Corona issues at the Hines VA

Thanks to the Coronavirus now the “essential workers” at Hines VA Hospital on the westside are now being threatened. I put that term essential in quotation marks because these people are considered essential until they ask for more equipment or raises due to the conditions, they face due to this virus. And then they become selfish or told to do their jobs. That whole essential term goes away at that point and these workers become an issue or a problem.

These essential workers especially become an issue when people want to get their hair done or have this overwhelming need for someone to serve them. Then the selfishness comes barreling out and these essential workers are no longer praised but yelled at or denounced by people with less education than a dog. Instead of giving the people trained in all this shit what they need and ask for, we rather bitch or try a work around to get out of meeting these needs.

The last thing we need is to have essential workers walk out and protest that they are not getting what they need because of  basic greed by politicians or worse yet, the trash, that we see on the news not caring “if they get it (coronavirus)” Simple compliance will carry us all through this bullshit but so long as people remain selfish and greedy all of us will NOT get there at all. And the first step is to give these workers at Hines what they demand, immediately.

This is a local article talking about the protests: