Happy V day!

It is the 75th anniversary of when the allies invaded the beaches of France at Normandy to start the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany. Many lost their lives that day to protect the freedoms that we hold dear, take advantage of, and champion for those around the world.  Younger generations like us, cannot not really understand what this day in planning, in execution and in sacrifice it took to make this event take place. We all know that the ramifications of this day, echoes into the present day.

V-day established all the facts to the theories we all have in what it costs to preserve freedom and the ideals that are in constant evolution even today. Soldiers went to foreign lands they never saw only to die for a structure of civilization that exists today and is changing in many different ways but always for the better. I hope that for the veterans of this great war this day brought many memories and great pride.

Happy Vday!