Magnet for crazy

Throughout the week I always can’t wait for Friday so I can get some peace. Then the weekend is filled with hatred when I try to go outside and enjoy myself because there is some kill joy draining the life out of the fun I am having. They do this by usually interrupting my personal space and once they see they have my attention these invaders think it is alright to start a conversation with me. A conversation that numbs the mind, most of the time it’s about the weather or how nice “it is” I am not trying to say I am antisocial, but bitch I was busy over here!!!!

Nothing works my nerve worse than that. I am in my own zone trying to get some shopping done for lunches throughout the week, and bamm I have an intruder invading my space.


  • “Oh, what’s that?” (people asking about the gelato in my basket)
  • “Is that good?”  (people asking about the “NEW” or newly released item in my basket that has signage that it is new)
  • “This is a nice store….” (not sure if that is a comment or question but obviously it is otherwise I would not be in it).

My point is, that when people are out and about, we know we may have to deal with people. But we would rather not be forced to, because someone else feels lonely or talkative. I am just not wired for the bullshit I guess, but I find this occurring more in Oak Park, IL than say downtown Chicago. It has happened to me in the South, but those individuals started a convo from a distance not by invading my space. Sometimes I just wonder if Oak Park, IL has the largest rude, and intrusive group of individuals residing in its boarders than any other municipality or maybe I am just a magnet for crazy?


A Friday without bullshit

I have finally had a Friday without bullshit so these times do exist! Funny part is that I went out way early in the morning to the farmers market and other various stores before everyone woke up I guess. Less people on the streets meant less aggravation. I could actually do some shot in the morning go to work go through rush hour traffic do my laundry and then head home to some Hulu and drinks. I live the life of a rock star!

Lol as with living here all this and the job is at this point is a simple point in a lengthy road to somewhere much better. Places like Oak Park, IL are not meant to lived in just to spend some time in like a prison. You need with the other prisoners, do your time, read a couple of books, get your education and hopefully come out better than before. Either as a better citizen or as someone who knows better than not to end up here.

Letting it all hang out in Oak Park, IL

I am not surprised that the majority of people rather trade their privacy for convenience, online. The article (see below) does not really surprise me at all in the age of everyone can be a star or show off how narcissistic they can be for free. I mean we are all guilty of posting some type of pictures of ourselves online it just matters to what extent. I have a Facebook, WordPress and blogger/google account but I do not add tons of pictures and often the pictures are after the fact of the event in question. So yes, I have been to Kentucky however I am not stupid enough to tell everyone on Facebook at the exact time I was there, saving my place from a possible break-in.
I really think that the majority of people are sheep and have a “follow the leader” mentality and post pictures and personal details online not because they are doing something important like telling family members of an upcoming wedding or funeral. But instead something mundane because their friends have done so (in the past) so they see no problem with their posts, the “everyone is doing it” argument. But if you have had your place broken in before or are naturally paranoid you veer away from giving the details of your life online. Just because it has not happened to you does not mean it cannot.
The notion of convenience is blurred with the need for acceptance or approval, when we really just need to think clearly and post or navigate online with caution. I do not see the residents of Oak Park, Il following suit, it is just not in their DNA to do so. There is a need for showmanship, a desire to put all on display, a requirement to be “out there” in front of the entire world. We all probably driven the one of the village’s many streets and glanced right into someone’s house window and saw everything they owned in that three second glance. This I would soundly bet is one of those people who believe it is okay to surrender their identity and privacy for the convenience of either the world wide web or for living in Oak Park, IL.
And of course, it is always okay until something bad happens then individuals get wary of “sharing” their personal facts online or with wide open windows. We should all have some type of security and privacy, and we should be entitled to it than either being some perv’s whacky fantasy or a huge corporation’s data victim. Do not sacrifice privacy for convenience or drapes for that open window “look” because in the end you may regret it and once it is out there for all to see it is most likely too late.
This is the article I mentioned above:

Robbing on Lake Street

I wonder how much they make at a subway, but now we have an answer about 600 to 800 at a subway on Lake street. We know because it was robbed recently. I have always said that the residents of Oak Park, IL do not take their security seriously and this just adds to the list of potential victims: local businesses. So much for doing deposits or putting money mid-day in a safe that can only be accessed at certain times of the day or individuals. Problem is that this article (see below) does not tell the whole story. Maybe that is a good thing, because we really do not want to give criminals ideas but if you can rob a Subway on a street that is busy like Lake Street. These criminals have obviously figured out something if they got away on Lake street, I mean the traffic alone on Lake Street, should have stopped their getaway plans.

I am not saying you cannot go by your normal day to day activities but keep an eye out for a suspicious characters or activities. Most of these “signs” are easy to see and usually come from a mile away. Just being vigilant helps I know I sound like a mom, or even my mother but I rather be paranoid than robbed and/or dead.  The thing is when you are ordering food you do naturally drop your guard so kudos to the criminals for realizing this and striking at a place that you would not usually think of. Hell, this will make me be on red alert when I go to Five Guys or any of the businesses on Lake Street. It’s funny because when I think of it now there is a very light police presence on Lake Street (downtown), so the chances of it reoccurring are fairly high. Oh well, #staywoke bitches!

Here is the article I mentioned earlier:

Stop and go

When I drive through Oak Park IL it feels like:
Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Oak Park Illinois Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go Stop and go
All of the time. And it is very depressing I have more luck on the Eisenhower at rush time when coming home with the amount of distance covered than trying to go a ½ mile in Oak Park, IL. I see why people leave the state for jobs in other cities with better transportation/travel options. The overall acceptance of such stupidity is just mind-numbing, I have one lady at work who found out I was from Oak Park, IL and was like “woo woo” throwing her hands in the air. I simply sat there and looked at her like she was nuts, she thinks it’s a “great place to live” but after I started run down negative after freakin negative, such as the traffic she shut the hell up. Maybe I am just jaded from all my experiences here, what do you think?

Non believer

I write these blog posts because obviously with every good story you hear there is a chance there is a bad one lurking underneath. In other words, I have not drunk the Kool-Aid and do not believe any city, town or village is without its problems, and that definitely holds true for Oak Park, IL. I cannot even hear this village’s name without being a little bit disgusted or nauseated. The headaches per square foot that have arisen due to this village’s existence is abnormal to me, I have never experienced this type or amount of bullshit anywhere else on this scale.

I mean I have been to Cleveland, Duluth, Charlotte, Lexington, etc., and none of given me as much grief as this small ass piss ant village. So, you may just come back and see no new blog posts or you might see a ton of them, I cannot lie. Nor can I guarantee a certain amount of production.  With that said I will just say I have a couple more blog posts to put on here, just so everyone knows that shit is still the same, here in Oak Park, IL.

Better world out there…

When I think of enjoying myself Oak Park, IL is nowhere in my thoughts, I can’t wait for lollapalooza and other shit like the Air and Water show mundane stuff like that to happen. So I can stretch my wings and have some fun, something I cannot do in tight ass Oak Park, il. I always have to remember to put that “IL” at the end because I do not want to besemirk any other decent community in the world called Oak Park.

I hate to even think that any other place would be compared or added into the discussion with Oak Park, IL. Therefore I would not dare to do that and be that offensive! I am really tired from the new job so it makes it harder to write posts but I really want to give people hope as summer closes that there is still a ton of shit to do so do not despair while be on Oak park, IL there is a whole bigger better world out there.

New job Oak Park IL blog related

Honestly after finding a new job that got me in the heart of downtown Chicago I felt better on my soul. Because I am dealing more with the real world than the flakes of Oak Park, il it’s sad when Chicago makes more sense than one of its suburbs. You are supposed to be getting away from craziness when you go outside the city limits not going into it. But that’s why I have not posted that much to the Oak Park, il blog, looking for a job is a job with in itself.

Then once you get a new one there is that transition period with learning new things, and tighting to altering your budget to this new reality. At least this Korean air job is closer to what I went to school for, and I am not flipping fries worrying about how to pay for student loans while wondering how I am going to get my professional career off the ground. Oh well back to the grind.

Ugh Oak Park, IL

I am sooo tired of shopping with the reusable bags in Oak Park, IL and Chicago that I have now restricted all my shopping to forest park or Berwyn, you know places that are not trying nickle and dime you for everything.

It does not help my disdain for this village and i allow any seemingly “negative” (notice the quotation marks) comments to be posted on this blog, mainly cause I am sick of hearing that it’s “not that bad”. No it’s not Syria where bombing is a way of life or the Sahara where there is a massive desert in which the temperature alone would make me bitch 24/7. But if you are trying to promote your area as inclusive or a great place to live or visit then follow suit in policies that are incentive driven. That make people want to stay or come here at this point who the fuck wants to be here and is not stupid, crazy, drinking the kool aid or all off the above?

Oak Park IL blog related: Chicago Naked bike ride

I was thinking about the weekend will pan out I am going down to the naked bike ride to see some people ride bikes nude I guess, maybe boo at them. nothing too major. I think they should roll through Oak Park, Il because this suburb is supposedly “liberal” free thinkers” and “artsy”. But I doubt that would fly because some of the people here are hypocrites and state they are all that open-minded crap however could not take a minute of this bike ride event for a moment. Honestly if the event rolled through here I bet it would be met with tons of opposition and protests. As if the 1960s never happened or that the residents who practiced free love back in the day were the only ones who should be allowed to do so, ever.

Of course, that is the thing about Oak Park, IL what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander or however that old saying goes, the people here can be so full of themselves that it would leave you a migraine thinking about it. So, save yourself the time, pain and waste of time that would go into figuring out what such a paradox exists. This is simply Oak Park, IL. They would argue, for example, that the event is not “family friendly” and my thought would be: “So?”” That just limits the chance for event participation by singles, non-parental units or empty nesters who may want to see this event or ride in it. But the status quo must be maintained in this suck area and such fun events excluded from riding through the Oak Park, IL area.

Oh well, no skin off my nose I will take myself, my time and dollars to downtown Chicago, because they are all wanted down there, obviously. Meanwhile Oak Park, IL lives up to its boring status as a village and destination one more time. Wondering why people shy away from here? this is an obvious example that nothing really fun happens here in Oak Park, IL shit and you wonder why Hemingway left?

Here is the website for the event: