Old people keeping the Corona alive..

Went to home depot to pick up my package in Cicero because it was the one I could make a straight shot to and then get home within reason. And they are not playing because the town of Cicero requires not asks for people entering the store to have a mask on. If you don’t have a mask you would be asked to leave. What the hell? Then I found out that Skokie is doing this as well. Making the idiotic village of Oak Park, Il one of the places that has people just run around without masks and open mouth coughing.

I see a lot of seniors running around without masks and gloves, it would be really great if either the Governor or village idiot made it mandatory to have a mask to go into stores. That way we can stop a lot of the kamikaze runs these seniors are intent on doing dooming the rest of us with their irresponsibility. It’s the Greatest generation turned to a bunch of senile idiots with no common sense whatsoever. If they keep this stupidity up, of going everywhere without the needed PPE equipment they will solve the social security funding problem by just dying of CVOID-19. You cannot tell them anything and you cannot make people who think they are still able to do whatever they want to listen to reason.

At this point I am just fed up with people not taking this pandemic serious, my emphatic ear is now deaf. If you go out without gear and infect oh the fuck well, especially if you are a senior citizen. I mean Jesus there are literally special store hours for the elderly to go in and shop in local stores and not be exposed by younger people who might infect them with the virus however they still rather take chances. A law in place statewide would be a good idea the next step would be to enforce it and maybe then we can get the number of cases down and then this country back to normal. But not until the senior stupidity stops.

Increase in Rental rates in Oak Park, IL

It is no argument that renting here in Oak Park, Il sucks the village tries to nickel and dime you for everything as if you own a home here too. However now it seems most rental properties are trying to raise the rental prices in Oak Park, IL LOL and for what??? This is a shitty little village that is getting fleeced out by the minute, half the village that is affected by it is crying a river the other half that is not does not give a shit. But that is okay, charge people sky high prices and they will go elsewhere to Berwyn, Cicero, Oak Lawn, Orland Park, you know better suburbs with better city planning.

With a 9% increase in the rental prices people are no longer looking to come to Oak Park, IL now you may say “who gives a shit” but those are people who would move into the area and spend their dollars at local businesses and buy parking stickers for their cars, you know tax dollars that go to that stupid ass pool at the local school. Now those dollars will go elsewhere, it does not help that Oak Park, IL is losing its mystique as is, no longer the quaint peaceful darling of Chicagoland suburbs with all the development happening around town.

Destroying whatever romanticism, the names of Wright and Hemingway brought to this place now, you have all these factors pushing people out to the point that what really lies underneath the façade of Oak Park, Il really shines through. As a place that you cannot afford, a place of corporate shrills and sellouts, a place that only welcomes you if you are the “right fit” diversity my ass. Oak Park, Il does not want your ass here and it is finally showing it.

This article shows the increase in the Chicagoland area:


Happy All Souls’ Day and Day of the dead Oak Park, Il!

Happy All Souls’ Day and Day of the dead people!

This is part two of two, because All Saints’ Day was yesterday, this is linked to the Day of the Dead events that are becoming very prevalent in America today due to a growing Mexican population. Again, you do not see a lot of representation in Oak Park, Il regarding the Day of the Dead celebrations or of All Souls’ Day BUT do not be surprised if you see a lot of festivals, parades and group celebrations around the Chicagoland area especially in Berwyn, IL and Cicero, IL that are on the southern border of Oak Park, IL.

On November 1-2 to coincide with All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day you will see a lot of decorated skulls, and candy especially made for this celebration so that two holidays basically intertwine. However so called diverse Oak Park, IL is not going to fully celebrate these two holidays, kinda screwy but what else do you expect from a village like this?

More information about the holiday All Souls day: https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/us/all-souls-day

More information about the holiday Day of the Dead: http://www.mexicansugarskull.com/support/dodhistory.html

Go ahead Oak Park, IL and learn something!

Driving in Oak Park, Il is like living in the Amityville House

Oak Park, Il is like the Amityville Horror every time I drive in, it takes only 5 minutes before I run into someone so self-absorbed that they do not care about anyone else on the road! If it isn’t the average jerkful jaywalker that calmly strolls across the street when traffic has the green light. You have the driver who is obviously on their phone texting or whatnot sitting there at the light that turned green 21 seconds ago.

When dealing with these fools who walk across south Blvd. in the middle of the street, by either throwing their children strapped into a baby carriage out there or letting their dog on an eight-foot extendable leash to basically cross the street themselves. Oak Park, lL is filled with different irritants that change you over a short matter of time after the initial exposure.

Soon you are cursing, hollering out the window, nearly running over these privileged idiots usually because of their actions, but they push you to the point you second guess wishing that you nearly did. To the point, you may hear voices to save the rest of humanity from such stupidity, to stop such idiots from breeding. Soon as you get out of this area you find yourself calming down, you are back to normal just like the Amityville movie, as soon as you cross that border the intense traffic, the idiotic rapture that is Oak Park, IL and its impact escapes your body. The stress is alleviated as you reach that border, things, seems to get better, a lot better, just like the Amityville Horror movie.

Take a drive in Oak Park, IL, after you are done cussing all the world, driving aggressively, then go home and watch the Amityville Horror you will see the correlation. This village changes you, you come in with dreams and high expectations but then Oak Park, IL perverts all of it and corrupts you in the worse way. Also, the reason that I thought to write this around the Halloween season is evident because Oak Park, IL with all its pretentiousness can be its own horror movie.

Oak Park, IL …hey I am Witch so what?

I know a lot of people read my stuff and go “what a bitch!” but you know what? -Who cares because I am just saying what I know is true about Oak Park, IL and I will not apologize if my experiences and something like proven facts smack their bias right in the face and derailed the “pretty picture” they want to paint for Oak Park, IL.

I have heard a couple people mention how correct I am. They too have mentioned how much they hate the bullshit that is presented to them by the delusional idiots here. So if they want they can simply buy me the following shirt: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/621208-basic-witch me and my peeps will gladly wear it we do not care.

I thank you all for your support and for reading my blog about my crap experiences and viewpoints about Oak Park, IL but I would like to hear from you as well!!!! Comment all you want really!

Listen I am too damn lazy to delete stuff and sometimes to edit my own crap, so say what you want!

Clowning in Oak Park, IL

Clowns, Clowns and more clowns! LOL This reminded me of this guy who use to call people “Clown freak” when they were acting crazy! So are there actually clowns that are threating to beat kids up as they go to school in Oak Park, IL? Really?

Well, I do not condone violence but it is probably the wake up these kids need to pay attention to their surroundings. Most of the time driving through Oak Park, IL these kids are just walking across the street looking at their phones, hardly paying attention to anything.

Basically, drivers have to pay attention to them, and as adults, drivers we all know that handling an automobile is hard enough. But to be responsible for a bunch of sheltered kids who can hardly walk with intently in a straight line across levels of heavy traffic makes driving even more of a challenge.

So having this alert as bad as it is, has a silver lining at least Oak Park, IL faces the reality that simple streets and cul de sacs do not make the safety net or walls to protect everyone from everyday dangers. Now the little devil sitting on my shoulder is telling me to drive around in clown gear, but I will resist that urge.

But the “creepy clown hoaxes” that are going around the country are totally different than a bunch of punk kids putting clown pictures on their social media sites and threatening to beat people up. Seriously. In other words, people are just getting scared for nothing, psychosomatic bullshit, basically, people being pussies.

This is the article which briefly discusses the clown pussies here in Oak Park, IL:


This is the article I recently posted on twitter that discusses the same event:


PS: A Couple of years ago I met Tim Curry the actor who played Pennywise the Clown in the movie “It” by Stephen King, it was brief but he was very nice. What I am trying to say is that people can wear the clown makeup and clothes and be totally cool.


Missed me?

What up?

Sorry, I have not been too active on Oak Park, IL blog I have mainly been busy with school work, getting that degree yknow! I planned ahead to make sure there were enough posts to be scheduled because usually, October is a busy month for me, because of Halloween. Also, I figured the teacher would be pretty much of an idiot with some of the assignments. But hopefully, you will enjoy some of the posts that I have on here. But trust me I will be on here pretty soon. Spreading the common sense about Oak Park, IL

I planned ahead to make sure there were enough posts to be scheduled because usually, October is a busy month for me, because of Halloween. Also, I figured the teacher would be pretty much of an idiot with some of the assignments and I was sooo right!

But hopefully, you will enjoy some of the posts that I have on here. But trust me I will be on here pretty soon. Spreading the common sense about Oak Park, IL.