A Friday without bullshit

I have finally had a Friday without bullshit so these times do exist! Funny part is that I went out way early in the morning to the farmers market and other various stores before everyone woke up I guess. Less people on the streets meant less aggravation. I could actually do some shot in the morning go to work go through rush hour traffic do my laundry and then head home to some Hulu and drinks. I live the life of a rock star!

Lol as with living here all this and the job is at this point is a simple point in a lengthy road to somewhere much better. Places like Oak Park, IL are not meant to lived in just to spend some time in like a prison. You need with the other prisoners, do your time, read a couple of books, get your education and hopefully come out better than before. Either as a better citizen or as someone who knows better than not to end up here.