Expanding the Oak Park, IL blog

Update on Oak Park, IL blog I am now on blogger (google +) and Tumblr it is very hard to publish the different blog entries because of how each site is set up. Although WordPress is linked to work with Facebook, google + and Tumblr the problem I find is that google + publishes all the entries I schedule on WordPress only to me. Therefore, I have to either go into google + and make a public copy of the entry that is on my page, or repost the whole thing again through blogger.com.

Which of course is a lot more work, adds like duplicates to my posts on the google + page and then just messes up my Oak Park, IL blog logo that I made. Ugh. Don’t worry I am keeping both for two reasons, WordPress has the technology and savvy to make the blog posts look good and the design is sleek, google + has exposure due to being am email account site as well. I am not the type to just choose one over the other I like to have my cake and eat it too. Besides I have followed a sh*t load of good blogs on WordPress that I will follow on google+. Hopefully that mean as (translate into) more readers for those who I have followed as well as my own blog on WordPress.

Although it’s called blogger.com the address is blog spot, (huh?) don’t worry though, you will be reading the same posts from WordPress if you follow me on this address: http://oakparkilblog.blogspot.com/ Same punk attitude same topics, same blog posts.



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