Churchgoers out and about in the Forest park, IL Walmart trying to spreading disease

There are idiots out there. I went to the Walmart on Sunday early in the morning and the left side of the parking lot was full. Meaning that the church in the main mall was obviously having a service. This is after the whole thing about parishioners going to Church is actually doing a disservice to the communities has hit the nationwide news. Obviously not many people care or are not getting the message.

Going into the Walmart the workers were stocking the shelves so therefore the aisles were filled or either shortened to the point that the aisles were hard to get through.  Then you add a ton of seniors in church dress walking about aimlessly and in the way. All of these seniors I saw had no protective gear, and some of them were in violation of the six feet rule while having or trying to start a conversation with workers or fellow shoppers!

Mind you this is the same group that is currently per the statistics has the highest rates of stds, but while we are trying to give seniors specific times that stores can be open for them… here they are in my face, no mask, trying to talking to me about ground beef. Also, I see a lot of people online complaining that hoarders are taking away items from seniors but if the seniors themselves are not adhering to these guidelines set out to benefit them does it really matter? Plus, I see posts here and there about others seeing the exact same thing regarding seniors not giving a flying shit about the guidelines set out for this pandemic.

Although it is alarming, I realize that you cannot tell grown ass folks what to do, especially if they feel that they have already lived a long prospers life. But what I can do, is say fuck that, and get mine, unfortunately this situation is not only showing the greedy mofos (the hoarders) out there but also the selfish ones (the seniors I aforementioned). In the end, we all have to make a choice in being an individual first, and community second, especially when people in that community cannot act right.