Solar tour in Oak Park, iL

There a was a solar tour just recently in Oak Park, IL … I know ooooooooooooooo. Haha It is just what you think it is basically people come around your home, looking at your solar powered set up and how you are saving the environment by having these panels upon your house and how it saves you money and the environment waste. This is so 1980 it is not funny. I cannot imagine people needing a tour to see how solar power works, nor to understand how it is beneficial to the environment. Is this why the environment is still crappy? Because people still live in this old-fashioned state of mind?

Well, I guess so because when I drive through the village the “picturesque village” does at times still look like a snapshot from the 70s or 80s and that is not always a good thing. Especially from a village that espouses environmental awareness and Frank Lloyd wright as a major contributor to the village’s culture. You, know you would think there would be the hanging gardens of Babylon part two ..somewhere … anywhere. Instead some of these houses look like the houses from the westside of Chicago only with no trash on the ground and no one hanging out in front of them!

But a lot of homes state wide were a part of this event so hopefully it will lead to maybe the village picking up steam and helping the local homeowners to include this initiative to their homes. Maybe even figure out how to give local homeowners tax breaks if they have such equipment added to their homes instead of celebrating the dreary architecture that makes Oak Park, il just so blah! One can dream while reality is in doubt!

Here is the article mentioning the solar tour:

In case you thought I was just bullshiting here is a link for the Hanging gardens of Babylon:


Modern Construction will eliminate “Vintage” wiring in Oak Park, IL

I cannot believe that the local government agencies allow apartment buildings in the Oak Park area to have such crappy electrical set ups for their buildings. I mean there are outlets from the 1950s or maybe 1930s it’s just ancient compared to today’s standards or the new construction that is occurring in downtown Oak Park. It is so scatterbrained, it is like the village is waiting for a major fire to happen before having on a set of standards.

Of course, these vintage set ups are still allowed because renters buy into the illusion that Oak Park’s culture and acceptance into the area’s community is just to “roll with” it. However, this illusion is now being challenged by the new buildings being built in the area, it shows that the new residents are not accepting these old-fashioned standards. In fact, today’s technology of temperature controls, surge protector outlets, and low wattage lights are all pieces of the environmentally friendly message that Oak Park, Il espouses to masses.

But again, the massive contradiction that is Oak Park, Il there is this environmental holier than thou message or fantasy that is pushed by those disillusional hippies here only to be dashed by the reality of the two prolog outlets that pop up in the various dwellings here in Oak Park, Il. The two standards cannot exist side by side, and the more younger renters that come into the village the louder, the more the voices that will request, that will demand newer standards.

The demand for new technology for dwellings to become environ mentally friendly will become prevalent. Change is inevitable for Oak Park, Il and I for one cannot wait to see it happen. The more people who speak up for modern technology the more likely we will be seeing the end of “vintage” wiring in Oak Park, Il.

Oak Park, IL: Barrie Park environment clean?

I received an article from my reader Nick about the area of Barrie Park and the area being evacuated basically due to toxic materials as listed in this article in 2001: Although it was great that the site was cleaned up it was done mostly because of a fear of lawsuits that would be associated with the contaminated area! Great reason, although true, hearing a whole peace to the world or green peace-themed speech would have been better to supporting the Oak Park, IL image. Even though it took residents a year and a half to get back to their homes I wonder how effective and efficient was the clean up?

This is the article regarding Barrie Park in 2001:

This is the article regarding Barrie Park in 2010:

However, in 2010 there was an article stating how the area near Barrie Park was fine and cleaned up, this article was more detailed with the amount of time 1999 to 2005 when the park was closed and is great as a compliment to the aforementioned article.  Again this article talks about the declining costs or home values in the area around Barrie Park. The article focused upon the increased focus of community relations and the grants given out due to this “disruption” however there is no true focus upon the environment. While the first article mentions the coal tar, how the waste can eventually mix with water become sulfuric acid then may even release cyanide gas the focus goes towards cost.

My thing is where is the concern for the environment and the impact on the residents as soon as the technical jargon is discussed the articles veer toward money and the façade of a connected community. I am wondering were there any studies regarding the health of the residents in the area? Did the waste get into the groundwater and drinking water of Oak Park, IL? Where is the focus on how the clean-up faired between these two articles?

I ask because I am having a problem finding recent information since the 2010 article, and any place that is so quick to direct focus away from environmental pollution as a cause to the resident health issue or any strange issues that occurs in the environment of that area definitely concerns me as a place to live in. Meaning the people living near this area can be adversely affected health wise on a long term scale but so long as property values and the park looks nice (found articles about that) is the focus whew we are good to go! Again in Oak Park, Il the appearance of it, the illusion of this great environmental suburb healthy and filled with trees and other green crap is what is needed to be sold is what is needed to be heeded and preserved even over the health of its residents.

I mean if something like this occurs there is constant testing done and the issue of pollution is addressed constantly for years to come, on how far the cleanup has had an impact and made the site of pollution better, on a yearly basis. However, there is nothing, so why is that? Is Oak Park, IL being Oak Park, IL again and not focusing on what it should be focusing on again? Yeah, it sounds like I rather err on the side of caution on this one, what do you think?

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Oak Park, IL: Dirty pt 2

As I stated in part one,  my building maintenance is probably one of the worst. I say that this because of an issue of cleanliness that the maintenance people are required to take care of  at least on a weekly basis, and especially if they are announcing to residents this or at they are having an open house each week, while not keeping up the property.

So my issue was with the tissue left in the little lobby area between the two main entrance doors as you enter the apartment building from the courtyard. No, my history with the building management has not been stellar as I alluded to beforehand, so I saw no reason to help them in this endeavor and alert them that their building is not clean for the open house that they chose to have each Saturday. I tried for a month to get a screen door that looked like someone tried to break into the back door fixed for about a month -that’s  another blog for another time. So three pieces of snot rags on the ground? I really did not give a damn to contact them about, at all.

I tried for a month to get a screen door that looked like someone tried to break into the back door fixed for about a month -that’s  another blog for another time. So three pieces of snot rags on the ground? I really did not give a damn to contact them about, at all. Plain and simple. I did not do it and if this “community” that treats everyone like an outsider if they question something they do not agree with, do not want to be involved in their block parties, or  state how they feel about Oak Park, IL., in general, does not like that …suck  a dirty one.

These tissues were sitting there from June 22nd to July 6th, I took pictures on my phone to remind me of the dates that this example of nastiness and laziness occurred. Now if it was one of my neighbors I do not know, but I highly doubt it because many of them use the front entrance too and I doubt would leave these snot rags there! My point of annoyance occurs when between this time span not only was there maintenance man doing outside work to building (outside the entrance) on one date but they had the nerve to post a water shut off notice for the building during this time span!

Therefore the maintenance people had two instances in which they saw the tissue/snot rags on the floor, and had two chances to clean up this mess (or at least be notified about it) but did nothing! I know, at least something got done in a two-week span, hey it is good I was not planning to have anyone over for the 4th like my neighbors did! I shouldn’t complain, it is not like I pay for building maintenance or rent. I hope the building management had a huge Open house and showed all the prospective renters how ghetto they are!

I mean we throw trash around on the ground on this elite side of Austin correct? Glad that the supposed standards of excellent are maintained everywhere, oh Oak Park, IL why are thou not clean (well at least my apartment building)?


Oak Park, IL: dirty pt 1

Just wondering when my building will clean up the place, the front entrance to the building when they are having open houses each Saturday. The first picture was taken 6/22/16, the next picture was taken 7/2/16 my question is if they are showing rental how does it look to have garbage everywhere?

I know you are asking yourself: “If you are that upset why not just pick it up??” Well, that is a no, I do not know what germs are on those tissues, plus I pay to RENT not own, therefore it is the responsibility of the Property management company to get after the caretaker and all the little dudes they have around this place and other properties to make sure that the place is presentable.

I mean they half ass everything else (don’t worry I post about that too) in this building and for every issue I contacted them about in the months that I have stayed here. Obviously I am good enough to pay rent but not live in safe and clean housing, like a good slum lord, this is the attitude of the people of Oak Park, IL. I should just accept and move on with my life never mind, I pay good money for this inconvenience, for this crap!

Get with the Oak Park, IL regime’s program! LOL Well, I will move on and leave that shit right where it belongs: on the floor and their little minions from the management company can pick it up when they bring possible new tenants through.

That is always putting the best foot forward, Oak Park, by showing a new place with trash in the small front lobby to prospective tenants. Nice. Like I said it stays there and obviously my neighbors feel the same because no one else has picked it up so obviously six apartments of tenants fill the same. We pay so there is no way in hell we are doing the job of the building manager, there is no way in hell we are accepting this “clean up the community crap,” there is no way in hell we are picking that shit up!

Parking in Oak Park, IL is not your decision!

I have a fresh story about parking in Oak Park, IL. Today I was parked down the street around 5:25pm (6/27) I had my parking stickers up to date, was only parked in a spot in front of the houses down the street. So, as I walked up to my car I had the neighbor whose house I was parked in front of, come down and knock on my window. I rolled down the window because it was very hot outside as I started my car.

This lady stated that she sees that I parked “here” often and asked me if I could move my car up when I park or back so that I am not blocking the sidewalk path that goes from the main sidewalk to the street. I said nothing I simply, without flinching cut on my turn signal and drove away. Without a response, this is the problem with Oak Park, IL people who think that they can tell people what to do never mind the fact I PAID for the stickers to park on a public street.

Oh, and that moving forward a bit? I would be in front of a fire hydrant because I made sure I was aligned up with the yellow hazard line for the hydrant so I would not get a ticket nor, offset anyone else who needed to park on the street. And why would I move back? So I could be even further down the street than I am already from my building because of the sucky parking situation in Oak Park, IL?

It sounds like she just does not want anyone who is not like her or that she deems worthy to park in front of her house. But when you have a big pile of dirt on your front lawn you need to sit your butt down God knows what vermin you are housing in that thing.

So move?? Indeed, I will park anywhere I paid the village LEGALLY to park because this is still America, I do not care about her Hillary sign, nor her sign for some funky environmental greenery, she needs a sign stating how freaking crazy she is for coming up to another adult and thinking she can impose her will on someone else like that.

She should instead worry about that big ass mound of dirt that she has on her front lawn! In fact, I will park there tomorrow take pictures of my car (in case something happens to it) and go about my merry way. Why? I just paid for that convenience and it is because we are in AMERICA.

Tell me am I the only one dealing with the crazies around in Oak Park, IL regarding parking or am I the only one?

PS: Yes, without a response yes I left her standing there. Fantastic mental picture right?

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Oak Park, IL and the overuse of the word “vintage”

You know, “vintage” is a word that is thrown around a lot when talking about Oak Park, or when people are discussing either rental units, buildings, destinations, electric wiring or anything that is glammed up to deemed OLD or Obsolete.

The problem is most of the things that need replacing in these situations are either dire or would make life simply better for all those involved but the ascetics are always put before efficiency, the environment or even personal health.

So when you see the word “vintage” in the title of the blog post it will not always be the same thing, event, or item that I am ranting about just FYI. It is just that a lot of the times at least that I have noticed the word is used to simply cover up replacing something that you can tell will cause the defensive party to spend money. Or maybe changing the look or “feel” of an area entirely, poor dears sorry if the 100-year rugged sink is putting crap in the drinking water but it’s got to go because I am going through water filters like crazy.

Basically, like the example I have aforementioned there will be a lot of example of where the word “vintage” should just be dropped out of Oak Park’s 18th-century mindset, all together and it should move forward to the future; or at least to the present.