Oak Park, IL kids and crossing the damn street.

Quick question when did we especially in Oak Park, IL give up on teaching kids the fundamental knowledge or principles of life? To be specific when did they stop learning how to cross the street?

This basic and fundamental piece of everyday knowledge seems to be missing in their routine and become something foreign or obsolete like learning Latin.

Honestly, I don’t know Latin because there is no need to know it but crossing a street is still something that is a requirement. Until we all get flying cars or teleportation booths get us from point a to point b like “The Jetsons” or “Star Trek” this knowledge is still a requirement.

So tell me why these kids wearing pink gear thinking they are smarter than anyone over twenty require a crossing guard? I did not know owning an iPhone meant that the outside world needs to treat you like you are five and that you need a grown up to assist you across the street.

I am not talking about the grade school kids I mean the high school ones slowly dragging their asses across the street when did these kids need this type of supervision? Was it when the gang wars between the “noparks” and the “noscoopsadogpoop” happen? Someone battling down the mean streets of Oak Park, IL racing to their coffin beating the sunrise like Dracula?

Before there is a retort of a lot of areas do it… No, they don’t mostly because they cannot afford to, or maybe they are old school enough to let these birds fly out the nest and spreading their wings is a good thing.

I know I did not have it and my ass gets across the street no matter if I have the light or not. Meaning what happened to teaching kids to get across the street by themselves or even in a timely manner because during the summer months these young’uns seem like they cannot go across South Blvd. when they have the right of way without all vehicles it seems coming to more than a complete stop.

Basically, these kids need to cross the street is each car to turn their engines off while they somehow navigate themselves across the street. That’s only when they can take the time to stop paying attention to their phones, and look up, yes the world is still here pay attention!

Generational gap and technological advancements do not mean there should be an absence of this basic survival skill. I mean this is the generation that can look up videos on the effects of having a two-ton vehicle hitting the human body, knowledge is power but it also you alive another day. So why not teach it?

Why rely on others to safe guard your children or responsible? If we could rely on other to do the right thing and obey the rules, then we wouldn’t need stop signs. And that is why is important for these kids learn to pay attention and get across the street with purpose because at the end of the day no one cares you like you so act like you about you too.