New job Oak Park IL blog related

Honestly after finding a new job that got me in the heart of downtown Chicago I felt better on my soul. Because I am dealing more with the real world than the flakes of Oak Park, il it’s sad when Chicago makes more sense than one of its suburbs. You are supposed to be getting away from craziness when you go outside the city limits not going into it. But that’s why I have not posted that much to the Oak Park, il blog, looking for a job is a job with in itself.

Then once you get a new one there is that transition period with learning new things, and tighting to altering your budget to this new reality. At least this Korean air job is closer to what I went to school for, and I am not flipping fries worrying about how to pay for student loans while wondering how I am going to get my professional career off the ground. Oh well back to the grind.