The Harlem Avenue and Lake Street area

I wish I could be happier but I cannot wait to be done with the school shit. There is more money involved with the added education so the new year will be brighter, even though I got my eye on other positions at other places. The raise will give me enough for a deposit on a new place, so I am very lucky on that point. I recently braved the Harlem and lake area, went into the new target and looked at the new parking areas over there.

I am not sure if everyone was not awake yet or the area is that dead nowadays. Maybe everyone has gotten use to avoiding that area. But I saw like maybe under 10 people in that small area which is weird for any time of day. I think all the construction in the area may have had a negative impact on the area businesses too.

I notice that the pub across from the green line is closed, they had a letter posted to the door which is posted on yelp as well. There was a Thai restaurant that there for years which closed too, also there are a couple more places, businesses that are now available to rent or will be opening soon. Which tells that there was a huge influx in the area economically but the village did nothing to keep these anchors stable or in the area. Same old shit, different day from Oak Park il

Oak Park, Il related: Reviews on Google and Yelp

I have been updating the Google account for Oak Park, Il blog, specifically, google maps because you can review businesses and restaurants just like Since I am already on yelp I am copying and pasting the reviews from Yelp to Google. This way I am consistent across the board with what I am saying about my experiences in Oak Park, Il and elsewhere. I am no nonsense with the reviews so I hope you enjoy them.

I am trying to keep all the accounts from Google/Blogger/Maps to WordPress to Yelp all on the same wavelength not being a major corporation it is very hard to keep all these social media sites plus Facebook together and on the same point. It is fairly simple once you get in a groove and keep all the outside noise out.

These are a basic simple guideline list on how I am doing the review thingee I am talking about:

  • log into both yelp and google
  • open up your account on yelp to reviews
  • open up google maps
  • copy the information from yelp (business name, address)
  • put it in google maps search
  • click onto the right business information on google
  • scroll down to write a review click it
  • just copy and paste the review from yelp to google

Sorry, it has some holes not my thing to create lists like this!

Oak Park, Il blog on

Just a side note that I am actually on as well. NO, I am not ranting and raving on there as I do here, well, yeah I kind of do, but a lot of it is positive! Actually, I do have (some negative) positive things to say about the local businesses in the area that actually hidden gems and it’s a shame that Oak Park, Il does not do more to support or advertise them!

For example, I notice that Oak Park, IL does a lot of Ernest Hemingway-themed celebrations maybe doing something with the businesses in the area like running special promotions with the events could help bring more dollars to the area. A promotion could be $5 off the bill at a local restaurant after a Hemingway museum visit, or Wright House tour, just something that ties it all together, but the lack of such support is the way of Oak Park. IL.

Please note: I usually grade these businesses from an Organizational development standpoint than a foodie standpoint, and I do recommend some of the dishes or items I have tried on their respective menus in my posts on yelp. Hopefully, those who got it together, as you will see by my posts, will be helped by the positive reviews and gain some new customers.

My name on is Tiffani P. -see you out there!