What a weekend..

Holy crap the whole Cubs season has been a rollercoaster, the end of the season, I thought there would be a great chance for a repeat, but only to have it end in a spanking that I did not enjoy, ugh. That was on Diwali (Hindi holiday), Friday so I was then pulling for the Yankees to pull it out only to be disappointed on that front, so now I am recovering from this weekend of disappointment. At least it was a happy day for those of you celebrating Diwali especially in India!

Okay, I wanted a freeze drink, to get me over the Cubs loss, I asked for it in the taco bell drive thru around 11pm in Berwyn where I went to see the Cubs game at a local sports bar. However, was told the freeze machine was “down” I went back the NEXT day (to go see the Yankees game). All of the sudden the freeze machine was working, in less than 24 hours???? What bullshit. I wanted to tell that bitch off so bad but I wanted the 10 tacos I order too! LOL

I have the last classes coming up starting Monday (today) what a pain but hopefully I can get done with it. The change in programs or the umbrella it was under has stressed me out to the ninth degree so I am just trying to complete it before they change it again and add more requirements. This is some Dumb ass secondary education bullshit only at the Postgraduate/graduate level what a wonderfuck but I am happy to get it over it so I am not as “nailed down” here due to educational constraints.

Happy Diwali from Oak Park, Il blog!

Happy Diwali to all my peeps of the Hindi faith! This is a festival of lights that many of the faith celebrate because it represents the victory of light/good over darkness/evil in a spiritual sense. The day before major renovations cleaning and decorations are done to further symbolize the holiday’s meaning.

The whole holiday season has a combination of days such as Dhanteras, with Dawali in the middle and Bhai Dooj at the end. Believed to be started after 500 AD and associated with Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity) the Hindi holiday has a history deep in history and positivity giving the faithful hope and in certain parts of India it is the start of the new Hindi year.

Mind you that the Unites States finally recognized this holiday back in 2003 when Dubya officially celebrated it at the White House with official status in 2007! This holiday also is related to psychology in the terms of being focused upon self-improvement, and self-inquiry, the basis is to be better, focus upon the positive within and to spread that positivity to others.

This is usually done through giving food (sweets, dry fruits, and seasonal specialties) to family, gift giving (this time is a huge shopping season like Christmas) and lighting fireworks, just like the 4th of July to physically show their commitment to Diwali.

I found an article that explains how many here in America and so forth are trying to use this holiday as an opportunity to explain the faith and the holiday. As it is very similar to Christmas with the message of rebirth, victory over darkness, decoration and the giving of gifts, I believe the holiday should be easy to explain to the American public.


And here is the official website, yes there is an official website (what???!!!!):


Happy Diwali!