Happy Halloween in Oak Park, IL

Happy Halloween everyone! Here in Oak Park, IL you actually get to see some of the neighbors around here be good Christian folk and give out candy to the kids! I must admit I went trick or treating but I took my nieces and nephew as cover! LOL And that last year ‘s Halloween I got me some candy (doing a happy dance) of course you got the idiots who don’t give out candy and they are the ones I mention here on the blog. Just a bunch of crazy dried up old turds being assholes when there is no need to be ruining what is a good time for kids in the neighborhood.

But if you are in Oak Park, Il come out and spread the joy of Halloween if you don’t want to do it do it for the kids at least or those who are trying to enjoy it themselves. At least have a bag or two of candy, Geez don’t lock up your place like Fort Knox and cut off the lights while not turning down the television, we still know you are home! I just hope all these so-called bastions of society, good moral people of Oak Park, IL will at least act like what they say they are. Oak Park, Il professes that it has this giving liberal bohemian spirit until something Halloween happens and they have to put up and shut up. But that’s Halloween in Oak Park, IL oh well enjoy the day people.

For Day of the Dead celebrations in Oak Park, Il and elsewhere: Taco Tuesday -Chilorio Tacos

I thought this would be a great companion to Day of the dead celebration whether in Oak Park, Il or elsewhere. Chef Bayless has a series of these Taco videos on youtube.com, so check them out if you want to further make that special meal for your own Day of the Dead celebrations.

Happy Diwali from Oak Park, Il blog!

Happy Diwali to all my peeps of the Hindi faith! This is a festival of lights that many of the faith celebrate because it represents the victory of light/good over darkness/evil in a spiritual sense. The day before major renovations cleaning and decorations are done to further symbolize the holiday’s meaning.

The whole holiday season has a combination of days such as Dhanteras, with Dawali in the middle and Bhai Dooj at the end. Believed to be started after 500 AD and associated with Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity) the Hindi holiday has a history deep in history and positivity giving the faithful hope and in certain parts of India it is the start of the new Hindi year.

Mind you that the Unites States finally recognized this holiday back in 2003 when Dubya officially celebrated it at the White House with official status in 2007! This holiday also is related to psychology in the terms of being focused upon self-improvement, and self-inquiry, the basis is to be better, focus upon the positive within and to spread that positivity to others.

This is usually done through giving food (sweets, dry fruits, and seasonal specialties) to family, gift giving (this time is a huge shopping season like Christmas) and lighting fireworks, just like the 4th of July to physically show their commitment to Diwali.

I found an article that explains how many here in America and so forth are trying to use this holiday as an opportunity to explain the faith and the holiday. As it is very similar to Christmas with the message of rebirth, victory over darkness, decoration and the giving of gifts, I believe the holiday should be easy to explain to the American public.


And here is the official website, yes there is an official website (what???!!!!):


Happy Diwali!

Driving in Oak Park, Il is like living in the Amityville House

Oak Park, Il is like the Amityville Horror every time I drive in, it takes only 5 minutes before I run into someone so self-absorbed that they do not care about anyone else on the road! If it isn’t the average jerkful jaywalker that calmly strolls across the street when traffic has the green light. You have the driver who is obviously on their phone texting or whatnot sitting there at the light that turned green 21 seconds ago.

When dealing with these fools who walk across south Blvd. in the middle of the street, by either throwing their children strapped into a baby carriage out there or letting their dog on an eight-foot extendable leash to basically cross the street themselves. Oak Park, lL is filled with different irritants that change you over a short matter of time after the initial exposure.

Soon you are cursing, hollering out the window, nearly running over these privileged idiots usually because of their actions, but they push you to the point you second guess wishing that you nearly did. To the point, you may hear voices to save the rest of humanity from such stupidity, to stop such idiots from breeding. Soon as you get out of this area you find yourself calming down, you are back to normal just like the Amityville movie, as soon as you cross that border the intense traffic, the idiotic rapture that is Oak Park, IL and its impact escapes your body. The stress is alleviated as you reach that border, things, seems to get better, a lot better, just like the Amityville Horror movie.

Take a drive in Oak Park, IL, after you are done cussing all the world, driving aggressively, then go home and watch the Amityville Horror you will see the correlation. This village changes you, you come in with dreams and high expectations but then Oak Park, IL perverts all of it and corrupts you in the worse way. Also, the reason that I thought to write this around the Halloween season is evident because Oak Park, IL with all its pretentiousness can be its own horror movie.

Oak Park, Il likes to tell you how to run your Halloween…

Oak Park, Il is going to “suggest” how you run your Halloween at this site:


Like it is a special event THEY are throwing or came up with, -how delusional hell I am doing what I want I am going to give out candy from 6am to 1am if necessary. I as always will start decorating wayyyyy early (September) and tell any neighbors who have a problem with to kiss it.

Although these are some great tips on this site for kids, what is with the whole “Stay within your neighborhood and visit only homes you know…” what fun is that? How are the kids expected to get any candy, especially if only one house is giving out candy on their block? I guess they are just screwed then.

Since they are suggesting so much, how about spending some of the money they take for parking passes buy some candy and have “trick or treat safe zones” where they give kids free freaking candy, how about that? Controlling freaks and Filthy stinking hippies such a bad combination especially when it comes to organizing a great holiday like Halloween. I would take Oak Park, Il’s suggestions with a grain of salt since they try to tax the shit out of residents anyway and do what you want on Halloween and party like its… Halloween.