Oak Park, IL -River Forest Election results shocker

Okay the people of Oak Park, Il have surprised even me! After the general election, I was shocked! You actually did good and voted out at least three incumbents that were supported by the development groups turning Oak Park, IL into little Chicago. These candidates Dan Moroney and Deno Andrews won by better margins than the Village Manager Association backed candidates. Hopefully with residents like these in positions of power maybe, and I do say, maybe the village board of Oak Park, Il will get focused on issues that really concerns the residents like traffic, parking, etc., not just fleecing the downtown area to local developers.

So, this is one of those various instances that I must say KUDOS! to Oak Park, IL. I truly hope there is an atmosphere of transparency and communication as a result of this, fingers crossed. But until they get all the idiots off the village board I am not sure there will be major changes in directions or focus made.

Here is the link with the great news: http://www.oakpark.com/News/Articles/4-4-2017/Oak-Park-trustee-challengers-sweep-election/

One thought on “Oak Park, IL -River Forest Election results shocker

  1. bruce kleinman

    Yeah great. We voted the high rise development crowd out – like Brewer and Barber – only to get … Brewer and Barber!! They got elected, if not in body then in spirit, in the persons of Maroney and Andrews. Trustee Maroney and Andrews, who as candidates, swore that the Albion high rise was not the right developement for Oak Park: too big, too dense. But as soon soon as they got elected they started singing a different tune. Screw their constituents; time to go where the money and power are. What disgraceful, cynical behavior on their part. And people wonder why citizens are so absolutely cynical and disgusted with their low life representatives. Look no further than Oak Park.


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