Teddy Bear Day is September 9th

September 9th is teddy bear day.

It’s teddy bear motherfuckin day

It’s teddy bear motherfuckin day

It’s teddy bear motherfuckin day

LOL For that day give some one you live a teddy bear! I believe it is just a made-up holiday made by companies that manufacture teddy bears (stuffed animals) to make a buck. Honestly what other day are you buying Teddy bears? Birthdays… check, Valentine’s Day… check, Christmas… check, Sweetest day… check oh also, maybe, on an Anniversary. Therefore, there is a long span of time where the purchases of possible teddy bears may happen.

The explanation for this day, to celebrate one’s childhood is very interesting, and I think, reaching. Although it is a great way as a parent, spouse or significant other to break up the monotony of the year and bring a little fun or romance to month that has only Labor Day as a holiday. Plus, it is a great Segway to the Holiday season, prepping not only us as gift givers but those around us to be thoughtful and creative in the months to come.

September 9th is teddy bear day. SO happy teddy bear day!

For the brief explanation:



Happy Labor Day from Oak Park, IL blog

Happy Labor day I hope this Labor Day since it is my birthday to be somewhere in relative peace and quiet translation: I will not be in Oak Park, IL LOL! I will be away from all the rude stuck up attitudes that look at me and my people “funny” and be somewhere we are wanted. That means we take our dollars elsewhere to celebrate this great event (my birthday) I will not spend a dime more in a village that nickels and dimes the people living it in, myself included; then to only have those people act like they have no common sense or manners towards me!

Labor day is the day of the worker something that Oak Park, IL has no idea about as they as I aforementioned nickel and dime residents out of their hard-earned money and have one of the ignorant parking restrictions in the Chicagoland area. The whole village gives the impression that it wants only a cultural elite like Ernest Hemingway (who again did not like it here) or Frank Lloyd Wright, note they did not recognize cultural icons like Betty White or bill Murphy because I guess they work in fields too low brow for Oak Park, IL, too pedestrian or too simple or maybe just too proletariat for this village.

Well, I thank God for the average worker who pulls themselves up by their bootstraps day in and day out to go to work every day (with the occasional sick and mental days thrown in) to work for their paycheck. Not everyone is a Hemingway or a Wright who by the way was not even born or raised here! I am glad that the Department of Labor has sanctioned this an official holiday so that my friends and family who are not from Oak Park, IL (and thank God for it) can spend some time with me on this special day.

This special day (my birthday) is hopefully a special happy day for everyone who reads the blog and if you need to patronize any areas for celebratory purposes try to make it a non-Oak park, IL day and go to either Chicago, or one of the other suburbs in the area that welcome diversity and your money (i.e.: Berwyn, Melrose park, etc.). I hope you enjoy this day with friends and family or just by yourself Happy Labor day everyone!