Detoxing from Oak Park, IL

I have actually spent the time off detoxing before heading… Anywhere. Ha plus I have written a couple of posts about my experiences in the last couple of days and I am writing some posts and scheduling them for my favorite season, Halloween, already. So when you think that I have less to say, oh no, I still do! So that way I have a clear head, and body detoxed as best as I could from Oak Park Il and 2016 I am so glad to be rid of at least one of these pains in the ass from my life!

Hopefully this will be a better year but with the privileged Assholes in oak park, Il I sincerely doubt it because they also draw out some type of crazy fuckery out of their hats like an insane Magician high on crack and anarchy, ready to surprise the world with their shit and nut job ways.

Just drive thru Oak park, Il and You will see what I mean, from the bold pieces of shit doing u turns in the middle of Harrison street where there is no fucking room to the People who push baby strollers out into the middle of a crossway on lake street while trying to corral their dogs at the same time! Oak Park, Il is especially littered with crazy fucking attitudes, “going ons” (that west side talk), and stank crazy yuppie, hippie crossbreeds that make it a subject of endless possibilities to cover and write about, onward and upward mother fuckers.