Oak Park, IL blog might be AWOL (Kentucky) because of a Beer and Cheese Festival

I am going to hanging out with a friend of my mine down in the Lexington, KY area you know summer celebrations (because school is done) and a cousin of mine (Carissa) is graduating from the Eastern Kentucky University. I will miss the actually the graduation ceremony  but I will be down there to help her pack up her stuff (she is a last-minute type person) before but I will be in the area to celebrate too.

She told me of there is a fair about 30 minutes away that we can hang out and party at (I hope). It is a local fest in Winchester, called the “Beer and Cheese Festival”, so I have been doing some research on Facebook and Googling directions and places to go like restaurants, bars stuff like that. I will probably be buying her graduation gift down there as well if I can get away from her for a sec.

Since she is a huge geek and reader I found a place called Unicorn Music and Books that it is the middle of the fest, I do not want to make it obvious either. Plus, the book selection at Walmart, Walgreens, and Sears are not places with a huge book selection neither does it has a comic book selection and collectibles so I will drag her there during the fest. She is a light drinker so it will be easy to manipulate her into going and looking through that bookstore while I shop for her graduation gift.

This means I have to get some food in her stomach (besides cheese: gives her gas) so probably hitting D J’s Bar & Grill, the steak on a bun sounds interesting. So, I have four stops around that area to amuse myself and hopeful my cuz so I may have a gap in posts around that time. Unless I can pull off a miracle.