Quarantine Story #3 Prince tribute -ahhh no

So, thanks to the coronavirus and the idiots who are protesting the quarantine measures I found myself watching a part, a very little part of the Prince tribute. And being the fourth anniversary of his death, one could only imagine what type of benefit concert he would have put together for this whole coronavirus mess. However, with that aside I sit here, watching the first couple moments wondering what the fuck?

There was no passion, energy or anything that would reminds us of the artist himself. This is what was on television for this shitty pandemic, and now I have an overwhelming urge to slap the shit out of everyone in this shitty little village who does not wear a mask out in public. Because this Prince-lite concert is what I am left with as entertainment.

It seemed like it was a show for everyone to showcase their own talents instead of going out of their comfort zones to match the energy of Prince. I mean at least halfway, come on! I had to watch this passionless nonsense by a bunch of people who did not work with Prince or did not get his songs right. I was a captive of these crazy versions of his songs. It was like your most heartfelt stories, poetry, and memories being told by an ex who really hated the shit out of you and wants to put their spin on things to the rest of your family and friends.

I really liked of course the Time and the Revolution, but the rest was just a mess. I am glad Sheila E is going on year four of grabbing this incredible dude’s spotlight, but after four years and with a quarantine in place.,,, she should have done better. And I am praying that these nasty ass residents here in Oak park, Il can stop doing whatever it is that is keeping the rest of us inside. That way the rest of us will not be forced to be “entertained” by such tragically flawed caricatures of a legend’s musical genius.

Quarantine story #2

At Walgreens, old dude in line just standing there 18 feet of space between him and the next person. The people behind him (including someone who worked there) asked him to move up because the rest of the line was then (because of his old ass) in the store aisles.
He yelled “don’t tell me what to do, I got rights!” I guess he thought wearing all camo, a NRA hat, and a bunch of American flag (Which is illegal) gave him carte Blanche… but the black dude behind him responded “you got the right to move your ass up” then the little ass Amish store clerk (yes Amish) told the old dude “if you don’t want to move up you can get out the store”
I think at that point as I was walking up to the line wanted to beat his old was. Old people are just wilding out here and do not get all that crap that flew before is no longer the norm. But that old dude left the store without saying too much more… Lol

quarantine c

Coronavirus story #1

So, I got my hair trimmer from Best buy and it was an introvert’s dream I pulled up and said my name, what I ordered and the guy went to get my order, He came back and gave me my order at my car. Done. No walking around entire families, ducking that one person who likes to open mouth cough in the store when you are walking by, etc.

But there was one dude in front of me looking like a Tiger king reject, or that dude from the B horror movie that is out in the desert running the Ham radio station. This fool ordered a 40 inch TV set in the middle of a pandemic and had the nerve to have his trunk open filled with a lion blanket and cases of mountain dew and Pepsi zero, etc. which made wonder how the hell it was going to fit.

But this moron was chain smoking so he grasped my attention due to that and his pacing back and forth in front of my car. He then yells out to one of the Best buy guys if he can go INSIDE the store to get a HMDI cable for the TV. LOL He was bouncing back and forth between two associates asking this moronic question (both said no). Luckily the associate with the hair trimmer came back so I was gone in two secs.

But my question is who in the hell is getting a new TV in the middle of a pandemic and for what? This is the same moron who would try to break into your house to get your toilet paper because they did not take this pandemic seriously. And then catch a cap while Cypress hill ‘s real estate is playing in the background. SMH

Old people keeping the Corona alive..

Went to home depot to pick up my package in Cicero because it was the one I could make a straight shot to and then get home within reason. And they are not playing because the town of Cicero requires not asks for people entering the store to have a mask on. If you don’t have a mask you would be asked to leave. What the hell? Then I found out that Skokie is doing this as well. Making the idiotic village of Oak Park, Il one of the places that has people just run around without masks and open mouth coughing.

I see a lot of seniors running around without masks and gloves, it would be really great if either the Governor or village idiot made it mandatory to have a mask to go into stores. That way we can stop a lot of the kamikaze runs these seniors are intent on doing dooming the rest of us with their irresponsibility. It’s the Greatest generation turned to a bunch of senile idiots with no common sense whatsoever. If they keep this stupidity up, of going everywhere without the needed PPE equipment they will solve the social security funding problem by just dying of CVOID-19. You cannot tell them anything and you cannot make people who think they are still able to do whatever they want to listen to reason.

At this point I am just fed up with people not taking this pandemic serious, my emphatic ear is now deaf. If you go out without gear and infect oh the fuck well, especially if you are a senior citizen. I mean Jesus there are literally special store hours for the elderly to go in and shop in local stores and not be exposed by younger people who might infect them with the virus however they still rather take chances. A law in place statewide would be a good idea the next step would be to enforce it and maybe then we can get the number of cases down and then this country back to normal. But not until the senior stupidity stops.

The streets are aliveeeeeee with the sound of pandemic

The streets are clear thanks to corona. There are hardly the numerous fools running around for their “exercise” actually let me stop there. These fools are bouncing down the street in attire or form that will damage their knees as they get older. The other fools are the ones running with their dogs. As they let their animals poop all over someone else’s property.

Streets clear of traffic, slow, stupid driving. The quiet is very eerie, but very welcome. It really shows how oak park could be less annoying and more tantalizing to people who either visit or want to live here. It is a shame that the coronavirus had to be cause of this peace. But nevertheless, I took a picture of it just to remember this event. Because it is very unique to see such emptiness in this suburb. If you can find some essential reason to get outdoors for a second. Do so, because the peace is amazing.

Aprils Fools day -eh

I am not sure if you had a great April fools day or not. But reflecting back on it, trying to pull a prank on one’s self in an apartment is kind of boring. And I never knew that this holiday depends so much on the company of others, yet when in quarantine it becomes very evident.

So the boredom set in that day for me, because any prank that I may have had thought of, had the requirement of me being in the personal company of another person. Now with the holiday behind me I am planning something for next year. But even that is an issue, because I hate to say it, but who knows if the people I am planning the next year’s April fools days pranks against will be around. Either in the area, at the Same place of employment or to be a grim bitch alive after this pandemic. And that last statement is a factor that can play on either side (theirs and mine).

Even if I tried to do long distance pranks I would have the coronavirus working against me when it came to deliveries or hiring someone to do a singing telegram or scary clown altercation. It would have been either a cancellation of the service by the business or the person would have who the prank was intended would have finally been sent home to work there or at a residence I had one idea of. In the end totally fucking up my April fools days pranks anyway. Hopefully next year’s will be better.

Quarantine in Oak Park, IL

Quarantine. Yeah still alive. Reason? Cause I am staying in Berwyn for now. Which has a stay at home thing in place too. But unlike the Oak Park zealots less over the top. This is exactly what this piece of shit village needs in all seriousness. Too much “community” i.e.: getting in people’s faces, telling them how to run their lives from their soapbox.

I really am amazed that the infected count is so low with the penchant for these idiots to be in one another’s faces. Like that close talker episode from Seinfeld. Oak Park has to be pushing their individual agendas in someone else’s face. Always and nonstop. The fact that the mayor of this burn, shut it down was no surprise, as always Oak Park wants to be first to do things that are “right”. Therefore, they are able to claim the tallest soapbox for their individual bullshit.

Kind of funny that the governor already had a stay at home order revving to go anyway. So, the whole oak park shut down in the end, really did not matter. But yah! We’re first! Idiots.

Hard to write about Oak Park, Il

The hardest part about these blogs is trying to find out where you left off at. What are the passwords for these fucking log-ins? Should I write about his experience or just chalk it up to just the worse in humanity live in this village? Where is all your old shit that you created? Did I already write about this craziness? How much more douche bag can Oak Park, IL really get?

Well, we all know that Oak park, IL can get douchy-er than what it currently is now. But it takes a crisis or a life changing event to sit my ass down to write some more about Oak Park, IL. The blog has a purpose to document a chunk of experience and happenings within the village of Oak Park, Il for one perspective for others to hear about. Because really all you hear is great things, like a bad marriage that everyone is suffering in even the family dog. All you hear is “great schools” “Frank Lloyd Wright” “Ernest Hemingway” etc. and so forth with more bullshit. Never about the racism in the schools, how Wright and Hemingway are fundamentally the only great things that happened to the village in a very long time.

The village of Oak Park, IL is always pushing the positive narrative and having that head in the sand mentality. Which this blog is not a part of at all. The thing is, there has to be a ying to a yang there has to be negatives to the positives. Never should someone hear about this shitty little burb and get buyer’s remorse after they have put their lifesavings in a property here. Hell, if you ask me Oak Park IL’s reputation has been lost to the wind, and there are suburbs that are more deserving like Riverside.