Happy All Souls’ Day and Day of the dead Oak Park, Il!

Happy All Souls’ Day and Day of the dead people!

This is part two of two, because All Saints’ Day was yesterday, this is linked to the Day of the Dead events that are becoming very prevalent in America today due to a growing Mexican population. Again, you do not see a lot of representation in Oak Park, Il regarding the Day of the Dead celebrations or of All Souls’ Day BUT do not be surprised if you see a lot of festivals, parades and group celebrations around the Chicagoland area especially in Berwyn, IL and Cicero, IL that are on the southern border of Oak Park, IL.

On November 1-2 to coincide with All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day you will see a lot of decorated skulls, and candy especially made for this celebration so that two holidays basically intertwine. However so called diverse Oak Park, IL is not going to fully celebrate these two holidays, kinda screwy but what else do you expect from a village like this?

More information about the holiday All Souls day: https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/all-souls-day

More information about the holiday Day of the Dead: http://www.mexicansugarskull.com/support/dodhistory.html

Go ahead Oak Park, IL and learn something!