Oak Park, IL shows its true colors when it comes to parking by not approving improvements to parking garage

You know when you search google.com for parking in Oak Park, IL you see various articles that reflect the attitudes to parking here. For example, the parking attitude regarding the deteriorating parking garage for the Oak Park/River Forest high school is “why pay for a survey on the safety of the garage?” this can be taken two ways, in examining the board’s attitude whether it is

  1. why spend extra money after we know it’s a mess so why not tear it down? or
  2. it is still standing so why worry?

The fact that there is not straight forward opinion or decision makes this vague statement even more stressing, will action take place even some tragedy happens or is there something some action in place? The lack of attention to the parking situation even at a local high school is a unique look into the mindset of Oak Park, IL decision makers. Mentioning a swimming pool during the argument of turning down a survey regarding the safety of the garage is mind blowing, to me it says “hey lets focus on this pool instead..” which is very scary to me.

It just means that parking out here is just not a priority, no matter what the municipal organization here in Oak Park, IL when guess what? It really should be and this is one village that should be committed to creating parking everywhere in this small village! Whether that parking it is at the high schools in the area to the side streets where people are landlocked (without garages) and have various issues because of it, parking should be a priority.

Oak Park, IL is not Chicago and they make sure that we all know it, but why does this village have more issues regarding parking than downtown Chicago? I may have had almost as many issues regarding parking in Oak park, IL as I have when visiting my old haunts in Lakeview or the Gold Coast. But not as many issues why? Because there are parking garages down there and it is a major metropolitan city, here in a small suburb of that city there should not be that problem, looking at the ambiguous decision by the local school board as an example, I see why there are such issues. It is obvious that frivolous ascetic projects reign over projects that are guided by common sense and solve real major issues.

Schering, Steve (2016) “OPRF board declines further parking garage evaluation” June 16, 2016 Chicago Tribune


Ernest Hemingway the (Oak Park, IL) Dominican University-Hemingway Society partnership

Ah, remember when I said that Oak Park, Il or the group that runs the Ernest Hemingway museum and birthplace should pair up with a volunteer group to properly promote Hemingway and these two locations as it relates to Hemingway week?

Where I found some information: http://ehfop.typepad.com/the_ernest_hemingway_foun/

The International Hemingway Society had a conference at Dominican University during July 17-22, 2016 with presentations done by filmmakers (documentaries) and authors that pertain to Hemingway during scheduled dates. My question is that even though this is exactly what is needed why is it done at Dominican University? Why not the local high school which is even closer to The Hemingway House and museum? Why does Oak Park, Il’s association with River Forest have to take precedence over the convenience of a possible tour and a strategic placement to the Hemingway locations?

It seems to me something else that Oak Park, Il has bungled where the International Hemingway Society has not, in fact, they have organized it better than Oak Park, Il has, maybe because their events are done out of love for the man, the author, Hemingway and not just to exploit him.



Oak Park, IL nor Forest Park, IL do not how to promote local businesses (Save Defiant Comics)

One thing about this area is that they really do not know how to promote the businesses in their small area. Oak Park, IL nor the neighboring Forest Park, IL I have lived in both and they are both suburbs that have gained a lot from their reputations, not because of their marketing or business sense. Forest park does have a better grip upon bringing people to their local businesses on Madison Ave with their multiple festivals, so that is a plus in a way.

However, when it comes to an issue like construction (street repaving) in the area the businesses really suffer, similar to any metropolitan area but do to their small community nature marketing during these times are lacking. Suburbs like Oak park and Forest park need these small businesses not only necessary for tax purposes but to bring visitors in the area. The only thing that is good about where I am living is that with a young nephew, niece and a cosplaying teenage niece who love all the marvel movies is that I look terrific and awesome in their eyes because of two businesses in the area One Stop Comics (Oak Park, IL) and Defiant Comics (Forest Park, IL).

One Stop Comics is every pure comic book geek’s dream they have everything from the 1950s to present day, they have tons of room and tons of stuff encompassing that space. So for the younger kids visiting this idyllic so-called suburb of Oak Park, Il this was a candy land of toys, of all kinds, comic books, etc., it is one of the best places or stops in the area I can take them. The cosplaying niece loves this place because of the history that it represents and sells from multiple generations of comic book publishing, this history gives her tons of comic book characters to read about and possibly cosplay as.

Defiant Comics is the smaller independent store of the two focusing on independent books and the adult fan but kids as well, the two younger ones love this place due to the streamlined offerings this store has, focusing on the independents but also the modern era of comic books. Action figures, POP figures, and $1 comic book offerings, etc., the one dollar comics is something they can always plead that costs so little no matter how bad they make my nerves.

The combination of these two places is the yin and yang to keeping these visiting knuckleheads together and calm! But in recent weeks I learned that the latter Defiant Comics had to post a gofundme page due to a lack of business traffic brought on by the construction, street repaving done outside of their store! I literally screamed a little bit inside the idea that one part of the two punch whammy would be missing floored me. As both stores make the kids feel special and honestly I love those damn $1 comic books it makes their visits less expensive! however, the idea of losing a business that I like and no one in the community really from either village has done nothing about it seems like.

I mean I have to go down Madison avenue to get to the place so sometimes I would need to stop at either Mama Thai’s or the KFC to feed these kids, therefore, that means without it these other businesses lose my dollars if Defiant Comics was not there. I wonder if either village cares what the loss of a business like this that bring people of various demographics to this area just to buy a freakin book? How many people go comic store hopping like I do with the kids throwing dollars to the various businesses along the way? What does the loss of competition of one comic store does to the other?

It really sucks that Defiant Comics is going through this and I really don’t want to be the bearer of bad news to the kids as I am to everyone else on here when I talk about Oak Park, IL (ha!). Hopefully, people will go to their gofundme page and donate because they are giving discount membership cards if you give, so here’s the page”

Save Defiant Comics https://www.gofundme.com/2hnr3t8

You can link it to your Facebook page for more exposure for this business and/or go to their event on Sunday, August 28th, 2016 at 5:45 PM – 10 PM it is being held at Chalk 7414 Madison St, Forest Park, Illinois 60130

Not being a promote whore, but I hate either of these businesses to go the way of the old Chinese restaurant that was near the Harlem Green line stop for like tons of years, near the downtown Oak Park, IL area, what was its name? Yeah exactly you did not know it was over there, you cannot remember the name, now there’s some Ale house place there that was not busy for a while ..due to construction outside their door. Great marketing savvy from the village of Oak Park, IL now click on the link so I have two places to take these punk ass kids:

Save Defiant Comics https://www.gofundme.com/2hnr3t8 or go to their event on Sunday, August 28th, 2016 at 5:45 PM – 10 PM it is being held at Chalk 7414 Madison St, Forest Park, Illinois 60130 damn it!

WordPress tags that can work anywhere!

I have been blogging for a while now on Oak Park. IL and giving the different blog entries their tags and assigning different categories to the entries is a challenge. Now for Oak Park, IL I have been using these as tags and/or categories:

  • Oak Park,
  • Oak Park, Illinois
  • Chicago

Sometimes if I am taking about a specific subject matter like parking, or the Rental management companies using the word vintage I would use:

  • Parking
  • Rental and/or Rent
  • Apartment
  • Vintage

But just recently I found that WordPress.com already has general categories created already, so that it can reduce the amount of work that you and other bloggers do when creating blogs. These are some I have found that will link up or be assigned to past, present and future blogs on here:

  • personal musings
  • humor
  • place
  • current events

I figure I will post these up here along with where I found the different categories for all of you, that like me was in the dark about these premade categories. I did not know that and maybe other people reading are like “duh” but there maybe a few of my readers who are writing and assigning categories while still in the dark (about this information). I know when writing every little bit of help or information helps so here in the link for the categories below, good luck and keep writing!


Note: these are Categories for Word Press.com which I have a blog for Oak Park, IL already but I believe you can use these tags for any blog platform like blogger.com and so on. Hopefully, this helps in the future for writing your blogs, are there any other general categories of tags that may have increased your blog traffic?

Oak Park, Il: thanks for the bird shit

There are tons of trees in Oak Park and it is great! All these trees bring a nature feel to the area, to the concrete jungle, these trees bring a hippy “save-the-earth” atmosphere to Oak Park, giving oxygen back to the planet. All these trees in Oak Park brings squirrels, birds and bird shit tons of fucking bird shit.

This is fantastic city planning at work here people! Everywhere there is a parking spot it seems Oak Park tries to put a tree. Now you may think “No that’s a good thing, tons of shade in summer months…” blah blah blah nope it is not! Especially if you just went and paid to have your car washed and cleaned that same day and you have to obey Oak Park’s stupid parking requirements and basically park your clean ass car under a bird shit factory. Now your beautifully cleaned car has been covered in a layer of bird shit, what do you do now?

Of course, get it cleaned again at the car wash so that you can repeat the whole cycle all over again. The flying vermin that are partially responsible because they are shitting all over my car! However, they are just dumb animals that know no better, they are simply following instinct and nature.

The majority of the blame I place upon the city planners of Oak Park, thank you for the dumb ass design you created for the general parking situation in your area. My car covered in poop is the result of their incompetence, and I am probably not alone with that assessment.

Listen the parking passes in Oak Park are $300 a pop for 3 months (another gripe of mine) and are only good for certain times of the day, so that people can park under trees which are infested with birds, who then littered those same clean cars with shit. Thanks again Oak Park keep giving back!


Oak Park, IL: Barrie Park environment clean?

I received an article from my reader Nick about the area of Barrie Park and the area being evacuated basically due to toxic materials as listed in this article in 2001: Although it was great that the site was cleaned up it was done mostly because of a fear of lawsuits that would be associated with the contaminated area! Great reason, although true, hearing a whole peace to the world or green peace-themed speech would have been better to supporting the Oak Park, IL image. Even though it took residents a year and a half to get back to their homes I wonder how effective and efficient was the clean up?

This is the article regarding Barrie Park in 2001:


This is the article regarding Barrie Park in 2010:


However, in 2010 there was an article stating how the area near Barrie Park was fine and cleaned up, this article was more detailed with the amount of time 1999 to 2005 when the park was closed and is great as a compliment to the aforementioned article.  Again this article talks about the declining costs or home values in the area around Barrie Park. The article focused upon the increased focus of community relations and the grants given out due to this “disruption” however there is no true focus upon the environment. While the first article mentions the coal tar, how the waste can eventually mix with water become sulfuric acid then may even release cyanide gas the focus goes towards cost.

My thing is where is the concern for the environment and the impact on the residents as soon as the technical jargon is discussed the articles veer toward money and the façade of a connected community. I am wondering were there any studies regarding the health of the residents in the area? Did the waste get into the groundwater and drinking water of Oak Park, IL? Where is the focus on how the clean-up faired between these two articles?

I ask because I am having a problem finding recent information since the 2010 article, and any place that is so quick to direct focus away from environmental pollution as a cause to the resident health issue or any strange issues that occurs in the environment of that area definitely concerns me as a place to live in. Meaning the people living near this area can be adversely affected health wise on a long term scale but so long as property values and the park looks nice (found articles about that) is the focus whew we are good to go! Again in Oak Park, Il the appearance of it, the illusion of this great environmental suburb healthy and filled with trees and other green crap is what is needed to be sold is what is needed to be heeded and preserved even over the health of its residents.

I mean if something like this occurs there is constant testing done and the issue of pollution is addressed constantly for years to come, on how far the cleanup has had an impact and made the site of pollution better, on a yearly basis. However, there is nothing, so why is that? Is Oak Park, IL being Oak Park, IL again and not focusing on what it should be focusing on again? Yeah, it sounds like I rather err on the side of caution on this one, what do you think?

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Signage in Oak Park, IL

I had to comment on this article on the original site because I was looking up information regarding how Oak Park, IL determines its signage and ran across this craziness:http://www.oakpark.com/News/Articles/6-21-2016/Oak-Park-overhauling-signage/I personally think that Oak Park, Il has way TOO much signage or maybe even that Oak Park, IL has too much, of the wrong signage instead of worrying about people not parking on Tuesday between 8am to 10 am, how about directions to downtown Oak Park, Il from other parts of the village? Maybe even signage regarding directions (as the article states) to where one can get to the modes of transportation that connected to Oak Park, IL to the outside world. This would bring outside (of Oak Park, IL) consumer dollars into Oak Park, IL and may even alleviate some of the traffic woes it faces on a daily basis.I mean the village of Oak Park, IL made this big thing about joining the Divvy Bike Program, however as this article states there is no signage regarding it? Huh? Does that make a lot of sense or does it seem like a bunch of taxpayer dollars being thrown away, again by Oak Park, IL?The good thing about this proposal is that nothing is binding considering the fiscal mess that the state of Illinois is in, is creating more and revamping the signage of Oak Park, IL really a huge priority? How about getting some of the construction sites around the area completed first, then worry about how pretty the signs in Oak Park, IL look, second?But of course appearance is everything in Oak Park, IL, regardless of how chaotic and rotten everything else is, so long as it is what we say it is! And a duck is a duck, if we say it is, no matter what it is! Especially if it is actually a steamy piece of …. Well.

Source: Signage in Oak Park, IL

Oak Park, IL web pages

I wanted to post a couple of these blog posts as web pages but decided against it because I am not sure if people would find them as easy as they have found my blog. The main purpose of the blog and web pages is to put out there what everyone is thinking, by commenting on these various issues in Oak Park, IL here and on other sites to hopefully create a “web” of collective thoughts that all deal with the problems in Oak Park, IL.

Basically, it is a wake-up call for the masses (sorry if I sound preachy) in Oak Park, IL and the surrounding Chicagoland area that these are real issues even though we “complain” in a sarcastic manner or deal with them for the time being. The internet is a great to vent those emotions, issues and concerns we all have in an easy and fairly quick format while getting verification that we are not the only ones that feel a certain about the dealing that are happening in Oak Park, IL

Here are those other web pages that are connected to the site:





Oak Park, Il blog on yelp.com

Just a side note that I am actually on Yelp.com as well. NO, I am not ranting and raving on there as I do here, well, yeah I kind of do, but a lot of it is positive! Actually, I do have (some negative) positive things to say about the local businesses in the area that actually hidden gems and it’s a shame that Oak Park, Il does not do more to support or advertise them!

For example, I notice that Oak Park, IL does a lot of Ernest Hemingway-themed celebrations maybe doing something with the businesses in the area like running special promotions with the events could help bring more dollars to the area. A promotion could be $5 off the bill at a local restaurant after a Hemingway museum visit, or Wright House tour, just something that ties it all together, but the lack of such support is the way of Oak Park. IL.

Please note: I usually grade these businesses from an Organizational development standpoint than a foodie standpoint, and I do recommend some of the dishes or items I have tried on their respective menus in my posts on yelp. Hopefully, those who got it together, as you will see by my posts, will be helped by the positive reviews and gain some new customers.

My name on yelp.com is Tiffani P. -see you out there!

Laundry in Oak Park, IL

Oh, I forgot on the same day that I had crazy lady asking me to move my car so it would block a fire hydrant and not be parked in front of her house, I had another issue.

Unfortunately, I have a building laundry area that I have to share so doing the wash takes steps and planning.

Step one of the plan was to throw the laundry in two of the four washers, let that go for the 45 minutes it takes to run.

Then step two, Go down and throw the two loads in the two of the four dryers down there and let them run for the 45 minutes that is needed.

Then step three bring the stuff back up after its dry and fold the clothes.

Well step one worked perfectly it’s the steps two to three that a neighbor decided to mess it up and I guess during my step two started their own wash of three loads and decided I took too long to come down and took one of my loads from the dryer and threw it on top of the dryer it was previously in.

Then they replaced it with their stuff, in the dryer and took up the other two empty dryers. Now there was not a lot of clothes in any of these dryers, so taking up three made no sense.

And I know who it was this one Caucasian guy 6’2 174 lbs slight build blond hair i remember him well because I was down there during a previous episode of laundry day I was getting my clothes out of one dryer and he came down there all crazy and shit and opened up a dryer that had clothes in it. Asked me if they were mine, after I said no, he started to dump them on the top of the dryer and put his clothes in, then repeated the process for the next two dryers.

Well this time around some of my stuff was kind of dry (Still hot to the touch) and some of it was damp so I am not sure if this one dryer went the full cycle or he just felt privileged enough to take it over because his time means more than mine.

Man so I did the only thing I could do, and take the stuff off the top of the dryer and put it in the basket then I took the laundry out of the other dryer and put that in the basket as well. Of Course, I checked the other three dryers to make sure none of my clothes were in them and took my clothes upstairs and folded them (see picture).

Twenty minutes later I heard the laundry room gate slam and some talking then it slammed again five minutes later the laundry room gate slammed yet again then a minute later it slammed again. I looked out and saw the silhouette of a tall guy. So it must have been him, then I heard a repeating of the slamming of the gate five times (almost every twenty mins) through the time span of an hour. Crazy.