Oak Park, IL does not care about parking, it wants a pool even cartoons make fun of them.

Instead of worrying about the parking issues in the village or anything else it seems the Oak Park, Il is following its neighborhood Chicago, into the depths of corruption and is determined to use public taxpayer fund to pay for a new pool. A pool that only probably 1% of the 1% of Oak Park, Il’s entire population will use. It is even fleshed out in the local commentary cartoon “Scrubtown” on August 17th 2016


If you read the comments section of this cartoon, the readers reinforce the obvious Oak Park, IL does not care about the obvious issues that plague its residents or reenters, in fact, it rather creates “pork projects that make no sense.


This is not what Oak Park, IL tries to portray themselves to the outside world but it proves what I have been stating all along that this village has no common sense at all. It runs of pretentious bullshit and total disdain for its fellows, its own neighbors that live in this microcosm of disillusionment. What a waste.

Racial Profiling in Oak Park, IL part 2

As I was reading this opinion piece regarding racial profiling I looked below at the comment section and got a huge headache. Well, because the spirit of what is wrong with Oak Park, IL just shined on through not like a piercing light but like a nuclear bomb on the ignorance that Oak Park, IL is so entrenched here. My signature eyebrow went up like “wtf?” and I had to post a retort that as of writing this Oakpark.com did not post.

That is alright they can to censor exercises in freedom of speech as much as they want, Oak Park, Il is no longer the gem of the suburbs as it once was and it is due to comments like the one I will mention. This type of comment makes you scratch your head and think “what are they getting at..” but man you already know it is that unspoken confirmation of a fact that you know in your heart is true, and providence has shined a light down from the heavens to confirm its existence.

No, I do not mean the comment about “You’re right. It’s hard to know where to begin..” now there might have been a rash of robberies in the area of Ulta and the person mentioned could be of the same color, therefore everyone in the area is suspicious or on high alert. Does that make it right? No, but I can see why the commentator states what was the cause to this effect. Meaning, what is spring this event, is it because yes all the players are inherently racist and need to be welcomed into the 21st century of social justice and equality or the comment eludes to a narrative of “how do we fix this situation?” When I read this comment I can get with that, kudos to the author of that comment, let us have a positive discussion regarding this social injustice.

However, it is the other comment which drips with the attitude that does not make reading this opinion piece easy: “do you think it’s possible they had a history with this guy that had nothing to do with his race?” Really??? This type of comment makes me wonder how do you get to people who do not understand that this type of mindset is wrong. This is the type of mindset that is everywhere here in Oak Park, IL a type of unspoken community hoping back for the good old 1950’s where every street was as big as your hand, people fell in line with the community’s edicts, and especially fell in line with their “role” in the caste system existing here, presently.

A history? If there was a history with the gentleman being racially profiled in the event, he would be in the squad car, not out in the open, being asked questions by law enforcement. This implication means that he must “have done something wrong” in the past and that is why they are treating him this way now, this is the basis for racial profiling. America is the place where, yeah we gossip like hell on the blogs and rest of the internet about someone (i.e.: cyberbullying) but you are always, always innocent until proven guilty.

This commenter forgot that fact, I cannot speak on this author’s experience with this type of issue, but I bet they have “black friends” as a way to excuse this lapse of self-exposure, how they REALLY think. Unfortunately, it is how a lot of the people in Oak Park, Il think and have gotten away with it for so long, it is really a shame but this type of behavior is why no one wants to be here and the repetition of Oak Park, IL has taken a hit.

It is probably the reason they are asking the residents about diversity -who cares?? Especially if like in this case what is said is here is how the residents really feel, which is in direct contrast of Oak Park, Il’s message of inclusiveness, the message falls upon deaf ears, because no one wants to stay someone where they cannot park their car on a public street, nor get treated equally like their neighbors.

I truly wonder if this commentator has any children that this has happened to, were they followed around a store, where they stopped by police and asked multiple questions regarding their purpose in the area? I wonder if they would change their tune then or would they still state that “you must have a history with him” or “he must have done something wrong” and yes there are parents who say that! But I just wonder if the author f that comment really put themselves in someone else’s shoes would that comment exist, or are they so closed off from this ever changing world they do not see the problem with such a statement?

Here is the article in question, troll as you will:

Pendley, Gabrielle Brady (2016) “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere” Oakpark.com


Racial Profiling in Oak Park, IL part 1

I was reading an opinion piece called “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere” I was astounded that people are now actually seeing instances of racial profiling as listed in the article and have chosen to put themselves out there to say something. Kudos! The younger generation, of course is more inclusive than previous ones of individual differences and tend to be more accepting than their predecessors.

Mind you the opinion piece is discussing an event that is not just an example of racial profiling but an example of a huge gap of cultural awareness, prevalent today, not just in Oak Park, IL but in America. The author alludes to the cause that this mostly likely to a mixture ignorance and arrogance, that color is equated to not being able to have “nice things” or be able to do the things people of other backgrounds can.

It is a shame that as diverse as Oak Park wants to state that it is, there are still these problems especially for a suburb bordering, one of the most troubled areas (behind the Englewood area): the Westside (Austin) area of Chicago. You would think that there would be a little more flexibility in the mindset of the individuals over here, but alas there is not. Making Oak Park, IL just as humdrum a small “vintage” crummy town as any other in America.

Despite its claims to fame, and its ability to hold onto its past, Wright, Hemingway, etc., there are still parts that Oak Park, Il holds onto a little too hard. With a village that has the nerve to think they are better than that, then act like it! We have all been scorned by those who have said one thing and did another, that is why this opinion piece is so impactful because someone is talking the talk and with writing this opinion piece (unlike those who commented below) is walking the walk.

Thank you, Gabrielle, you are a true diamond in the rough!

Pendley, Gabrielle Brady (2016) “Racial profiling is not OK … anywhere” Oakpark.com


Wondering about that Rats-Dog poop correlation in Oak Park, IL

I was watching The Channel 5 news and they had this segment about fighting rats in the city of Chicago, that is bordering Oak park, il, with dry ice instead of the conventional bait poison they usually throw down when the residents’ report see rats to 311. And being a hater of rats, yes I do not think the “Black Death” in the middle ages was a good thing, sorry, I listened up.

One of the things that caught my ear was the fact that the head of Streets and Sanitation mentioned during the press conference that if residents could clean up their dog’s poop as it would help immensely. I tried to find the video clip of the Head of Streets and Sanitation stating that on the NBC 5 website but could not find it anywhere this is close as I came:

Chicago unveils new way to get rid of rats: Dry ice

That was from WGN Chicago’s website, but anyway it got me to thinking about Oak Park, IL and how the resident dog owners hardly pick up their animal’s poop even when there are actual signs posted to remind them to do so. I wondered how my neighbors, especially in this complex can attract rats with their laziness and straight up ignorance. My management company Greenplan management does not really regulate this issue at all, only charging the renter extra for their pet, nothing in regards to picking up dog shit, which in turn can be a health hazard and also become nasty ass rat bait.

Although I agree with the argument that it is hard for the company to catch these offenders I actually had no problem doing so, because these owners are so blatant about it. Hell, I hate to give ideas for making revenue to the village of Oak Park, Il or Green plan management because they are two entities that are complete idiots but why not raise the fees in areas that have a huge rat problem due to dog shit being left by the local dog owners.

Now that would make people wake up, to the issue, hell if I was going to be punished because my neighbor is a slob I would turn that mofo in five ways from Sunday! Obviously, if this head of the Streets and Sanitation in freakin Chicago, Il knows this is a problem then finding out who the lazy ass dog owners are should be easy. You know as a former dog owner I wanted to make sure this statement was true since I did not see it in later broadcasts, but I did find a number of sites online mentioning how dog poop attracts rats.

This is one of those (blog) websites: http://doodycallsdirect.com/Waste-Harms-Communities.html

So with so many websites stating this as a fact, and not trying to find out myself due to my hatred of rats and I do not like playing with dog shit I will defer to sites like this that the Sanitation’s guy statement was dead on. I hate to say it but this type of article only inflames my hatred for the lazy ass dog owners in Oak Park, Il. Those who either leave their pet’s shit on a neighbor’s grass and don’t pick it up or they pick up the poop and do not properly dispose of it! Meaning they do not throw in the garbage can, they just drop it on the ground outside their apartment entrance in the courtyard we both share. Ugh Nasty bitches.

I hope they bring this program to Oak Park, IL because this action is a whole lot easier than trying to change the cultural mindset of the lazy ass dog owners of Oak Park, Il. Seriously.


Expanding the Oak Park, Il blog further to city data.com

I made a recent comment on city data.com regarding what I thought about Oak Park, Il yeah it was a negative comment but it is the truth. Look here for a dose of reality: http://www.city-data.com/forum/chicago-suburbs/1625543-what-about-oak-park-15.html#post44624160 

Yeah we will be on city-data as well with the Oak Park, Il blog soon, cross sectioning different parts of social media to get our message out there. I added a picture of the Oak Park, Il Metra sign and I am waiting for approval. I have added a Google collection of pictures upon google plus, because I want to share viewpoints, pictures, desktop wallpaper, etc., with the general public. Unlike Oak Park, IL I ain’t no selfish bitch (ha ha) so please partake and enjoy and share your thoughts on all of these sites and endeavors you are welcome to do so.

Oak Park, IL kids and crossing the damn street.

Quick question when did we especially in Oak Park, IL give up on teaching kids the fundamental knowledge or principles of life? To be specific when did they stop learning how to cross the street?

This basic and fundamental piece of everyday knowledge seems to be missing in their routine and become something foreign or obsolete like learning Latin.

Honestly, I don’t know Latin because there is no need to know it but crossing a street is still something that is a requirement. Until we all get flying cars or teleportation booths get us from point a to point b like “The Jetsons” or “Star Trek” this knowledge is still a requirement.

So tell me why these kids wearing pink gear thinking they are smarter than anyone over twenty require a crossing guard? I did not know owning an iPhone meant that the outside world needs to treat you like you are five and that you need a grown up to assist you across the street.

I am not talking about the grade school kids I mean the high school ones slowly dragging their asses across the street when did these kids need this type of supervision? Was it when the gang wars between the “noparks” and the “noscoopsadogpoop” happen? Someone battling down the mean streets of Oak Park, IL racing to their coffin beating the sunrise like Dracula?

Before there is a retort of a lot of areas do it… No, they don’t mostly because they cannot afford to, or maybe they are old school enough to let these birds fly out the nest and spreading their wings is a good thing.

I know I did not have it and my ass gets across the street no matter if I have the light or not. Meaning what happened to teaching kids to get across the street by themselves or even in a timely manner because during the summer months these young’uns seem like they cannot go across South Blvd. when they have the right of way without all vehicles it seems coming to more than a complete stop.

Basically, these kids need to cross the street is each car to turn their engines off while they somehow navigate themselves across the street. That’s only when they can take the time to stop paying attention to their phones, and look up, yes the world is still here pay attention!

Generational gap and technological advancements do not mean there should be an absence of this basic survival skill. I mean this is the generation that can look up videos on the effects of having a two-ton vehicle hitting the human body, knowledge is power but it also you alive another day. So why not teach it?

Why rely on others to safe guard your children or responsible? If we could rely on other to do the right thing and obey the rules, then we wouldn’t need stop signs. And that is why is important for these kids learn to pay attention and get across the street with purpose because at the end of the day no one cares you like you so act like you about you too.

Did you go to the 10th Annual Wright Bike Ride in Oak Park, IL??


Did you experience the 10th annual Wright Bike Ride in Oak Park, IL this year? Yeah, neither did I, I must admit the last time I was on a bike was years ago, not because I am lazy but simply because there is no room to ride one’s bike safely in the streets. Nor does it look like there is any incentive for Oak Park, IL to adjust the roads within the village to accommodate that desire any time soon. Hell, if I can’t walk down the sidewalk without stepping in dog shit I sure as hell am not riding my bike down Oak Park, IL’s small two-way side streets!

Plus. the fact that this ride was shut down a year because there was a lack of participants tells me that even though Oak Park, Il’s recent push into the Divy program may be all for naught. I mean 506 participants is great but it makes this activity such a niche that developing bike lanes or disrupting the traffic in Oak Park, Il for part of the weekend is almost hard to validate (Farmer, 2016).

With help from the non-profit Oak Park cycling club, it remains a part of the community’s stale of yearly events but for how long? When you have negative parking issues brought on by various reasons, rude dog walkers, construction sites started without any common sense and other traffic, navigation issues that it makes this event a deadly “take-your-life-into-your-own-hands” venture.

Although I applaud the Oak Park Cycle club’s mission to improve these types of conditions and help residents get active and healthy but more need to be done to help make the area safe to bike ride for cyclists and motorists (Oak Park Cycle Club, 2016). I do not see this movement getting any bigger without cyclists from other areas outside of Oak Park, Il, nor do I see the village of Oak Park, IL taking the necessary steps to adjust traffic lanes and tearing up streets and down trees to make this a permanent avenue for transportation.

I mean Oak Park, Il is more ascetic not practical or functional, when it comes to construction and city planning, you can simply ask those residents who have to move their car every two hours so they do not get a ticket and they will agree with me. That Oak Park, IL needs to do more to alleviate the transportation issues of the village to make events like this safer and more attractive to the average person. Until that is done, I see this event as a niche novelty more than something we all desperately need to work into our lifestyles to help make us healthier and fit; not because we rather sit in front of our computer screens and troll the internet just because Oak park, IL cannot get their heads out of their asses to do what is sorely needed.

Here are some websites/articles regarding more information about the event:

Oak Park Cycle Club (2016) “The 10th annual Wright ride” oakparkcycleclub.org http://www.oakparkcycleclub.org/wright-ride

Farmer, Marty (2016) “Breaking Away at the Wright “ Oakpark.com August 23rd, 2016 Ridehttp://www.oakpark.com/News/Articles/8-23-2016/Breaking-Away-at-the-Wright-Ride/

Oak Park International Film Festival on the 17th in Oak Park, IL

Oh shit, we have tons of kids and filmmakers coming into the area on September 17th!  The Oak Park International Film Festival is happening on that Saturday starting from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Oak Park Public Library and the entrance fee is zip (free). So the area is going to be filled with pedestrians, bikes and cars this is just a heads up in case you did not know and planned to be in the area at that time. Oak Park, Il is great for not promoting such events instead letting people try their damnedest to navigate through such traffic nightmares as this is going to be.

If you are interested in going or just want to avoid the mess this article has more information about the Oak Park International Film Festival:



A Marijuana dispensary in Oak Park, Il

Wait so Oak Park, Il can approve a marijuana dispensary which I am in support of, near Harlem and Lake, but not a Bank of America right next door? Do they know what type of traffic is going to now come through that already tight area? I think the big motivator for Oak Park, Il Officials is the money it brings in, even though it is a cash business.

I wonder what type of police presence will be in the area to secure the businesses patrons, there has been a robbery at the Chase Bank just across the intersection on Harlem and Lake. So my concern is what are Oak Park, Il officials going to do to safeguard customers of this store after they purchase the product?

Most likely nothing, they are probably just eyeing the tax revenue made off this business for a pool now one will use it in a skating rink they will build in the middle of winter. Although like I said I am in favor of legal ways to get cannabis I do not think Oak Park, IL is the proper place to set up a legit business to dispense it. Oak Park, Il cannot even fix its parking problems let alone protect the legitimate patients who will patronize this business for medical marijuana.

This discusses further the opening of the new store near Harlem and Lake and briefly mentions the products they will sell: