Goodbye Defiant Comics

It’s a shame that as I wrote here before that one of my nephew and nieces comic book stores (Defiant Comics) was in dire straits in nearby Forest park, IL. At least I wrote about it and hoped that people in the comic book community went in to patronage this beautiful crazy place at least once as a result. Something that Forest park, il nor Oak Park, il tries to do is to actively promote the businesses in the area and I tried to at least via this blog.

Which considering Oak Park, Il champions Hemingway as a hero that they would be a village behind a good book store, a book store that leans towards younger readers, you know to encourage learning in the youngsters even if it’s in a close neighboring burb, I mean they do so for river forest why not for defiant comics in forest park, Il?

But no, alas it was defiant comics last day was on December 31st, another victim of 2016, closed forever. I will seriously miss my side discussions with big d and Brian there, but I wish that both communities would have assisted this little business thrive so this would not happen. Well, the area shitty as it is it just became a whole lot shitter, like brown solid dog turds to green dog diarrhea, if you need an example, due to their loss.

I hope the best for them in their future endeavors and to Oak Park, il/Forest Park, Il that know relies on a hole in the wall library on one side (forest park) and a gun totting wild west library on the other side (Oak Park, Il) good luck trying to stimulate your kids learning like this gem, defiant comics did, and fuck you for not recognizing its greatness and significance to the community that now sorely needs it!

P.S.: now we have one less (major) reason why not to shop in either forest park, Il or oak park, Il that is the only “silver lining” here. Take my dollars fucking elsewhere.

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9 Free Craft eBooks For the Holidays

I found a new way to keep my other young niece and nephew busy while everyone parties on Christmas day, I think I will download one of these books and get some of the supplies needed to complete some of the projects listed in one of these nine Craft E-books. And let them craft away.

I hate when kids get in the way of my drink during the holidays its family as why the reason I need it so, let me cut down on some of my stress and give them something to do.

This is the hyperlink that makes it all possible:

Happy Halloween in Oak Park, IL

Happy Halloween everyone! Here in Oak Park, IL you actually get to see some of the neighbors around here be good Christian folk and give out candy to the kids! I must admit I went trick or treating but I took my nieces and nephew as cover! LOL And that last year ‘s Halloween I got me some candy (doing a happy dance) of course you got the idiots who don’t give out candy and they are the ones I mention here on the blog. Just a bunch of crazy dried up old turds being assholes when there is no need to be ruining what is a good time for kids in the neighborhood.

But if you are in Oak Park, Il come out and spread the joy of Halloween if you don’t want to do it do it for the kids at least or those who are trying to enjoy it themselves. At least have a bag or two of candy, Geez don’t lock up your place like Fort Knox and cut off the lights while not turning down the television, we still know you are home! I just hope all these so-called bastions of society, good moral people of Oak Park, IL will at least act like what they say they are. Oak Park, Il professes that it has this giving liberal bohemian spirit until something Halloween happens and they have to put up and shut up. But that’s Halloween in Oak Park, IL oh well enjoy the day people.

Oak Park, Il likes to tell you how to run your Halloween…

Oak Park, Il is going to “suggest” how you run your Halloween at this site:

Like it is a special event THEY are throwing or came up with, -how delusional hell I am doing what I want I am going to give out candy from 6am to 1am if necessary. I as always will start decorating wayyyyy early (September) and tell any neighbors who have a problem with to kiss it.

Although these are some great tips on this site for kids, what is with the whole “Stay within your neighborhood and visit only homes you know…” what fun is that? How are the kids expected to get any candy, especially if only one house is giving out candy on their block? I guess they are just screwed then.

Since they are suggesting so much, how about spending some of the money they take for parking passes buy some candy and have “trick or treat safe zones” where they give kids free freaking candy, how about that? Controlling freaks and Filthy stinking hippies such a bad combination especially when it comes to organizing a great holiday like Halloween. I would take Oak Park, Il’s suggestions with a grain of salt since they try to tax the shit out of residents anyway and do what you want on Halloween and party like its… Halloween.

Fu(king Rude kids stepping on my feet in Oak Park, IL

I see that there is a spike in crime around Oak Park, IL so I wonder why do parents let their kids walk around without teaching them to focus their attention upon their environment instead of their I-pad or I-phone? God, I sound like my father! But you have seen tons of these kids just walking down the street, oblivious to the world around them. I drive down the street and these kids are simply walking across the street nearly getting hit because they (and the driver) are not paying attention.

In a time when grown adults are getting beaten for their electronics on the Blue Line “L” you would think the parent of Oak Park, IL would tell their kids a thing or two about the world. There is no need to racially profile because color is not equal to the deciding if an individual is a criminal or not. Just a couple of minutes of telling these kids that they need to pay attention as they walk down the street, so that their kids do not become a statistic.

I had one kid walk straight down the street towards me, I walked a little left so did they, walked right they walked right, all the while looking down into their I-phone. Of course ,they nearly walked into me, as if they saw me for the first time, my first thought was if this was a scene out of a movie I probably just got pickpocketed! But no alas they did not even know I was there. I have seen kids walk down the street with their parents having to tell them to look up or pay attention.

I have even been stepped on by a little teenager in the Walgreens on Lake street because the little girl was skyping on her phone, I mean come on! I know it’s your status “symbol” but there is no need to: 1. Step on me, 2. Be skyping about your private conversation in a public place loudly, 3. Step on me 4. Not pay attention to your immediate environment and 5. Step on me! Now, I am all about social media but I do not want to get a beat down because I was that easy a target, or that I made the device that enticing to some nutcase.

Now yes, you should be able to walk down the street without worrying, in theory, but with the way Chicago has become crime central, who has nine lives to put that theory to the test? Parents in the area need to tell their kids to put their devices away and pay attention especially to people who are just walking down the street or are walking down the same aisle in the store as they are. I doubt this would happen because the residents, the parents of these special mini-mes are drinking the Kool-Aid Oak Park, IL is serving.

Believing that this is one of the safest places in the area and probably the world is not reality nor does it not help these young’uns to enter the real world. All this acceptance of false safety, acceptance of public display of one’s wealth or withdrawal from the rest of one’s immediate environment just leads to increased chance for their children to become a crime statistic. At the end of the day, I hope these kids learn their lesson the easy way, instead of the hard way, and quit stepping on my ass.

Am I alone seeing the kids of Oak Park, Il walking around focusing on nothing but the electronic device (I-phone, phone, I -pad, etc.,)? Have you been stepped on or ran into but these little omniscient gnomes of travel?

Racial Profiling in Oak Park, IL part 2

As I was reading this opinion piece regarding racial profiling I looked below at the comment section and got a huge headache. Well, because the spirit of what is wrong with Oak Park, IL just shined on through not like a piercing light but like a nuclear bomb on the ignorance that Oak Park, IL is so entrenched here. My signature eyebrow went up like “wtf?” and I had to post a retort that as of writing this did not post.

That is alright they can to censor exercises in freedom of speech as much as they want, Oak Park, Il is no longer the gem of the suburbs as it once was and it is due to comments like the one I will mention. This type of comment makes you scratch your head and think “what are they getting at..” but man you already know it is that unspoken confirmation of a fact that you know in your heart is true, and providence has shined a light down from the heavens to confirm its existence.

No, I do not mean the comment about “You’re right. It’s hard to know where to begin..” now there might have been a rash of robberies in the area of Ulta and the person mentioned could be of the same color, therefore everyone in the area is suspicious or on high alert. Does that make it right? No, but I can see why the commentator states what was the cause to this effect. Meaning, what is spring this event, is it because yes all the players are inherently racist and need to be welcomed into the 21st century of social justice and equality or the comment eludes to a narrative of “how do we fix this situation?” When I read this comment I can get with that, kudos to the author of that comment, let us have a positive discussion regarding this social injustice.

However, it is the other comment which drips with the attitude that does not make reading this opinion piece easy: “do you think it’s possible they had a history with this guy that had nothing to do with his race?” Really??? This type of comment makes me wonder how do you get to people who do not understand that this type of mindset is wrong. This is the type of mindset that is everywhere here in Oak Park, IL a type of unspoken community hoping back for the good old 1950’s where every street was as big as your hand, people fell in line with the community’s edicts, and especially fell in line with their “role” in the caste system existing here, presently.

A history? If there was a history with the gentleman being racially profiled in the event, he would be in the squad car, not out in the open, being asked questions by law enforcement. This implication means that he must “have done something wrong” in the past and that is why they are treating him this way now, this is the basis for racial profiling. America is the place where, yeah we gossip like hell on the blogs and rest of the internet about someone (i.e.: cyberbullying) but you are always, always innocent until proven guilty.

This commenter forgot that fact, I cannot speak on this author’s experience with this type of issue, but I bet they have “black friends” as a way to excuse this lapse of self-exposure, how they REALLY think. Unfortunately, it is how a lot of the people in Oak Park, Il think and have gotten away with it for so long, it is really a shame but this type of behavior is why no one wants to be here and the repetition of Oak Park, IL has taken a hit.

It is probably the reason they are asking the residents about diversity -who cares?? Especially if like in this case what is said is here is how the residents really feel, which is in direct contrast of Oak Park, Il’s message of inclusiveness, the message falls upon deaf ears, because no one wants to stay someone where they cannot park their car on a public street, nor get treated equally like their neighbors.

I truly wonder if this commentator has any children that this has happened to, were they followed around a store, where they stopped by police and asked multiple questions regarding their purpose in the area? I wonder if they would change their tune then or would they still state that “you must have a history with him” or “he must have done something wrong” and yes there are parents who say that! But I just wonder if the author f that comment really put themselves in someone else’s shoes would that comment exist, or are they so closed off from this ever changing world they do not see the problem with such a statement?

Here is the article in question, troll as you will:

Pendley, Gabrielle Brady (2016) “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere”…-anywhere-/