Black Lives Mural in Oak Park, IL defaced -no surprise there!

Well, Well and Well. Thank you for proving me fucking right! Oak Park, IL has taken off its mask and shown its ugly RACIST face. On the 8th someone or maybe a group of people vandalized the Black Lives Matter mural and changed it to an “All Lives Matter” mural. Honestly “all lives matter” is bullshit because they do not. The same assholes who say that are the ones who have a problem wearing a mask when around people in public venues.

This was a festering in the area where the “overwhelming support” obviously had some dissenters. There is video online of a couple that, in broad daylight are painting over a similar Black Lives Matter mural In California, for them evne though they are obviously racist and out their fucking minds, I have a sliver of respect for them over the idiots who vandalized the mural in Oak Park, IL. The couple in California at least had the BALLS to do it in broad daylight, these people in Oak Park, IL actually did it at night.

Plus, on top of that is the area in which this occurred: Scoville Avenue just south of Lake Street in Oak Park. And no one saw nothing? Near Lake street? Which is Oak Park’s Michigan Avenue?? come on!! That tells you what the area thinks about this mural in the first place. Every time I drive through this area at night, I always run into a cop car, but on the 8th there, was, not, one???? No one was a person, or a group of people do all this new “artwork” to the mural?

Unfortunately, no one will come forward because everyone is in the closet with their hatred in Oak Park, IL unless you have some idiot who brags to a friend, who then brags to a friend who does NOT appreciate that shit. Add to this situation is that the couple in Martinez is being charged with a hate crime in their case so most likely the people involved here will be charged the same way. With the Oak park police department, I doubt the perps will be found because there are no consequences to not do the right thing and find the people involved.

Unless either the state or federal government fines the village for its lack of charging vandals in this case their will not be charges however, I guess the area will be more vigilant regarding the mural… at least for a while. But this is truly not a surprise considering how fake ass Oak park, IL really is. With all the past racial incidents not really coming to a solid conclusion it does mar the area, and those residents, students who try to move on and do more with their lives. Coming from a racist ass village does not sing well with college admissions representatives who do not want to accept student who may become a hassle in the future regardless of the probabilities that student may or may not be one (a hassle).

The problem is instead of facing its racist present Oak Park, Il would rather put on a mask and fool itself regarding what is still going on. As now everyone around the village can see this “shining beacon on a hill” is really not shit. The mask is off and there is no way to put it back on.

PS: Oh, I found out about the mural being defaced wayyyyy early in the morning via social media and waited until the local news confirmed it four hours later. FOUR HOURS. Great going Oak Park, IL!

Here is the article regarding the pair in California being charged with hate crime:

Here is the article regarding the mural being defaced:

Black lives matter mural in Oak Park, IL

There is not a lot happening here in Oak Park, IL but when it does it is laughable.

First of all, hats off to the non-black kids who were part of this activism. Second, when its Oak Park and a liberal “fad” all responses that you would hear is “Overwhelmingly positive”. Unfortunately, that is where the positivity stops. Meaning, great gesture, wrong place or avenue to place that energy.

Anyone of color will tell you that the mural is great. But what about ACTUAL reform? Every company form coast to coast is suddenly “woke” but it does not mean shit if change does not happen. If the old guard that has caused the situation or hostile environment that requires a need for change is still in place …it means nothing.

The mask of Oak Park, Il is inviting, welcoming and inclusive however the real face of Oak Park, IL is racist as a KKK BBQ. The fact that those cul da sacs are still in existence up and own Austin Avenue bordering Chicago, the atmosphere of racism will still persist. The fact that most of the residents will get in your face to tell you what they think or what to do instead of minding their fucking business and curb their fucking attitude is the reason why we have sooo many videos of confrontations nowadays.

Confrontations that are racial based, although the agitators like most of the residents in Oak Park, IL probably feel they are in the “right” to expound about whatever they are in their feelings about. The fact of the matter it comes from privilege that no mural will change. These feelings that a group of people are secondary is evident on a daily basis here in Oak Park, IL and it will not end anytime soon.

In other words: great effort, but misplaced.

Here is the link to the mural:

Renting in Oak Park, IL -some helpful links

When moving into Oak Park, Il or anywhere else you need to be on your toes regarding the rental process. Below I have added some links to the’s website regarding the rental process. What questions you should ask normally, an apartment checklist to things you should do when you move out. Because Oak Park, IL will make you do that, move out.

I would also research or ask about:

The parking conditions in the area. This is serious because if you do not know the parking restrictions in the area of your new place you can easily rack up 50 to 150 dollars’ worth in tickets.

The demographics of your neighbors. Families will tell you how busy the area will be. Seniors will tell you how quiet you need to be and how much intrusiveness you can expect on your daily life when you are entering or exiting the public domain.

Here are the articles I aforementioned above:

Oak Park, IL package watching

One of my newest jobs I have now is tracking packages. I order stuff online so that I do not have to go in stores and expose myself to covid19 and the idiotic attitudes that some of my neighbors have. It all starts with that hard to find item that you search in vain when you go inside a store nowadays. After multiple attempts and multiple stores you get tired and say “f it I will find it online” -that is where the adventure begins

Therefore, you go online, say to, find your item, purchase your item and get your confirmation email. After a while you will get that shipment confirmation email the game enters the third quarter. Now you start looking for that “delivered” email so you can go to your door and get it. Done. Winning.

But no, not for me there is always an email and the fun begin. Either I am getting my package(s) from outside the main hall door, again, outside at adjoining apartment door. Also, I had to grab my package from either in front of my neighbor’s door or again, in front of my neighbors door but from a pile of their packages with another neighbor watching me.

Therefore, on days that I have a scheduled date I spend most of the day looking outside for delivery trucks or just looking out the door. Wasting my entire day of course this probably happens everywhere but the amount of times I bitch to either coworkers, family and friends it seems like it happens more here in oak park, I’m than other places even more than Chicago. Fed ex, UPS, DHL they are all liking to screw with your mind.

But now with the coronavirus, delivery of items is a huge avenue for retailers and customers meet. Only to have all these hiccups, mistakes and inconveniences to ruin the experience, to create this action of commerce become a second job for the customer. And that is how I sometimes spend my day.

Links to Oak Park, IL-corporations linked pages

I wrote a few pages connected to the Oak Park, IL blog. About Com ed, etc. These are page links:
I usually write about Oak Park,, but these are subjects that are loosely associated with it. I really cannot stand some of the organizations that operate in or loosely with the village of Oak Park, Il therefore I give them a spotlight to shine. I should not say shine because usually these organizations are acting on some type of bullshit or insanity. But click on the links for more detail.

So Hate does have a home in Oak Park-River Forest!!!

Now I did not want to say anything about this altercation in River Forest, Il until all the facts came in. BECAUSE you know how people get “this video does not show everything that happened” or “Lets wait for all the facts” But as I said before there is huge racism at play in the local area’s real estate/property management market. And to illustrate that point was the idiot who started a racial tinged altercation at the River Forest Jewel with a woman of color.

Now, before you say, “that is just one person” fucking please. This dude was just overt with his shit. There are plenty of people who are just covert with it or they hide behind “this came from the top not me…” When bullshit Karen its 100% you. I have copied the River Forest Police Department’s Facebook statement below (in case you hate Facebook, like I do) and as per the news and the statement this “gentleman’ was not only the instigator, there were MULTIPLE witnesses to the parts not seen by the video and as you can see by his picture has no remorse.

If this gentleman is acting like this at a Starbucks, you can only imagine this dude when conducting real estate deals that include People of Color (POC). I hope that everyone (POC) who has dealt with this man and had a real-estate deal gone astray for some odd or fishy reason comes back to make a complaint against him. The village of Oak park, Il and River Forest, IL should also look into his business practices as a result of this incident. But that’s if they are only truly wanting to put money to all the shit they are talking about equality.

I extremely doubt that after a plea deal which he does not deserve from hitting a woman, that the local law enforcement will push punishment any further.  Nowadays there is a need for a clean cut example that this behavior is not tolerate, fuck that “sorry” shit, because this dude has handed everyone a clear opportunity to set things right. Hopefully the village of River Forest will have balls to take it.


Village of River Forest

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The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has charged River Forest resident Robert Palley (61) with one count of a Hate Crime and one count of Aggravated Battery (Public Place) after an incident in the Jewel parking lot on Wednesday morning.

The Cook County Felony Review Unit recommended the charges after an investigation by the River Forest Police Department and prosecutors.

Mr. Palley is alleged to have committed a battery against a female, African-American woman in the parking lot of a Jewel Foods store (7525 W. Lake St.) following a verbal exchange that, according to the victim and witnesses, was racially-motivated.

During the course of its investigation into the altercation between Mr. Palley and the victim, River Forest Police investigators sought felony charges against Mr. Palley for his role in the incident.

Mr. Palley will participate in an online bond hearing this afternoon.

“We have no tolerance for hate in River Forest,” said River Forest Village President Cathy Adduci. “We appreciate and support the thorough work of our River Forest Police Department as well as the cooperation of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to hold those who engage in criminal activity that is motivated by hate fully accountable. And, we applaud the witnesses that helped the investigators determine the facts in this case so that felony charges could be brought against this individual. Finally, we’re pleased that officials from Jewel-Osco cooperated immediately by providing video footage, which helped us move forward quickly on this case.


Here is the link to the article if you want to share with others:

Here is the (short) video of this dude being approached but this woman in the parking lot and him flipping out:

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Crazies in the Oak Park area: Jesus and penis bombs

We always knew there were crazies around Oak Park, Il and the neighborhood areas but a dude welding a knife … at a dollar store??? Come on. At one point he stated he was Jesus… this is definitely a reason or argument for mental health care. Something that Is lacking across the state. Plus, it seems there seems to be an increase of homeless people travelling through the area. Hopefully the local law enforcement will be able to have access to resources to help individuals suffering in similar ways. This way all parties can be protected, and all interactions end up on a positive note.

Also, to add to the area’s amount of crazy the police responded to a business on Madison that got a glitter Penis bomb the reporting officer stated he had previous experience with such “bombs” …uh okay. Not touching that one. I mean I know about the penis grams but glitter penis bombs?? One hundred and ten percent gag related and I am totally jealous.

Here is the article talking about Jesus with a knife and penis bombs:,-declares-he-is-Jesus-%7C-Police-reports-May-5-_-9/?fbclid=IwAR1u-rReyNlvLheEcUIFnRqa-3CarbHTnFAaZj-bAvrwjEVIe95nGCMk4Ik

The businesses in the Oak Park, IL area are stepping up

The businesses in the Oak Park, IL area are stepping up in this new climate to try their best to stay aloft. I made a post about how one business in Oak Park, IL One Stop Comics, made a go fund me page to pay their expenses.

Now I see that on Facebook they are still promoting the go fund me page, but also a (new?) Website for the store to purchase comics, graphic novels and other comic related memorabilia, online which is a sign of the times for most retailers. A lot of retailers are trying to mirror Amazon by doing increasing their market presence online and doing away with the old-fashioned brick and mortar way of doing business (face to face). The same holds true for restaurants in the area.

One business Taco Bros. Which was new on the scene, at least for me, is promoting constantly online that they are open and are taking orders as you read this. Most restaurants in Oak Park, Il base their business model on the average restaurant experience. Experience is the main word here of emphasis, customers go to most restaurants for the experience. And once in a while customers, “play” with take out, and there are a few restaurants in Oak Park, IL, I’m that deal with just that side of the business.

This was obviously before the pandemic, now restaurants must depend on take out or delivery as the main source of revenue. As you heard via the news, a lot of scrutiny is being placed on businesses such as door dash because customers and restaurants presently are highly depending on such services as the middleman for their continued interactions.

With issues occurring with this, organizations are building their own online and delivery channels and actively marketing to the public to maintain revenue. When businesses like Taco Bros or One Stop Comics are going online and saying “hey we are still here” as a community we should respond with our $$$.


Taco Bros online menu:

Order from Taco Bros through DoorDash:

The new One Stop Comics website that you can order online from:

Happy Memorial Day! 2020

Happy Memorial Day!

Hopefully you are social distancing staying your ass at home, barbecuing by yourself or those who live with you. And you are not out and about exposing yourself to corona or exposing others to the virus.

This year holidays are weird due to the virus, but we are still Americans, still have the majority of our rights, and can celebrate those who served to keep those rights alive, but with social distancing as responsible individuals.

So happy memorial day be responsible stay home don’t blow your fingers off with firecrackers and stay safe… At home.


Here are some links discussing Memorial Day and what it really is about; ie: not about you drinking all day and partying like a fool:


Ugh I hate the Best buy in Melrose park can it go somewhere?

With the coronavirus hitting a ton of businesses like a brick to head, there are some businesses that are getting their long due desserts. I mean Pier 1, JC Penney, these businesses are blaming the closing of their stores due to covid 19. When really, they have been failing for a long time. Before the virus they blamed customers choosing Amazon and online shopping over their brick and mortar stores.

But damn, whose fault is it that they did not a bigger online presence, better sales or prices, have better customer service? Excuses like this is what these big box stores use to explain their bad behavior, bad business decisions, and lack of changing their organizational behavior to please their customer base.

This is harder for small businesses to do due to a lack or resources, but big box stores have more resources, more money and more chances to make things right to build, maintain and increase their customer base.

For me as an example there is nothing that will have me shed any tears of the Melrose park Best Buy location. The service there is crap, the employees seem to be apathetic and the product displays were horribly presented. I thought if I have to go there since it was closer to oak park than Best Buys north riverside location I would order online. I bought a specific item online, got the email confirming purchase, then received an email that the item was ready. Everything was good to go I got in the car, drove over there, and in the parking lot I got an email stating the item was no longer available and my order cancelled. Cannot get that with Amazon Lol!

Ever since then if I buy anything from Best Buy, which is once in a blue moon I go all the way to the north riverside location. As bad as losing 90,000 plus people is, if the corona “wants” to impact anything, it could impact this best buy location like it did JC Penney or Pier 1. And unfortunately, the organization like the others I mentioned would not have the class, or sense to take responsibility for their bad business decisions. They would foolishly blame this virus, when it’s really their own damn fault. Girl bye.