Laundry in Oak PArk, IL

Arrrghh So I did my wash and I dried it brought it upstairs from the laundry area downstairs to fold and what is all over it? Fucking dog hair!!!! And I do not even own a dog! Now, I know it’s a public laundry area but man you would think these residents would have some decency to not wash whole dog beds or dog pillows in the regular washing machines with regular clothes. Some people like to go to work looking professional, and not having to worry about dog hair flying off their clothes into the air, in front of bosses, clients or fellow co-workers.

Now I have to use a lint brush and sit here and spend an hour getting all the dog hair out of my clothes when I do not even own a dog to necessitate that I should spend time out of my day to do this! This is one of the reasons I do not have animals so I do not have to do extra measures for cleaning my apartment or my clothes. I have owned dogs before and I have been very cautious and thoughtful of others when walking my dog and cleaning such things as a dog bed (HAND WASH BITCH!). But never have I ever had to deal with such callous disregard for one’s neighbors, what If I was deadly allergic to dog hair and dandruff? Oh, that’s my problem right? Oh but if someone sues these fucking dog owners and the building management because of allergic reaction they are the bad person here? Fuck that.

That’s why I will every time I step in their dog’ nasty dog shit I will wash the shows in the washer machines so they can get the full effect of what their sloppy, lazy ass owning of their dog entails and how it really affects others. Oh and complaining to management that does dick, they cannot even handle simple common sense security concerns let alone do something about this type of nasty ass behavior. Fucking nasty ass people. Really.

This is a link for those of you who face the same shit I do with ignorant fucking dog owners:

Oak Park, IL related video: Intervention: Clean Up Your Dog Poop

This is the last video I am posting today (LOL) regarding irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s poop and those who approach these individual owners. I hope you either get a laugh or a chance to see another point of view. I just want to explain how this is related: in Oak Park, Il there is a serious epidemic of irresponsible dog owners who just let their poop and their owners just do not pick up after their animals. Enjoy.


Oak Park, IL related video: Hot Girl Throws Dog Poop At Owner For Not Cleaning It Up

This is another video regarding irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s poop and those who approach these individual owners. I hope you either get a laugh or a chance to see another point of view. I just want to explain how this is related: in Oak Park, Il there is a serious epidemic of irresponsible dog owners who just let their poop and their owners just do not pick up after their animals. Enjoy.

Oak Park, IL related video: Man SHAMES Dog Owners Who Don’t Pick Up Poop

I have seen this video regarding irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s poop and those who approach these individual owners. I hope you either get a laugh or a chance to see another point of view. I just want to explain how this is related: in Oak Park, Il there is a serious epidemic of irresponsible dog owners who just let their poop and their owners just do not pick up after their animals. Enjoy.


Watch where you step in Oak Park, Il hint: dog shit

Oh my gosh, I forgot about this story until I walked up my building’s courtyard. It’s raining out and one of the irresponsible dog owners here who got inventive with “walking” her dog. I hardly have people over because of the craziness I had with the neighbor upstairs, the fact that my building management hardly sends a maintenance crew to clean anything correctly over here (both stories for another time) and the fact there are “land mines” of poop everywhere!

My friend Sarah who came over from Richton Park, IL (lived there too) to visit, and I walked out to her car as she was parking it, that if she is going to park there, be careful where you park. And she was like: “yeah okay” you know, that attitude that “I’m an adult dude, chill” haha. I told her the reason I am saying this is for two reasons:

  1. Oak Park, IL has the most f-ed up parking restrictions in the Chicagoland area (please see the village’s yelp page) and if you are not moving your car every two hours, especially if you have or do not have a sticker to park in that specific area, you can get a ticket. Her eyebrow went up.
  2. When you park next to a lawn you have to be careful you do not walk into piles of dog poop, unfortunately, the irresponsible dog owners outnumber the responsible ones in my area. Her face crinkled. I told her seriously like they have free bags for the people who walk their dogs to clean it up, but the majority do not even use this option. She gave me a stank face.

So after I gave her the ground rules she got out the car, checked all the signs, her phone for the time (and actually set up a 2-hour countdown), then walked in the street and up the sidewalk to the apartment building. Sarah followed the rules and missed the grass altogether, we got up to the courtyard and checked her shoes. So why did she have dog shit on her shoe?? Hahahaha Because it was on the sidewalk!!!! We were so busy talking and looking at the lawn for deposits that we totally forgot to check the sidewalk! She was not happy with washing her shoes in the building’s sink it sure as hell she was not going to clean it in mine! Plus, we threw it in the wash for an extra measure since the washers are also used by the resident dog owners to clean doggy beds why not a shoe?

After two hours she got her and went to move her car, she came back and guess what? We had to wash the show again because she stepped in another pile of shit! HA!  Of course paid for the washing and drying of the shoes both times, and she agreed with me that it was “ridiculous” that people just were not that responsible with their dogs and cleaning up their poop. Well, that was the gist of her edited statement without cusswords or physical threats.

I was wondered how did this happen well I got proof! I took a photo of a dog owner standing in their building’s doorway with their poodle on an extended leash to use the bathroom. Why did they stand in the door way? Because it was raining outside and the owner did not want to get wet, but I guess it is alright for the kids who play in the courtyard to get covered in dog shit and piss or for the rest of us walking up the walkway to avoid the land mines felt by the dog? nice.

Please note: I do not blame the dogs in these rants of mine, only their owners for being so lazy and apathetic to others and their true responsibilities as dog owners. It is up to them to train their dogs, and clean up after them, in these cases I mention, I doubt any time was taken to let either occur.

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Oak Park, Il: thanks for the bird shit

There are tons of trees in Oak Park and it is great! All these trees bring a nature feel to the area, to the concrete jungle, these trees bring a hippy “save-the-earth” atmosphere to Oak Park, giving oxygen back to the planet. All these trees in Oak Park brings squirrels, birds and bird shit tons of fucking bird shit.

This is fantastic city planning at work here people! Everywhere there is a parking spot it seems Oak Park tries to put a tree. Now you may think “No that’s a good thing, tons of shade in summer months…” blah blah blah nope it is not! Especially if you just went and paid to have your car washed and cleaned that same day and you have to obey Oak Park’s stupid parking requirements and basically park your clean ass car under a bird shit factory. Now your beautifully cleaned car has been covered in a layer of bird shit, what do you do now?

Of course, get it cleaned again at the car wash so that you can repeat the whole cycle all over again. The flying vermin that are partially responsible because they are shitting all over my car! However, they are just dumb animals that know no better, they are simply following instinct and nature.

The majority of the blame I place upon the city planners of Oak Park, thank you for the dumb ass design you created for the general parking situation in your area. My car covered in poop is the result of their incompetence, and I am probably not alone with that assessment.

Listen the parking passes in Oak Park are $300 a pop for 3 months (another gripe of mine) and are only good for certain times of the day, so that people can park under trees which are infested with birds, who then littered those same clean cars with shit. Thanks again Oak Park keep giving back!


Oak Park, IL: dirty pt 1

Just wondering when my building will clean up the place, the front entrance to the building when they are having open houses each Saturday. The first picture was taken 6/22/16, the next picture was taken 7/2/16 my question is if they are showing rental how does it look to have garbage everywhere?

I know you are asking yourself: “If you are that upset why not just pick it up??” Well, that is a no, I do not know what germs are on those tissues, plus I pay to RENT not own, therefore it is the responsibility of the Property management company to get after the caretaker and all the little dudes they have around this place and other properties to make sure that the place is presentable.

I mean they half ass everything else (don’t worry I post about that too) in this building and for every issue I contacted them about in the months that I have stayed here. Obviously I am good enough to pay rent but not live in safe and clean housing, like a good slum lord, this is the attitude of the people of Oak Park, IL. I should just accept and move on with my life never mind, I pay good money for this inconvenience, for this crap!

Get with the Oak Park, IL regime’s program! LOL Well, I will move on and leave that shit right where it belongs: on the floor and their little minions from the management company can pick it up when they bring possible new tenants through.

That is always putting the best foot forward, Oak Park, by showing a new place with trash in the small front lobby to prospective tenants. Nice. Like I said it stays there and obviously my neighbors feel the same because no one else has picked it up so obviously six apartments of tenants fill the same. We pay so there is no way in hell we are doing the job of the building manager, there is no way in hell we are accepting this “clean up the community crap,” there is no way in hell we are picking that shit up!

Oak Park, Il home of the “rolled-out-of-bed” style

I frequently notice that the people of Oak Park on a constant basis tend to dress or style themselves in the “rolled-out-of-bed” style. This fashion theme is characteristic of wrinkled worn clothes, a greasy, sweaty skin, dirty hair that is dry, or greasy always in need of a brush and a wash, just nasty.

These residents have the nerve to wear their clothes tight enhancing the fact, on a hot day they will sweat and smell, often looking almost second hand. When you get close they do smell, either like their dogs that they are so focused upon, or of a sweaty butt smell, of that burnt, been out in the sun all day smell.

Do not get close because they are most likely covered in pet hair of some sort, and its flying off them during a strong wind. I mean I sweat, during heavy athletic activity and smell like sweat afterwards but we are talking about people who start the day as such. As if they turned their heat on in their home to 90 degrees, closed the windows on a hot summers day got totally dressed up (with shoes) and got into bed pulling up their covers and falling asleep for eight hours that way.

And when they wake up, surprise they are in your face dog hair in the air floating, stinking and close talking in your face with their presence. I am not sure if they care, or smell themselves, I think they are oblivious to the fact.

I make sure I shower (and use soap), use deodorant and smell myself before I leave the house. I just wonder that in all the different areas that I have lived in, that the people of Oak Park have this problem with hygiene? Little stinky hippies.

Oak park has an unhealthy obsession with dogs

Oak Park has an unhealthy obsession with dogs, seriously, they take them everywhere, anywhere, and be damned if you are allergic to them. I have walked past apartment buildings and literally smelled the dog order coming outside at least thirty to forty feet (from the building)  to the sidewalk.

There is literally dog poop on almost every lawn, public/private and it does not matter if the homeowner does not own a dog or how well they keep up their property. The dog owners of Oak Park are simply nasty, most of them walk their dog without a doggy bag for the poop electing for the poop and leave it method. There are land mines everywhere you go even on the sidewalks (be careful where you park)! 
The dog owners take the dogs into stores as well, and we are not talking service animals nor do they hold the dogs as they walk around in your friendly neighborhood Walgreens. I have a friend who is deadly allergic to animal dandruff and just seeing a dog inside or in an enclosed area almost starts a panic attack but I doubt the owners care about that. There is no civility in this small suburb just a “me, me, me attitude” that does not think of the position that their actions put others in, it is almost like a suburb of 5-year-olds.

These irresponsible dog owners do not think of people who are allergic or maybe just do not want to see animals when they are shopping for a few items. These irresponsible dog owners do not think about the homeowners that have to clean up after THEIR dogs after they poop or the people that have to walk on these dog littered sidewalks. Imagine being a passenger and the driver has just parked their car and you get out to step onto the grass and into some dog poop. No, you are not in a nightmare you are in Oak Park.

Oak park is like Lakeview but less GQ and more Dog Shit

How I hated Oak Park the people are pretentious, smug and think the world owes them something. They walk their dogs (you cannot fart without hitting someone who owns one) as if they have not showered or thought of the meaning of deodorant. They look at people strangely without looking at their own appearance which resembles someone who just rolled out of bed  without showering or washing their ass. But of course they are better than you and that’s how they look at you without any hesitation of manners or common sense or good judgement. Just that blank judgmental stare when they see someone that does not fit the mold that their world prescribes. The people in Lakeview don’t have this attitude but if they did they would have earned it because they know about showers and they have higher property values and a higher ratio of common sense to justify that attitude.

Then we get to the dog walking I see, neighbors from two blocks away bringing their dogs over to another block so that their dog can shit on someone else’s property. Then you watch them and can play the guessing game of “will they or won’t they pick up their dog’s shit?” Usually, it won’t. If there is an ordinance about cleaning dog poop up in oak park, it is not enforced. There are land mines EVERYWHERE! You may think “just do not step in the grass” nope that doesn’t help because there is dog shit on the sidewalk, in the street, in the alleys, anywhere the owners leave it. And of course, that brings critters not as bad as Lakeview, but it is not just limited to rats sometimes you have to worry about the ravenous raccoon that is eager to fight you for their prized dog shit (left by the aforementioned owner) when you are just trying to walk down the street.

I cannot tell you how bad it is coming home late in Oak Park you might as well, wipe your shoes off at the door and expect to wash the bottoms off with bleach. Because it is highly likely some lazy ass hippie let their dog leave you a surprise on the walkway to your building. It’s not like you can complain to the management company (thanks, Greenplan!) who like everyone else in Oak Park is okay with that nastiness, and leaves it on the city property and courtyards to fester for your viewing pleasure.

Oak Park is that place which looks nice as you are passing by in a car but don’t stop to walk around, you might get shit on your shoe as a result.