Why you need an Oak Park Park District booklet in Oak Park, IL

I cannot remember how I did but I grabbed an Oak Park Fall 2016 Park District booklet which tells you about different pain in the ass events that are occurring in the area, because Oak Park, IL just prints the booklets and hopefully you can just pick one up or run after them to find out what the hell is going on around the village.

Unlike most places, like Chicago, or even Berwyn, there are no signs posted before the event happens in the location it will occur in, no mention of these events in local news reports, or even monthly mailers that say hey “remember!” Oak Park, IL likes to keep people either renting, travelling through, or visiting to be surprised by the sudden shit that happens here. And you know Google maps does not figure the increased traffic that may occur in the areas by Barrie Fest or the Great Pumpkin Smash beforehand if you are looking up directions ahead of time, nor is there anything that really gives you the heads up you just have to know basically.

Plus, since Oak Park has a lot of parks in their borders it means that anything that the Park District does in the way of events will cause a traffic nightmare wherever that event in the park happens. Of course, that makes the inclusive bullshit stance that Oak Park, IL supposedly brags about a lie, because such close to the vest non-information shit tactics they pull is more in line with a gated community.

Whatever, so long as these idiots do not get in my way or mess with my parking situation even more than they usually, I have no problem with their stupid fests, because I spend the majority of my dollars …elsewhere. Peace.

PS: I have enclosed some scans of the booklet’s pages so you can get a visual of the booklet if you have not since it before or want to see if you can acquire it online.

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