their small crusty village for economic growth, but why not work with the owners of those properties to fill those empty spots first, then work on the new development of additional store fronts? Seems like common sense left Oak Park a long time ago, maybe the local government is making a killing now that the housing market is a bit better than before. Hey, maybe they just woke up and realized that you cannot keep taxing and creating fees for everything on the planet and sustain growth or the status quo as it is.

Side note: Yeah they even have a “newsletter” to terrorize residents (homeowners and renters alike) about the various fees they have to pay every month. Whichever is the case it is going to look very awkward with these bright big new buildings and their new storefronts across the street from these old buildings and empty storefronts!

Maybe it is just the college education kicking in, making me wonder how they will sustain growth or make the area attractive to customers when they have all these empty spaces. Hopefully, Oak Park will stop the patchwork design of economic development and get it together to make it cohesive enough to the eye and the pocketbook of the average consumer.

Oak Park disgruntled-not alone

I was parked out in front of my building, getting stuff out my car the other day, after shopping at the local Walmart in Forest Park (which is hell), when this guy came out from the apartment building across the street.

He lumbered into his car, started it up, pulled out carefully, and drove to the corner and made a U-turn at the intersection to park behind my car.

He got out of the car, and said to me: “it’s crazy that you have to move your car every two hours! It’s just stupid, how they do things out here!” I agreed and he went back into his building.

Two things:

1. I wish I got his name so I could have quoted him!

2. So it is not just me that feels that Oak Park is one of the dumbest burbs on the planet when it comes to residential parking. Thank God I am not alone!